World of Warships – The most STUPID thing we ever did

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I don’t want to spoil anything for you but things go very stupid very fast and then they get spiced even more by WG themselves. You know how they say, timing is everything xD
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. i keep thinking the two brothers thing is going to get old. and then it isnt 😛 nice game once again flamby

  2. damn! I laughed so hard… my sides are hurting! Great video! Thank you!!!

  3. Never has the phrase “If it’s stupid but it works” been so appropriate as it is right now.

    Good for a epic laugh tho, and that WoWS stream raid… the timing.

    • What does he mean by a “stream raid”?

    • i too am wondering this

    • @Viper Leaves When someone streaming has probably more than 1 viewer and then hosts your stream, “raids” it, by bringing a lot more people to your channel than you have already watching. “Raiding” comes from mmorpg id guess, where you would gather some amount of people and go for a boss battle. They were called raid bosses cause usually you couldnt defeat them alone.

    • @sydy …when someone thinks the word “raid” comes from gaming. Please do not breed.

  4. This comedy gold is why I subscribe to Flambass for 12 months already. So funny and entertaining to watch him play.

  5. -How 2 prove Scharnhorst isn’t shit-
    *-How 2 ruin a two brothers rush-*
    How to create a new video and memes

    Directed by Flambass
    Edited by WoWs

  6. This was legendary, I wanna do it too now xD (thinking of all those reports that are incoming though)

  7. Agus Waskito Aji

    Honestly i like scharnhorst..beautiful ship..good turret rotation..good reload..very mobile and have torpedo..i dont have problem landing hit with the gun..but my only complain is the damage i got always underwhelming..most of the time only score 1000-3000 damage with all turret salvo..rarely able to score 6000+

  8. *sees title*

    Hmm, this is probably on…

    *sees it’s two brothers*


  9. Oh god flambass, i can’t breath too much laughing and head shaking.

  10. Flambass and div completely botch mid push, enemy team still loses. WoWS in a nutshell

  11. Flambass you killed my izumo yesterday you mothertrucker

  12. Flambass, Two Brothers, I click. I love the SPESHUUUUL tactics vids. ?????

  13. “Push the Pink up the middle!” Oh the Innuendo and in front of the Entire WoWs Community……

  14. HAHAHA this was gold. sometimes its not about the stats, sometimes its about the amount of laughs you can get in a game.

  15. What can be more stupid then 3x Yamato with HE spam?..This.:D

  16. The amount of backpeddling and spin control Flambass was shoveling out once Daddy entered his channel was epic. lol He should get an achievement for that.

  17. you mean “the most STUPID thing we ALWAYS do” don’t you? X’D

  18. Four ships turned pink that round since the Indy took an AFK penalty too. LOL!

  19. Not even 2 seconds in and we get a Flambagasm alert.

  20. Triple Cr33d division with –1 total frags, steamrolls in 12 minutes.

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