World of Warships – The NTC Aftermath

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WG went back on their first NTC proposal…but there are reasons to stay vigilant. Also this whole NTC thing has made me do some serious re-evaluation of things…


  1. I still think WG should make an alternate USN BB tech tree with Ohio at the top.

    • MidnightPhoenix07

      People have been saying something along those lines ever since Mass was released – high tier (or even complete line) split into a secondary/brawling focused line. That being said, a new line doesn’t make them a lot of money. Premium ships (and of course being forced to regrinding an entire line) make money for them.

  2. I’ve watched the summit videos. Those, coupled with the whole NTC drama, shows me that the Devs are completely disconnected from the player base. The idea that they came up with the concept of NTC and actually thought it was a good idea… disappointing at the least. Anyone that knows statistics knows that the numbers can be interpreted to support any stance you want to take. The Dev’s reliance on spreadsheets to direct game development is going to be the complete ruination of WoWS. The CC’s and players are communicating what we want to experience, but they continually refuse to look up from Excel long enough to actually see us. I’m a DD main that’s been forced into other classes and it’s taken the joy out of it for me. Sure; more folks are playing CV’s right now and for the same reason that more people are playing the RUBBs. They’re the new OP classes and everyone wants to feel powerful; so why not jump on the bandwagon.

    • Wow, that’s really well stated and exactly how I felt. The fact that they “actually thought it was a good idea” is disappointing because it shows that they don’t know who their own player base is.

  3. It sounds like this is a matter of entrenchment. In my career I encountered individuals that put forth a new manner in performing a company function. It is everything to them and regardless of the concerns of others, or the lack of desire on the part of the buyer, these people stick with this new program. They are so invested in this that they can no longer see rationality and always point to the “numbers” because the numbers say it should work but in practical application it doesn’t. Their response is that we are not using the product of manner as intended and it is the consumer’s fault, not the designer. Anyone outside that loop can see the problem, and to be honest the designer knows the problem exists but they think they can fix it. It is everything to them.

    The worst of these sort of people tend to be computer design engineers. Not only do they not like criticism they see their peers as someone trying to “steal” their ideas. The NTC thing is not going to go away, they will try to repackage it in a camouflaged form because they are right and everyone is wrong.

    I agree that you need to diversify. World of Warships has been diving and the proof is in the declining population and the plethora of premium ships which are just money grabs. Sad, because it did not need to be this way. This format works for the Russian market but the Russian market is a small market on the global scale. They could have made so much money had they realized that catering to the North American and European market was the most financial path forward. They were and are provincial in their mindset.

    For you own stability, you need to transition. I will be following you. Good luck.

    • William Drayman

      Well said, mate, well said indeed. I’ve seen this same mentality destroy entire companies. Interesting that there is more frustration than anything else in the player base; WG have a great product that will never reach it’s full potential, because WG won’t let it. Stubborn stupidity at it’s finest.

    • Totally agree with you. I literally said almost the exact same thing on Flamu’s stream the other day

    • holy crap i have something like this going on at my workplace right now. great explanation. 😀

  4. Any WoWS mechanic should be about PVP and putting in mechanics & structures to support it. The NTC proposal was just stupid because at a stroke it meant that any normal or ranked game will no longer be primarily about the skills and abilities of the players but rather how long they’ve been grinding. We wouldn’t accept it if WG messed up the tiering system so that one team have a T10 BB and the other a T8BB. They need to go back to first principles otherwise they’ll have a player exodus on their hands.

    • It never was about skill anyways. Ranked is just a test of how much crap you’re willing to grind through. Normal games are just games full of “I don’t care if I win as long as I’m having “fun”

  5. Ev1n is the lead dev on WoWs and the smug look on the guys face whilst the stream was going on and everyone was kicking off about NTC just said it all for me.
    The devs are so pig headed as to what they think is right when it’s in complete contrast to want the player base wants for the game is just astounding.

    • Honestly, I want to beat Sub_Octavian for the CV rework BS

    • @Dog Fighter72 tbh i preferred the old mechanics from a surface ship and a cvs perspective. they were reliable, the cv population was not huge but not almost dead, and yes the alpha was high on cv drops but they could be heavily mitigated. the dpm of the new cvs, is the most annoying part about them.

    • @Khan I loved the old system

    • raven the wood elf

      @Dog Fighter72 I told myself if i ever got a computer and a place with good internet I would play CVs then the new update came out and it ruined the game from aoutside view the videos I would watch change featured a mix of CVs and everything else to no CVs I saw how it sucked fun from everyone else.

    • @raven the wood elf I play them, and yeah they suck, but if you get a good battle or a potato enemy team, its great

  6. The thing that really pissed me off about this whole mess was watching the 4th of July Warships EU stream and after pretty much everyone in chat saying NOPE, they basically took the EA stance of “Well, we’re the developers and we know better than you what you will like, so we’re going to do this and you’re going to love it.” My response to that line of thinking is remove thine head from thine arse.

  7. Brilliant idea! I like the “beyond elite” idea. Why regrind a ship you already have a stack of xp on ! Maybe even in some lines give you a sister ship option to take another ship from the same class, like take Shigure after you regrind Kagero. Great idea. I hope they listen to you.

  8. I just don’t want to re-grind any line… ever…

  9. Being able to turn tech tree ships into sudo-premiums would be enough of an incentive alone and would get me on board with the NTC.
    Gating reward ships behind it however pisses me off again.

  10. They sent you a PM about a particularly negative video? I can’t imagine that was a positive interaction.

    • Indeed, it sounds like they threatened his CC status.

      Why else would he talk about diversification…

      If so, that’s too bad…and yet more reasons to despise WG business practices.

  11. what i want is a way to spend my 1.5 million yammy XP other than the ability to convert it with real money.

  12. Zip_Zip Reviews

    I suspect NTC was the pet project of someone at WG. This is why it was defended the way it was. Once the controversy became very public, someone at WG higher up the food chain took notice and said nope. Obviously bad ideas defended the way we saw at the CC summit smacks of someones ego being deeply involved in the idea.

    • Yes, exactly! Toss in the element of Russian culture and holy shit… it doesn’t get much more abhorrent. There’s something wrong with that culture’s ability to communicate freely and share ideas in a professional, courteous manner, without causing personal offense.

    • That’s what alkot of other bad ideas feel like sadly.

  13. It’s not over until NTC is gone. Period.

  14. Spreadsheets are not scientific, they are bureaucratic.

  15. If WG really wants ship stat buffs, why don’t they just introduce legendary modules for ALL ships. As soon as a player researches all modules and gets a ship elited, hey will unlock the ability to grind out a legendary for it. It’s a bit grindy, gives some buffs, but it’s ship specific (no grinding out entire lines) and would be open to everyone as soon as they elite a ship. I might consider replaying Colorado, if I could unlock a speed buff for it… 😛

  16. Hurricane Gaming

    WoWs is taking a dive for sure, but what ever you end up playin I’ll still watch and enjoy it, even if it’s like my little pony extreme adventures or some s***. Just do what you do man.

  17. Diversify..

    still wait for Nekopara gameplay

  18. That slow mo at the end of the game was epic! 🙂

  19. Once Russian ships that had almost no basis in reality started rolling out, rather than Italian cruisers or any ships that actually existed, I knew this game was doomed.

  20. why dont they give us bit steel for a regrind? like i donno….500steel per regrind or 2500 steel for 3 regrind? LIKE comon bruh… its eazy….give a bit casual players a litle chance/hope for Stalingrad or Borgogne or whatevuh…..

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