World of Warships – The Ninja Torpedo Strategy – Destroyer Gameplay

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– Ninja Torpedo Strategy
WOWS Japanese Destroyer Gameplay – Tier 5

The has 3 different types of planes; fighters, dive bombers and torpedo bombers. At the early tiers you don’t have access to dive bombers. Fighters are great at defending capital ships from torpedo and dive bombing attacks and also hunting down other enemy planes. Torpedo bombers require a bit of planning and skill, but can unleash a 6 torpedo attack run on enemy ships that can have a dramatic result on the battle. Currently there are only 4 classes in WOWS; destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers. Aircraft carriers use a top down, Real Time Strategy (RTS) style of gameplay which is fun and unique to World of Warships.

Thanks for watching!


  1. DESUTROYAH are my favorite class.
    I have so much fun in those.

  2. Do you know how they take kidneys out?

    You walk into your room and there are plastic sheets all over the floor.
    Before you can react, a man dressed in all black and wearing a hockey mask
    will drug you and tie you to a chair. He will cut it out with a rusty
    keyhole saw. No anti-sceptic, no Novocain, no nothing, just the song “it’s
    hip to be square” drowning out your merciless screams of agony…

  3. Ethan Ehrenhofer

    They should add subs to this game

  4. Baron why did u spred torpedis to all those poor guys XD

  5. Just got access to WoWs CBT from a stream giveaway!

  6. Can you please send me an invite code??? i love the game but i need a
    invite code 🙁 can you send it to me? :)

  7. more battleship gameplay

  8. ShenanigansAndStuff

    Need open beta now, watching your vids is killing me baron.

  9. Excellent strategy!

  10. ChROnoS ANniHilATor

    More battleships please. :)

  11. I am learning to play the following video. When I will get the key, I can
    immediately show good results. Thanks for the tips.

  12. how about HE shells to set fires and torps would be a very deadly combo if
    and when you get within close combat range.

  13. very well played baron. that’s the type of tactical hit and run destroyers
    were made for, not brawling with anything.

  14. Fletcher plz

  15. You are entertaining to watch man awesome 

  16. baron what do you feel when you go to tier 6 and your torp reload gets to
    minute and a half (with no bigger advantages) I mean even now it’s hard to
    get some nice hits.

  17. Another tip I learned about IJN destroyers from iChase about staying
    hidden: turn off AA and secondaries by pressing “P” and aircraft won’t
    notice you from was far.

  18. Hi Admiral/Captain/Baron…… I have watched all of your informative tube
    vids and loved them. Including your game play with PhlyDaily too. I’m a
    very ageing game player but still love the way that the gaming world is
    moving. I am sooo taken by the game play of ‘World Of Warships’. I must
    admit that I have never waited so much to play a game in all of my 25 years
    + of gaming. Keep up your good work in the channel Bud :-)

  19. Julian Wildhaber

    play the fubuki

  20. Thats not cool i want the game :(

  21. Great Video Buddy……..wish i could play with yah

  22. IcyLeafGames PvPMaster

    Wow baron, you are really an awesome dude! Hope I get to meet/talk to you
    one day! Keep doing what you do live life to the fullest and have no

  23. I want an invitiation code so bad :(

  24. Baron, do you know when the open beta comes out for everyone else ? 

  25. This is exactly what destroyers were made for, supporting the fleet. Your
    team overloaded the left flank while you and Bryner had a great time in
    delaying the collapse of the right flank. I hope to see more plays like

    Best of luck, stay healthy, and update soon!


  26. Aircraft carrier next

  27. Nice strategy, and really cool gameplay. Among all the beta players you are
    by far the best, because I have enough WoWarships videos seen so far.
    Sometimes I wonder why not learn to play first and then upload the videos,
    omg noobs (

  28. I want to see Shimakaze (or those who know anything about her nickname
    “zekamashi”) because she is Bae in kancolle

  29. Saul Manuel Peña

    Am I the olny one dying to play :(

  30. I don’t get why the air spotting range is shorter than the surface spotting
    range? Shouldn’t it be the other way around. Last time I checked you can
    see more at a couple 1000 feet than maybe 150-250ft.

  31. exteremeJUGGERNAUT

    give ’em the torpedis!

  32. Baron plz play whit the Object 104 (ST-1) Soviet tank whish is a walker in
    the new event


  34. Ah, this is enjoyable. A solid Baron’s vid without this April Fools
    bullshit to accompany my dinner. Noice!

  35. play the yamato

  36. Hit P to turn off aa guns to not alert the other team where you are

  37. Do you still have invite codes?

  38. Enyone hawe Invitation code?from begun i try to get one and nothing :/

  39. For the glory of the Emporer!

  40. April fools hype

  41. could you use the follow the camera on the torps or arty rounds? Id like to
    see them impact ? :D

  42. hey baron, when do you stream?

  43. I just saw a TV ad that called call of duty the greatest game of all time…

    Greatest April fools day joke ever.

  44. Thanks for the Destroyer-tips :)


  46. Baron take out the st-1 on War Thunder

  47. Close the AA so you wont pop out in smoke too.

  48. I’ve never really got why the ‘world of’ games have the spotting mechanic.
    Why not just have vehicles be visible when they’re within sight? Seems
    weird that destroyers are stealthy in this game, they’re big ships with
    loads of smoke coming out of them, hard to miss.

  49. Is warthunder doing an April fools thing

  50. Ignatius Quiaoit

    Me: Damn. Same old videos again and again.
    Youtube: “Baron uploaded new WOWS video.”
    Me: F**k yes!

  51. Baron Rules you Fools!

  52. dammmmm baron you so sweg when playing with destroyers i wish i was that
    good :D

  53. april fools!

  54. Best way to play a destroyer….Play as a Star Destroyer……..;)

  55. 50th view but no one gives a shit

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