World of Warships- The New Golden Tier

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at TVII and the much kinder MM there! Enjoy!

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  1. When i first hit tier 8 and got uptiered to 10, i couldn’t wait to reach tier 10 myself. Then i reached it and realized it just gets even worse. The game is so passive and boring with everyone hiding at the back of the map or behind islands but if you push to them you’re greeted with a sea of torpedoes, pings, HE rainbows and planes.

    I went back to tier 7 and it’s just so much more fun, it’s like a completely different game. The atmosphere is different too, people aren’t terrified to lose their ship like in higher tiers so everyone is much more aggressive.

    • I’m just so bored staying in the back that I actively move forward and try and engage as much as possible. I may die early but at least im not hiding like the IOWA drivers behind a Island hoping my paint doesn’t get scratched.

    • @Mike Kirkwood me too, i have far more fun in the few minutes of an intense yolo brawl and dying than surviving an entire match of just hiding.

    • QuandalusDingelous

      Yeah have fun playing as t7 against t9 premiums or some other shit

    • Lux you nailed it !!

  2. I’m grinding various tiers and T7 is indeed very nice at this moment. Lots of T5-7 games and most others are T6-8, which is pretty good

    • Funny thing, I’m doing the same to farm while having fun, and tier 7 has been *chef’s kiss* . Got a premium ship for coal and everything.

  3. Have to agree, spend most of my time at T6 and T7 still get some double sub/cv games, being a DD fan I love hunting subs – they normally spawn opposite sides so you only deal with one at a time, the 2 CV is worse if they team up.

  4. As a Gneisenau main, T7 is pretty enjoyable nowadays

  5. T7 has pretty much always been my favorite spot. A Scharn and Gneis division is still one of the most fun pushing combos in the game.

  6. WarGaming should try surface ship only mode to judge sub/CV popularity.

    • The current hot tub event has no subduck or CVduck.

    • Skolas Kell of Kells

      Brawl is a thing

    • They have been judged so move on. And based on the number of subs in the Q they are popular

    • @play030 I was watching devs from another game talking about issues in game design and one thing I found interesting is they mentioned that players will optimize fun out of the game if you let them. When it comes down to it, a large number of people will choose the thing that they believe makes them win/ score better over what they find to be enjoyable.

      It’s not a secret that they designed CV’s to be idiot proof so that less experienced/ potatoes don’t get blown out of the game. Since the game is older and the meta more advanced playing surface ships can have a brutal difficulty curve that washes out a lot of people.

  7. You hit the nail on the head. I’ve found the exact same over the last number of weeks. I wish they would set combat missions down to 4-9 or even tiers 3-8. But they seem dead set against players playing lower than tier 5.

  8. Got a 4 sub 2 CV on both sides at T8.
    Madness is instoppable.

  9. Couldn’t agree more. T7 in the Florida is so much more fun. Even when the occasional t9 pops in.

  10. Hear me out.
    Mountbatten says that playing T7 is the least frustrating atm -> People start playing T7 -> T9 becomes golden tier again against everyone who picked T7 -> Evil genius plan comes to fruition
    Coincidence? I think not!

  11. Tier 5-7 has always where I have had the most fun.

  12. Agree totally. I love Friday to Sunday when Naval Battles is enabled for Clans. It forces me to play my tech line ships of many countries most of which are V – VII

  13. For the reasons you mention, Gneis and Sharn are my go to ships these days. I start almost all sessions with those 2 ships. I will often run Flint, Fiji, Renown 44, and Haguro just to avoid T8-10. I will work my way up to 9 since Agir and Pommern are really good ships but often avoid Tirp since 8 can be a p00p-show which is unfortunate since I have about 1200 matches in that ship. The lower tiers are fine in general as well.

  14. Lazo is another ship that does exceptionally well at tier nine due to its 17km range, which you can get to 20km with the spotter plane.

  15. tier 7 has always been my favourite, its the perfect balance and I love all the period ships in 7

  16. Tier 7-9 is where it’s at for me, mostly 8 given we got stuff like Baltimore and Lexington there. I still think T7 to 9 is the harshest split, even more than 9 to 11. I don’t know about commonality of uptiering though around 7 and 8 cause I haven’t played in a while (not by choice). I can’t really provide data, but this is just personal preference.

  17. I once had a Neb game with only bbs and cruisers. Awesome for the Nebraska. It is actually a good ship, even if it is bad for the game overall.
    Also, t2 and 3 are the best to play every once and a while

  18. Captain Marko Ramius

    A few days ago me and my 2 friends played a divi with 2 Gneisenau (s) and 1 P. Heinrich, the plan was simple, full send one flank and hope for the best. And those few games were the best I’ve played in a long time.

    • Captain Marko Ramius

      It worked every time, because TF are you going to do if 3 of the best brawlers of your tier are charging straight at you.

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