World of Warships- The Most Uncomfortable Truth About This Game

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Today we return with another hot take! Enjoy!

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  1. Hotter take: What WeeGee is doing is the bare minimum and realistically speaking it’s the industry as a whole that needs to raise its standards.

    • The whole doesn’t need to raise it’s standards though. They know people will give them money anyway. Look at any AAA games nowadays.
      From a business standpoint there’s no reason to put in extra money and effort into a game. You might get more money for doing so, but it’s a risk and businesses don’t like taking risks when there’s already a steady source of income from people pre-ordering your game or whales throwing money at microtransactions regardless.

    • Well look, if you are in America (and many other places as well) and you feel the industry could be putting out better “mouse traps” (i.e. video games), then download the compiler for your favorite computer language, write a better “mouse trap” (i.e. video game), form a company around it and show us how it’s done.

    • @Chris Austin hey you don’t have to be a smartass about it and I don’t need to be part of the quagmire to know what works and what doesn’t. By that logic I can never trust a taxi driver to get me from point A to point B because he doesn’t know exactly how a combustion engine works or how to fix his car’s air-conditioner if it breaks down. I am an end-product consumer, I do not exist in a vacuum, WeeGee or other game devs don’t exist in a vacuum either. I can compare between them and find the merits and demerits in each one. They may not be the exact same product but features like graphics or QoL stuff are usually transferable between games. I may or may not care how that end product was made but I care about how it feels and functions because at the end of the day they’re making the product for me and if they are doing that then they have to cater at least somewhat to my demand or I’m simply not going to pay them.

    • Agreed

    • ​@luxie8097 yes and no…. When you say Have a game like Red Dead Redemption 2 on console its hot and it gets abandoned or the crap EA Pulls he’s right they need to do better buy we as gamers need to start uniting and making it hell for the game Co’s when they F*** us raw

  2. “Wargaming is not that greedy”

    My man, that alone was enough to raise an eyebrow and make me ask, “How in the goddamn are you going to talk your way out of this mess this time?”

    Still, you have a fairly good number of points.

    • When 12.5 dropped I noticed that “Economic bonuses” took a strange turn. Most of my game play has been “Green” across the board for ships and captain, but 12.5 seems to have changed that. The rate of getting 40% Economic bonuses credit dried up?
      Combat signal have been a joke since the economy change. Just look at the price you have to pay in credits or coal to purchase them in the armory…So when you aren’t seeing Economic bonuses credits coming in you are kinda getting screwed. Their answer appears to be “Go the shop and purchase credit’s.” So yes “panzerfox1919 you nailed it!

    • They can still be greedy, and just be less greedy than others. They changed all Free XP ships to premium ships recently for example. But still, most things you can just opt out of and nothing’s bothered me enough to not play.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      @BattleCatthe FXP ships are now coal ships, they’re still free but just take a bit longer to get due to having to grind out coal now

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Yeah that is a lot better than premium, you’re right. I guess I can just use the 600k free exp I have now on other stuff then 🙂

    • Steve Oltjenbruns

      Honestly, it’s very fair to say that the game is not greedy, but is just trying to pay their employees and make a profit like any business. I’ve only been playing for 3 years but I only spent 40$ on the game for the first time this year just to get I-56. Otherwise haven’t dropped a dime and have had a wonderful time playing, plus I have several premium ships that I got completely free. (Pommern, Ägir, Nelson, Graf Spee, and recently FDR. Just to name a few). The economic rework in my opinion was the first move that was outright detrimental to player experience in order to foster more paying transactions. The fact that we can all play this game with so many players across a continent on 1 server and that the game generally runs so smoothly, all for free is amazing to me.

  3. generalpointofview

    For me it was the actual game design and mechanics that caused me to quit. Game is supposed to be fun, wows has become the quite opposite. What makes it all the more enrageing is that it could take a pre adolescent teenager to identify and fix these issues. You made very goods points on how the devs need to be able to put food on the table however there are many ways to acheive this without the expense of the playerbase’s sanity.

    • Loanword Eggcorn

      What game mechanics don’t you like? Personally I find aircraft carrier planes very annoying, but they did exist in real life. My solution has been to get ships with good AA.

    • Lately I have been saying to myself…”The Devs go home on pay day laughing all the way to the bank with their paychecks. And saying how can we make the players spend more money?

    • @Loanword Eggcorn CVs and SSs are very poorly implemented. Look at CVs for just a second, everything is automatic. Catch fire, auto damage con, sub gets close, auto ASW aircraft. Then look at subs, just one example because I’m just plain tired, why can’t ships with sonar see then at max depth? Max operating depth was 230m (750′) in real life. ASDIC had a range from 800m up to 12 nautical miles for a single target, a large group could be heard from up to 80 nautical miles. Even pre-ASDIC hydrophones had ranges in the nautical miles. In WoWS, we don’t even get the 2000m assured detection anymore.

      My biggest wish for the game though, even before fixing CVs and SSs, is for them to maintain it. There are still bugs in there from 6 years ago… hell, there’s a crash bug that’s eluded squishing from the CBT time. At the risk of repeating what has been repeated ad nauseum, “Fix your damn sh!t”.

    • @Gauriswhat’s the crash bug just curious share many of same sentiment on subs and cv

    • ​@LoanwordEggcorn when the solution is to not play the majority of ships in the game. Maybe the mechanics and balancing should get a second look.

  4. My problem with WG greed is not the cost. Its the effect it has on game balance.

  5. My penultimate criticism of wows is the fact that instead of rebalancing op premium ships they just remove them from the game. Now I cannot have Enterprise or Musashi unless I gamble, that is stupid. I would buy those ships instantly even at double price just for the history, but no it cant be done. Terrible decision imo.

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      This is a fair point, I think it’s a bit of a catch 22 for them.

      Either they:
      A: Nerf the thing directly, which will upset those that bought it, like they tried to do with GC.


      B: Remove it in order to prevent it from becoming more prevalent, but don’t balance it out. While this stops the spread of said premium, it of course prevents new players from acquiring it

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten ye id say B is teh solution and refund the players.

  6. Yozef Zhimechenko

    Pretty much agree. Unfortunately, WeeGee main problem is not the greed, but the urge to ruin their own game for no reason at all.

  7. My take: They’re what they’re right now is a constant effort by the community that they’re more and more wanted to distance themselves away. The loot boxes and economy would be way worse if not for many cry out, but for recently, it’s getting worse. Also, there’re many places of improvement on the experience to play WoWs and not just constantly more and more additional problems which sour the gaming experience.

    • Once upon a time, back in the old time, back in CBT time, many moons ago, the devs would appear in the forums, and speak to the playerfolk, I know not what happened, but something caused the gate to the developer’s realm to close, and the only people we can reliably speak to are middlemen. The days of direct communication seem to be over.

  8. Две Три Еболе

    As someone whose main game is War Thunder and not WoWs i have to say that you can easily get to the end of the air tree in a month, its just the tank grind that takes literal ages even if you shill for a premium tank and account it takes so much time to grind to the end of a tank tree

  9. my biggest issue with wg and wows is the gamble box mechanics being so prevalent

  10. the problem with this game is just the bad balance decisions being made. the fact its more planes than ships now is one.

  11. The reason they turn the game toxic is the same reason malicious managers exist, wash out the passionate people that offer resistance because they care so the higher ups can do whatever

  12. Only really been playing this game for a few months now, so fairly new to it, and so far I’m equally impressed by how much you can get in the game just by grinding as I am the cost of these ships if you did buy them. Way too expensive for my tastes, though did buy a few cheap premiums since they were (and still are, as of writing this) on sale on steam for like 80/90% off. Probably nothing any longtime players would be interested in since they’re like tier 2-4. Aside from that, all I’ve bought so far is a voiced commander and some doubloons I only bought because I misunderstood how a coupon I got in my e-mail worked. I did just finish grinding out the Tager last night, had a bit of premium time from one of the steam purchases but other than that I didn’t pay for it. Premium time didn’t help much anyway since most of the missions required carrying out specific tasks.

    • Premium Time reguardless of the Match Type, gives you a bonus to your XP, Skipper XP, Free XP, and Credits. It is the best single thing you can do to cut grinding in 1/2.

  13. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Guys again, it’s just light hearted fun, don’t take it too seriously 🙂

    • We know, and its all in good fun.

      But seriously what is up with WeeGee and whoever is in charge of the development and marketing departments?

      There are many questions to be had and we get few if any answers. Then if any answers are given, they tend to be half arsed or come off as being laced with contempt.

      Though many who are still passionate about this game, much like yourself, feel some form of concern, or frustration towards what they do or have planned for the future.

    • I understand that you love the game, but thinking that WG is not greedy is a little too much. And its not because of the cherry picking examples (why you did not compare the game to to league of legends, to Rocket League, to Path of Exile, to Starcraft, to Warframe, to Guild Wars 2 etc… instead of the worst and greediest company’s in all the industry?) or the manipulative mechanics (FOMO, the fact that you can battle in a tier 7 ship vs a tier 9, most OP ships being premium, coal or steel gated, the GRIND that people that work 9hs need to play years to get some tier 10 (now 11) ships, bad tutorials, the fact that you can fight ships whose stats and property you cant ever see in game if you dont own them etc..) its that all those things are in a PvP game. A genre of games that needs balanced teams (and players!) to be fair and fun. This is what leads to things like Flamu (or other pro players) killing 7 enemy ships and still loosing vs the other team: game balance powered by greed .

    • Honestly though you are 100 percent right. I have my problems with this game sometimes but there’s a reason why it has been my main game for 3-4 years. It’s the best thing their is and the things they do and changes they make haven’t changed that for me yet. I love this gameplay of teamwork plus naval aspect more than any other game to go play. I love games with a level of grind because it gives accomplishment and this games is very fair with it. Plus I can put my money into it how I feel it’s very freeing with that. This is a great take compared to the constant hating on the game I see from most YouTubers let alone the player base.

    • I try to play that way: for fun. But there are people who take this game wayyyyy too seriously and are very “forceful” to tell you that you must play the same way. This is the reason why many people have abandoned Random, due to the extremely toxic comments by the “I’m better than you are” crowd.

      Another downer is the MM. I mean, having a T-7 ship having to face a T-9? Even worse is a T-8 facing a T-10, especially cruiser’s. Most T8 cruiser’s don’t have the heal consumable, while every T10 cruiser has the heal available. Before the Commander’s re-work cruiser’s had High Alert and Jack of all Trade’s, but that was dropped with the re-work, effectively nerfing all cruiser’s. And many great cruiser’s are T8.

      So sad.

  14. christopher shrank

    One think I’ve liked about WG is they’ve tried to keep ‘pay to win’ out of their games. A few times it crept in, like gold ammo and premium consumables in WOT, but they realized it was better to let all players have access to them, not just wallet warriors. The one monetization practice WG uses that I cannot stand is the events where you either buy the whale package to guarantee you get the items you want, or rely on a loot crate to hope you get the one or three items you want. But those items are more cosmetic, like special commanders or fancy paint jobs, that really don’t impact the game play.

  15. Pedro H. Z. Gomes

    To be honest, my issue with the gamd actual state is not greed nor monetization, but the balance issues running wild instead, sub~surface ship interaction as an example.

  16. I started playing this game during the 2 years at Epic Games Store Anniversary event. It came with a free ship and 2 really cheap ones to buy – all premium. Then I found this channel and Purchased 2 premiums based on recommendations from Sea Lord and 1 meme ship. Since then, I grinded out a tech line ship, a coal ship and a Battle Pass ship. Premium Time pretty much renews itself, lol. I now have at least 1 ship of each type – just like Sea Lord recommends. I’m quite surprised, to be honest. Did I spend money? Yes. Was it much? Not really. Oh, I also got some random ship from a random container.

  17. Even for WG’s flagship game WoT, the prices have been quite stable for tier 8 premium tanks as well as premium time. Most of the game breaking tanks are not ones you buy but ones you have to do insane grinds for, albeit for free! Sure, they introduce silly stuff that the community rages over but nothing that has really messed up the entire game. Of course, if you pay a bit extra, you do get certain things faster but I’ve got news for you, that’s how life works in general 😏

  18. The World of Warships prime gaming bundles are also pretty generous compared to other games. I usually only play when I get premium from those bundles, and they give them quite often. You usually get a neat low tier premium as well, which are fun to mess around with on occasion.

  19. This is so true. If you really want to see a greedy game try anything from Plarium. For instance in Throne: Kingdom at War you can’t even get the resources required to build the troops that fight for you without spending money. It is advertised as “free to play” but it is not free to compete. In WoW you can compete with zero money.

  20. Heard JB is for sale in a bundle now, God for those that hadn’t joined the game when she was available free I really genuinely feel bad for em but to those that jad the game and chose to miss out well 😅

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