World of Warships- The Nerfing Of Schlieffen

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Hey guys! Today we discuss the “Nerfing” of the Schlieffen with the fixing of the invincible secondaries bug, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. “bug”.

    In my opinion, WG has overdone it with the fix to the “bug”. AA and secondaries are way too easy to destroy now. In one battle with the Halland, a single salvo of a Buffalo destroyed 100% of my AA. Another with Kléber, every one of my salvos would destroy 2 or 3 AA/secondary mounts of Battleships.
    Nakhimov benefitted greatly from this,. considering a single rocket strike can wreck the AA of any ship.

  2. honestly secondaries break rarely on my schlieffen, i just have seen 1 break so far out of 15 games or so. But torptubes now are damaged by the smallest kaliber HE salvo

  3. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    The heal should repair the AA/torp mounts Specially AA, it makes no sense that CV can regenerate planes and surface ships can’t regenerate AA

    • It also makes no sence to md that your squadrom on non soviet cbs cant drop everything at oneve or that you cant have multiple at thedm in the air or fly fighter esorts. Just give us pack pre cv change cartiers whit limited planes i was happy whit them

    • @Gael M you completely miss the point

    • @beagle1415 Mmmh, of course.

    • @Gael M that’s the point: fewer planes vs gimped AA means about the same damage getting through as at the start of the game. Now compare that with a surface ship that is permanently missing a turret.

    • @Gael M sure i agree the loss of squadron strength and loss of AA is a good balance late game. But the difference is that Cv has equal firepower but no risk at the back

  4. its still good. I got it pre-techline release (yes i was one of the 1k) and she was still damn good. things still got disabled and destroyed pretty quickly, but she was good then and still is now

  5. This is the only “bug” that i wish WG not to fix it 😕
    It was really good experience without knocking off modules.. Not only for secondaries, but even for destroyers & AA as well

  6. As far as losing secondary mount the British AP only light cruisers seem the strip them off fairly well. And the American battleships should have their 5 in 38 guns and armored turrets as well doesn’t mean that but if you look inside of the Missouri for the Iowa you’ll see a bunch of 5 in 38s in twin turrets.

  7. As long WG doesnt sell S…phone in early access, its no more needed to have “indestructible” fun forever brawling secondaries.
    All ships which made it from early access were nerfed.
    I remember that 2step check of ships and all stuff WG brings new, sounds like indestructible employee mistake making and wrong checks.

  8. i noticed something similar with my tashkent. I run preventive maintanance and both the main battery and propulsion mod but the turrets, torps and engine get broken alot.
    Alot more than compared to my other dds

  9. With some testing of my thunderer to a bunch of schlieffens, even without the double health perk for secondaries and AA mounts I was destroying 5-9 at best for each one which is less than I tend to do in a single HE volley to other ships, very sturdy secondaries. On the other hand , breaking torp tubes happened during the first already, rather fragile.

  10. You really don’t loose the secondaries at all in my experience. The torps on the other hand…

  11. I dont know if it was messed with during this “bug” fix, but it seems like my main turrets on my BBs have been getting incapacitated more frequently then usual as well

  12. Trust me, do this again and do it with a CV on the enemy team, just one game doesn’t really prove it. I’ve had my schlieffen’s secondaries ripped off many times thanks to nahimovs and FDR’s.

  13. I’m of two minds – on the one hand, after 6 years, I could well believe that WG is that incompetent that it was indeed a bug, as we’ve had plenty of previous examples of bugs – and on the other hand, I could well believe they did it on purpose, to hype up the line and drag in more money during early access.
    The only thing I’m sure of, is that I’m done dealing with their BS.

  14. Not being able to know out secondary’s and AA mounts was the best happy mistake WG has made in a long time it was great to be on par with a carriers regenerating planes and then that had to go and fuck it all up good job WG your very in touch with 2% of your player base

  15. This battle on the background was wicked, watched it on stream. That “thunderdome” towards the end was pretty intense, almost everyone from both teams just rushing towards it in a cyclone.

  16. I was just messing around in a training room with Tachibana.
    1 ap shell would knock out even the 6 inch turrets of Columbo. Though after i destroyed 4 it wouldn’t seemingly let me blow up the other 2. If i remember i was able to shred all the 90 mms though.
    Had some kremlins in that room…..again 1 76 mm ap shell that has 1000 max damage and the sec turrets were out.

    As for why Tachibana? I had just noticed her shells are set up to legitimately *NEVER* ricochet….come on weegee give us Kiji with that party trick. I know the soviets got her post war. So you have to have access the notes right?

  17. I still prefer the tier 9. Just being at tier 10 is so cancer I can’t with it. Having the potential to fight tier 8s more often was all it took to make me enjoy the line way more than the tier 10.

  18. I’ve had my best match in the Schlieffen post-patch. So I think it’s just as good post patch, haven’t had an issue with too many secondaries being destroyed, maybe ~5% in a match. Maybe this will change the more matches I play in this new patch, but I still love the Schleiffen. Might overtake the GK or Hindy as my favorite ship. Now torpedo tubes on the other hand, ha, they’re gone lol.

  19. I’m personally in the camp that they allowed the bug in game to see how it would preform compared to once the secondaries / AA / Torps could be knocked out allowing for proper nerf adjustments.

  20. Yep this was what I was afraid of. Same thing when I went for the first bb line for german secondaries. They got nerfed hard. And now we got the same thing happen again.

    Its like a tactic.

    New ship? Make it op af. Then nerf it when everyone spent money or time grinding it.

    Or that they just hate german line.

    • Its funny how obvious it is that you didnt actually watch the video. You read the title and made an ass of yourself. Well done! Off to a great start!

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