World of Warships- The New Golden Tier

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Hey guys, so I’ve been playing a bit more at mid tier recently, and honestly its been a much better time there then at high tier.

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Ross Rowley:

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  1. Tier 6-8 has always be golden nugget of this game for me. Has the right amount of people that know roughly what their doing unlike tier 1-5 but without the salt and toxicity of tier 9-10.

    • @why are you suppressing food from the public lol, tbf i would totally play a raft with a bunch of tiger tanks parked on it, aimlessly floating around the map lol.

      but yes, agreed with your last bit.

    • @why are you suppressing food from the public and poor Bismarck. She was a king back in her time. I still remember that game from 2017 where I got 9 kills and 313K dmg. That was my highest damage game in a German BB. My team was potato, but my brawling, heal usage, everything was perfect. I am never gonna get a game like that.
      Edit: It was 9 kills, not 11. 11 kills was my thunderer game

    • If you have something like a bayern you easily can go in a fight with tier 8 thars fun

    • @Jack Hides me too, I’ve been playing for 2 years and still haven’t get a T10, but I got lots of T6-T8 ships

    • @LamentedTar 5 yeah, I challenged NCs with Bayern and killed em and got away with it. I think Amagi, Massa and ze Germans are the only BBs this ship can’t challenge coz impossible cit to reach.

  2. Tier VII has been a sweetspot for me. Very few toxic HE spammers because you never meet Tier X ships, and a lot of great ships like Nagato, Sinop, Nelson, etc. Also a lot of poor T5s who don’t know what they’re doing lol

    • Some of my personal favorites are T6 Ships: Leander, Fuso, Dunkerque, Pensecola, Graf Spee. Maybe because that is like “threshold”. Additional modul slots, “modern” ship layout (e.g. turret alignments) etc. Good ships that brought me a lot of entertainment and some good laughs. I personally struggle to find a T7 ship that isnt just a slightly upgraded version of the T6 (Fiji->Leander) or almost feels like a downgrade (Fuso->Nagato).

    • @Tobias Time Yeah I know. But in general it is a Leander with 4 more guns. I liked playing Fiji but it was a much more satisfying transition from Emerald to Leander.

  3. Got a Duca D’Aosta from a super container, have to say, it is a lot of fun.

  4. Ib Erik Söderblom

    I’ve recently experienced some of the most fun games in Tiers V to VIII.
    It’s like that Tiers VIII to X have become more toxic and filled with people only there, because they have the money to spend and see games as funny if they win, and win large !

  5. mutsu, PeF, Nuremberg, Sharnhost, T61… my favorite ships

  6. Daniel Petráško

    Mutcu is amazing, but try to shoot He more on these tier 6 -5 ships , for example that CV u would devstrike with he citadels

  7. SLM: “Uptiering from T6 to T8 is a lot easier than from T7 to T9”
    WG: “Hold my Congress”

  8. Cant wait for the next ranked season Bronze is t6-7 it’ll give tier 7s some love after their mm recently

  9. I grinded through the entirety of the Vladivostok without ever seeing even a tier 7 ship.

  10. Fun fact about the Mutsu: her Nagato class 410 mm guns have less pen than the 356 mm guns on the Fuso. WG logic champ.

    • For example shikishima 510mm don’t have that good pen and the top 3 are 431mm 410mm 406mm

    • @AT Pyro No caliber is the diameter of the gun. The length of a gun is often given in multiples of the diameter. Like 75/100 means 100 times the 75mm caliber so 7.5m. (Fictional gun in WoT just easy to calculate.)

      Edit: I don’t disagree with much of the rest. Older shell still can be worse even with the exact same gun.

    • @Kal Taron just like the case with the 16 inch guns of WW2 American ships. South Dakota got better shells than NC and Iowa better shells than SD despite all the same gun caliber

    • @Jared Evans Is that historically corret or should they have the same rounds?

    • @Kal Taron its historically correct. Iowa got the mark 50 super heavy shells, which were better than South Dakota’s mark 45 shells

  11. Glad to see this, always ben sad that everyone tends to ignore mid tier. They can be a lot of fun

  12. The Ranger seemed just a tad salty at you for taking a swipe at him 😀

  13. Tier 8 9 and 10= best tiers for me with 9 probably being my favorite.

  14. Marcus Jones Stinks

    T5-T6 games are the most fun for me. It feels like nothing is cancerous, and you can’t snipe at the back with any kind of reliable accuracy. Everyone just mixes it up.

  15. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    For those asking, yes the NA servers are down. There is a power outage at the NA server hub according to the WoWs Twitter. Since this is beyond their control, they do not have an ETA on when the servers will be back up at the time I am writing this comment.

    Edit: Apparently the outage includes WoT and WoWp.

    UPDATE: According to the WoWs Twitter, partial services will be restored later today possibly. Full restoration will take an estimated time of 1 day.

    UPDATE: It appears that the NA Data Center for WG has had some type of catastrophic problem, potentially a power surge/sudden outage. Which when dealing with Data centers is a major problem, data can be corrupted/lost etc. So WG being able to potentially bring the severs back this weekend is a major accomplishment if done.

    UPDATE: WoT Twitter announced that their servers are expected to be back up at 4AM Central time on the 24th.

    Since both WoWs and WoT server are hosted in the same data center this would be a safe bet for when WoWs NA will be back up.

    • Must have been to cheap to pay for that diesel generator power backup option that literally every data center worth a diddly has.

    • They need to not be in Tornado Alley, that’s a good start and eliminates power issues

    • I guess the Hamsters went on strike again.

    • @Prince of Hyrule How neglected WoWp is: WoT had a Yuri Gagarin event. Yuri Gagarin, a pilot and the first cosmonaut. In WoT, not WoWp. I found that amusing. And then WoT and WoWs have concurrent anime-themed events–Girls Und Panzer and High School Fleet respectively. WoWp? Nada. It’s as if it’s never there. Sad for WoWp really.

  16. And here we have a severe case of brawlitis in action

  17. Well to be fair campbeltown at tier 3 is a exellent seal cluber for me.

  18. Mutsu is a solid ship. And it’s so rare that if you get into a drive-by no one expects the Mutsu Metal Fish of Death.

  19. Many of the funnest games I’ve had were in the Svetlana on Big Race.

  20. I love how the golden tier keeps getting lower and lower.
    One day tier 3 will be the best tier to play at.

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