World of Warships – The Old College Try

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In which StatsBloke finds himself in a bit of a pickle in HMS Lion in a tier 10 Domination battle on the Hotspot map.

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  1. I love it when I see a brand new video from the overlord!

  2. Now that the queen is dead… …stay with me now…. ….can we give British battleship HE the same reverence as we do with Kv 1?

  3. JINGLES you could read the yellow pages for 8 hours and I’d listen to it when playing games or relaxing. Your voice is the perfect for relaxing, especially for a person that can get quite over “enthusiastic” when gaming. 10/10 best youtuber ever! Keep it up. Love watching your vids, been doing it for almost 10 years (about 40% of my life)

  4. I don’t think ‘tanking 2 million damage’ is quite the same as ‘2million potential damage’ Jingles!

  5. Also, for the Musashi, he only has 5km ASW – because Premium (thanks WG!) so the sub could have great fun, if he’d had been a bit closer…

  6. I operate heavy equipment to mow the greens and fairways of one of my local golf courses all day. I listen but don’t watch, not because I use Jingles for background noise, but because my job doesn’t really work well with watching a video, but I can listen really well with some ear buds and my ear muffs. I’ve learned alot about world of warships and world of tanks and war thunder and elite dangerous as well as aliens fireteam elite just by listening to these videos and it’s a great way to keep calm and laugh a bit in a job that’s often only a thing or two going wrong from killing or maiming me horribly. Listening and learning is a great distraction from those stresses, it’s certainly nothing against the visual portion of the videos. Often I’ll rewatch them when I get home to have the visual side of it to help me learn. I’ve actually unlocked the Akizuki just yesterday all because of Jingles videos talking about it and my obsession with gun boats due to my complete ineptitude at aiming torpedos.

  7. Love the Dire Straits reference.. Sometimes you’re the windschield, sometimes you’re the bug. 🙂

  8. 11:00 as seen multiple times throughout the vid, Lions guns are brutally inaccurate. It is almost as bad as german guns, but you do not have secondaries and turtleback to defend yourself in CQC. I wanted to use AP in that ship, but have abandoned that thought and are saving it really for special occasions, because when you can land 4-10k salvos with HE + set fires, you do not want to risk shooting AP and getting 1-4k per salvo and no fires, only with hope that when rng gives, you may get 10k salvo out. Simply mathematically speaking, not worth it.

    • Man watching German guns spread is like blowing the seeds off a dandelion

    • @Murderous Raven surprisingly not on a GK anymore. It has some spread, but those 12 guns hit hard and smoe of those shells are quite accurate.

      I played secondary GK when it was tech tree, probably even my first permacamo ever was for that ship. Even got a legendary module. Yes, its dispersion is not the greatest, but I am way mor frustrated in Lion then in GK. Those Lion shells simply randomly fly everywhere, shooting AP is almost impossible if you don´t have perfect broadside of a ship and even then it is 50:50 and HE is so much more reliable it is not even funny. So you just spam fires all around, cycle 2-3 ships if possible and giving them arsonist and hell.

  9. i still remember that clip, where he enjoys lookin’ at his Fiji (or Eddy?) in that caribbean island camou (that just came out at the time) and while being utterly amused by how it looks, he suffers a dev strike out of nowhere^^
    But i agree: seems to be a thorgoughly nice chap.

  10. “I watch all of Jingles’ videos with the sound muted, because World of Warships gameplay is soothing to me.”

  11. I wouldn’t mind Jingles start doing some reading videos where he just reads through an entire book and sprinkle in his own Jingles commentary.

  12. The best part of jingles’ content is his relaxed even tone and his historical information. Ive watched his subnautica and elite dangerous play throughs several times just because they’re really great chill videos to relax from a long days work. and, often, funny.

  13. Now think about it, I’d say having a video of yours on in the background, listening to you talk about history or your navy stories is one of my favourite, relaxing things ever.
    Would happily listen to a Jingles history podcast

  14. As a BB driver who enjoys pushing, Jingo, I’ve even managed to get 2.5 million PD in my T6 Fuso once – but usually it’s between 1-2 million PD . . . and I do have a few tier 9-10 ships to use, but I just like playing the T6 Fuso . . .

  15. As a now college kid who has no time/mental power for actually playing anything myself, your videos are perfect my guy. Really appreciate this stuff. Anyways, time to go give it the old college try irl 👋

  16. literally said out loud “oh shit!” when the NorCal appeared and thought he was gonna reduce Stats to within an inch of his life 😂😂

  17. Saying “he’s my Jingles” has the same energy as Doc Holliday’s infamous phrase “I’m your huckleberry.”

  18. My phone: *beep beep* new video from jingles!
    My brain: aight, its time for the serotonin department to work overtime

    But seriously, this is literally The Best content on this shitty scamming platform. Been watching ever since the “Welcome to my World of Tanks replays” some ten-ish years ago, never missed a clip. Not while in middle school, not during college, not during the studying-24h periods, not while in the army. And I havent played or heard or even liked all the games hes been featuring, but damn does this chap do a good job of making it entertaining every fucking time. Stay awesome, excellent work!

  19. Well, I do both. I watch your videos, and then also put your videos on for soothing background noise, as something that I can just tune into whenever I want to. With so much content, it’s always so easy to re-watch videos.

  20. The best thing about a Jingles video, your laughter!! 🤣 It’s contagious! Thank you for the entertaining video. I have had so many games like this, the last time I played, I played 10 games and in all but two I was the last one alive against a whole bunch of enemy ships. in the other two there were two of us but the other one was a Kansas and the other one was a Minotaur! I was on the loosing team all 10 times and uninstalled, haven’t touched it since and that was 4 or more years ago.

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