World of Warships – The Navy is Here!

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The Navy has arrived, Captains! However, don’t be deceived as it’s not just any navy: it’s the Royal Navy, bringing the first regular branch British cruisers into the game!

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  1. The British is here

  2. Serbian “Channel” Gaming

    im early lemme make a joke

    i play on 30 fps

  3. what shall we do with the drunken sailors?
    NICE !!!!

  4. Can’t wait for the Release of the Battleships , we will be able to revive
    the battle of Hood and Bismarck!

  5. 1st item on shopping list=Belfast.

  6. When is coming the update?! i still waiting..

  7. biggest navy in ww2 and added in game after 1 years? -_-

  8. Hurrah for the Royal Navy!

  9. when do we get dutch ships

  10. so now the question is….what is the next nation….i think Italy and
    France. HOPE @__@

  11. A.k.a. “Please give us your money.”
    -WoWS devs.

  12. every new ship added into the game make the gameplay more complicated… i
    still remember when i played the beta.. that day was so fun XD

    i hope WoWS can balance all the ship…

    british navy :)

  13. Greatest ever navy. Britannia ruled the waves for centuries. The sun never
    set on the glorious empire.

  14. Too late WG all that promoting in the UK went to waste just so you could
    put the ruskies in :(

  15. 0:24 that moment when the RN takes revenge on Bismarck.

  16. These are some fucking ultra high quality cinematics m8

  17. Britannia Lelouch much =o

  18. Let me make my joke. I play with 18 Fps and I have a tier VII and VIII…

    Those that I have killed who have good desktops must furious now that they
    know they got killed by a horrible computer. XD


  20. To be honest, I am not impressed with the british cruisers so far.
    Battleships eat them easily.

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