World of Warships – The Name’s Bond. Dave Bond.

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In todays’ Audible-sponsored video we see the return of the ever-popular Dave! Dave’s going to need some serious back massage after this match.

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  1. Darkness Nighthingale

    Jingles getting paid? Since when?

  2. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    I heard Deadeye will be replaced by a new skill. This is good news!

    EDIT: they’re also buffing Secondary turret accuracy I guess.

  3. jared McLauchlan

    Is it sad that the title made me laugh?

  4. I just bought HMS Hood in wows amd i love that ship

  5. “…I’m a professionell…..” actually Jingels your sound quality lacks a bit of professionalism lately. 😉

  6. The Deadeye skill actually pushed the average battleship engagement range further than the average range in real life lmao

  7. Akatsuki -> あかつき
    Just pronounce it as A-ka-tsu-ki, it’s perfectly fine to pronounce the u
    Most of you Westerners pronounce it wrong either way so just go for the one that’s more commonly used lol

    • Is google translates pronunciation accurate?

    • @DD557 Pretty much. Akatsuki is pronounced like A-kats-ki with the “kats” being long, but it’s not just the “a” being long. Imagine there is a ghost “u” behind the ts to make that long as well.

  8. I feel that all of the last videos have just been deadeye rants. And I love it

  9. The name’s Sniffer. Glue Sniffer.
    -Dave’s entire team

  10. I “love” WOWS nowadays… anyways great vid old man!

  11. Torpedo reload booster wouldn’t be to any use, if his torpedo tubes were destroyed 😀

  12. Actually Jingles, at 16:16 his torpedoes aren’t on cooldown, they were destroyed by either the Georgia or Brindisi!


  13. Day 3 of commenting until Jingles likes, still 1 in the morning lol

  14. Last time I was this early, the Atlanta was still good

  15. Xymon Villapando

    *Torpedoes on cooldown*
    “Torpedo tubes were destroyed”

  16. Apollo Belarmino

    14:50 “second wind gives an extra charge to all consumables for getting the first blood award”?, Wasn’t it “emergency reservers”?

  17. Apollo Belarmino

    Wasn’t “second wind activated when you get a kraken and gives you a heal?

  18. Can I recommend the “We have ways of making you talk” podcast to all of you that seem interested in the Scilly ’43 book Jingles was pushing, as, like the book, it is done by Al Murray and James Holland themselves as they witter on about interesting second world war history. Definitely worth a listen!

  19. Dionisis Dimitrakakis

    The title is just perfect and hilarious at the same time

  20. His toprps werent on Cooldown, Jingles. The Georgia knocked the launcher out for good.

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