World of Warships- The Most Stressful Game I’ve Had

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Had a stressful (but great) match in the Tier X Japanese Battleship Yamato.

Have a replay?

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  1. Yoo…I got the elusive 1st comment at last…

  2. Vasilis Diamantopoulos

    Obligatory joke about the French:
    Every French product is fast in reverse.

  3. With the current meta it shouldn’t anymore but it does surprise me how much people are willing to just sit there and lose the game.

  4. Lol getting many detonation on any player i met recently.

  5. The matchmaking needs to be tweaked to adjust more into skilled player and experienced player to make a decent game, but the HE spam meta with easy to get fire is makes it harder.

  6. Well you did back out broadside to the sojuz and that killed you, if you stayed behind the island you would have made it

  7. Some can get away with that when people like me play the Yamato, overpen galore. lol

    I love my Yammie, though I embrace the meta and roll with my Yoshino instead.

  8. hate to say this, Sea Lord… you clicked your fingers but the magic trick didn’t happen. No builds came up. Do you upload them anywhere else?

  9. FACT: This is NOT a team game.

  10. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Whoops, forgot to add in my build
    Captain build is: PM, EM, BOS, AR, SI, CE, FP

    Module: MB1, DC1, AS1, DC2, CS, Legendary Mod

  11. The yammy is very shaky for me. Some games I love her some games I hate her. I have one of my best games in her, with 289k damage, and 6 cits.

  12. My ranked battle is 5 mins left, we are losing, I click to see the last player in my team. He is a SE Yamato, FULL HP, LIKE 100% HP. I was sooo cringed.

  13. I so thank thay need some type of player ranking .. to put players of different abilities into different groups
    .. maybe by using percentages.. by class or by individual ships…

  14. Yeah, holy shit happens.. like i would say nearly always..

  15. The Q took your powers away mountbatten.. lol. Your finger snaps did nothing..

  16. YAH MAA TOE… lol

  17. As long as WG focuses so much xp on damage and does not reward teamwork e.g spotting damage, tanking, better xp for capping this will continue to stagnate the meta and frustrate the player base trying to win and never teach new players anything other then stay as far back as possible and shoot when safe to do so.

  18. All I got out of this vid is how useless secondaries are

  19. You cannot assume these teams know what they are doing. IChasegaming has a brand new training series I suggest all players watch, even unicum players, because I learned new things in just the first 4 videos that were valuable. I am amazed at how many CCs don’t proactively communicate with friendlies during the game. Most players are willing to help a team mate if the request is reasonable. After all, it contributes to a win which benefits all 12 players. I would have asked the 3 potatoes in Charlie to move out and support me once it was obvious that cap was secure, and designate the ship posing the most danger for focus fire while directing the cruiser hugging the border near Alpha to move in and create a cross fire. Yes, hard when you are in a multitasking situation, but necessary when you have inexperienced players which is about half of the player base lately. The current meta has damaged the game and many experienced players have just had enough. Just my opinion for what it’s worth.

  20. Sadly I have like the worst RNG in the Yammy, and when I hit, 90% overpens.

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