World of Warships- The New Siegfried

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Hey guys, today we take a look at the Siegfried post commander rework. I share my experiences with her and what I think of her post rework, enjoy!

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  1. Thank you for your videos man!

  2. 6:11 “Hans can be eating a sandwich and drop some mayonnaise on it and then the whole torpedo tubes are just done” 😂😂 cracked me up

  3. I’ve been wondering how Siegfried is after 10.0 dropped. Thank you for this, but I’m still on the fence about getting her.

    • Get ships that are about to leave port (for good) soon. That’s WG telling you that these are the ships to get.

    • @Bravo Sierra I already have those ships, plus Siegfried is a Research Bureau ship. I don’t have any interest in Ohio.

    • @R Blinson I understand wanting to get a ship because you like it (which it seems you do). I personally would get Ohio because I like Georgia, and to have a Montana version would be great for me, but I USUALLY get ships because I want them, not because they’re the best or whatever. You have quite a choice my friend. So many ships…

    • Only regrind if you have 8 or so lines. Pick lines that you enjoyed the tier 9 of the line. Wait for the double victory bonus that comes ever 3 months. (the new season is soon. So you could start with old season regrinding one now and another in two weeks for a total of 40k+ research points. Also have flags and fxp available. The fxp psychologically helps knowing its there even if you dont use it. (a line is about 900k xp to tier X). Don’t grind the lines. Just replay the lines you like.

    • Feels like a Tripitz light, to me at least. Not worth it anymore

  4. We in legends have Siegfried now and well… 26mm bow and German BB dispersion and sigma, a cruiser that could compete with BB cannot come close to the battle in legends thanks to the 26mm bow that lets 15 inch pass through into the citadel

  5. Hey I know you like to cover top tier a lot, but why haven’t you covered D. Alighieri? First Italian BB with SAP in the game thought you’d be all over that.

  6. I really don’t get the part of the rework that makes secondaries so much worse. Were secondary specced ships ever so oppressively powerful they needed a nerf?

    • but the main guns will shoot 10% faster, even though BFT was a skill most people would skip out on to make their build more dynamic
      secondary builds are strong111!!!

    • @lmao gottem I love when the defenders use that argument. I mean, with everyone using Dead Eye, how often is that skill actually going to be active? Lols. Besides, it’s only like…3 seconds shaved off main battery reload time? That SOOO doesn’t make up for the hundreds of shots missed due to now-garbage secondaries accuracy.

    • @Sailor Moon Let’s not even mention the missing heal so you don’t even survive as long in the thick of it. You can no longer be the tip of the spear secondary spec excelled at and it is intensely boring.

    • @Illegal Opinions Good point. I haven’t even talked about that. If you run full Secondary, you get either Fire Prevention or the heal….and that’s it, no compromise.

    • Maybe a nerf ahead of time so that subs are more survivable when they sadly enter the game?

  7. I always thought it was insane to give the battlecruisers the same fire burn time that BB’s have. That insanity is now born out: BB’s can build against it, BC’s cannot. 🤦‍♂️ They now burn LONGER than BB’s.

  8. Germany…. suffers?

    (war thunder joke)

  9. At least it’s better on PC than on legends.

    We got our Siegfrieds armor and secondary range nerfed. We also can’t access manual secondaries at all so go figure.

    • Supercruisers and Secondaries are just bad in general on Legends. I don’t know why the Devs are so stubborn to Buff them.

  10. Can you review the lower tier ships, please?

  11. Just realized/noticed today that Musashi has a stock turret rotation speed of something like 86 seconds or something crazy high like that, and after noticing that I checked my Yamato’s only to see that Yami’s stock turret speed is different despite the two ships literally having identical guns with Yami having something like a full 20 second faster speed at around 69 seconds give or take stock… Not sure if this was a recent stealth nerf WG has made to the Musashi or if her turrets have always been this slow in addition to being slower than Yami’s, but even with the Yamamoto captain on the ship with his enhanced “Grease the Gears” skill it still takes 66 seconds aka over a full God damned minute to rotate Musashi’s turrets 180 degrees around now….

    Dk if it was psychological after me just having noticed this difference between her and Yamato’s turret rotation times, but playing Musashi tonight for the first time since update 10.0 her turrets felt incredibly sluggish compared to what I seem to remember her feeling like from not too long ago… Is it just me or did Musashi get a crazy stealth nerf to her turret rotation speed with this latest update 10.0? I still performed well in tonight’s match with Musashi netting myself a 175k damage battle in the end, but omg was it painstaking to make any miniscule course correction now let alone a full about face turn in the ship with the slightest motion preventing you from shooting for the next 10+ seconds because of how insanely slow the turrets are now. They must have changed this parameter in this latest update because I’ve never had Musashi feel this rigid before, and why did they feel the need to nerf Musashi on top of them doing the whole commander rework which changed every ship’s performance in the game too. So much for them “never nerfing a premium ship”…

    • I skimmed, but Musashi has a base turret traverse time of 72s. Yes, 72s, it’s THAT slow. With Grease The Gears, it gets to 60s. Which is still ABYSMALLY slow, and it shows how bass-ackwards Grease The Gears is. It buffs faster turret traverse MORE and buffs slower turret traverse LESS. Which is dumb as all get out. Case in point, my California used to have 48.6s turret traverse time with Expert Marksman, but with Grease the Gears, my California’s new turret traverse time is actually 50s flat now. It’s WORSE. It’s actually worse. Thanks WG, I hate it!

    • such a shit change on that skill, for me its 55 sec traverse on yamato-yamamoto-legendarymod + 3slotaccuracyupgrade and 66 sec traverse on musashi-yamamoto-reloadmod + 3slotaccuracyupgrade. You cant go without accuracy upgrades but switching to range mod increases traverse 66sec to 57 sec with cost of 3,5 sec of mb reload

  12. My Georgia is outperforming my Pommern in the shells fiered/hit section and it has 700m less range on secondaries… its just sad

    • still Pommern shells have so much higher pen. I still laugh when people think Ohio can outsecondary something like GK. GK literally eats alive even likes of Kremlin if in reasonably close range. Just because Georgia shells land more often doesnt mean all that if they don’t pen.

  13. Hindenburg is doing great… Haven’t tried Siegfried yet, though it has too few secondaries to be really effective in the new meta. Thanks for this.

  14. The Bearded Warrior

    Can we all tale a moment to realize that the Drake near the end just said “screw this im done” and turned broadside infront of a sigfreid

  15. they need their own page with a mix off skills, if not at least their own burn time 45 seconds would be fair imo

  16. I feel like battlecruisers should b ecome their own class and get their own commander tree compared to normal cruisers.

  17. Would love an updated video showing how to play Bismarck. I am constantly either getting slapped or contributing very little.

  18. WG NEEDS to introduce more classes for capt skills! Been talking since Alaska about a BC class separate from cruisers. And lets not forget bout the hybrids coming(like tone)! Will those get surface ship capt skills, or cv?

  19. 11.9 concelment and 11.6 secondaries… in last patch

  20. Kek, I won’t be unlocking the RB any time soon, let alone get anywhere near regrinding 6 or 7 whole lines just to get this one ship.

    GG wargaming.

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