World of Warships – The Oncologist

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Doctor Crizit’s in the house, an expert in treating all kinds of afflictions, but he does specialise.

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  1. Well an oncologist will never be out of work while wargaming are around.

  2. @grahamstrouse1165

    I’m waiting on “The Proctologist.”

  3. Oh God. I haven’t even watched the video yet, but I already know what we’re in for from the title. You’re a dirty old man Jingles!

  4. “One in a million shot Jerry, one in a million.”

  5. Jingles you spoil us with such a treat to get the weekend started. What a display by the good doctor, skillfully handling his German scalpel and removing all malevolent cells from the game. Great title too!

  6. Oh god, the title, the old man’s lost it properly, how has none of his videos been demonitised from their titles

  7. @beastgaminghd7575

    My guy was winning and decided it would be best to just go Ultimate Instinct Super Sayian or whatever, and humiliate the enemy team even more, by just slaughtering almost everything that is still mobile, after the initial ROFLSTOMP… That was gold!

  8. It’s been a while I’ve watched one of Jingle’s WOW videos, when i saw the title on this one 😂😂😂😂 i clicked straight away

  9. i must say i very much enjoyed that game. a little short. but action packed and fun to watch.

  10. Those 16 inch guns look more like 420mm to me, never change Jingles

  11. This video was basically group catharthis. Sub and CV being slapped by surface ships and a BB in particular. Think we all feel good after that.

  12. Everytime I see a Schlieffen I ask them in chat “What’s the plan?” they never get it… 🙁

  13. Good game sir! Well played.

  14. So, with the kill on the Shima, had the game continued to record points, the enemy team would have lost 45 points. They only had 33. Technically speaking, the enemy team _triple_ lost: Friendly team hit 1000 points, enemy team hit 0 points, and all enemy warships destroyed.

    GG Doc!

  15. @virtualinfinity6280

    Who else saw the title and immediately thought: “Yep, we see some carrier/hybrid/sub being slaughtered” ? And can we appreciate for a minute, that we saw 7 kills in less than 12 minutes? Very impressive.

  16. For what it is worth, what a torp dodge by that sub, even if he didnt have time to celebrate 😆

  17. Note that previous protagonist “Nerf_Gascogne” was also in this battle, but on the enemy team

  18. Thanks for the feature Jingles! More and more rare to get some good ‘ol cqc with all the non-surface ships these days. But the secondary boys’ gotta make do somehow.

  19. That was one HELL of a game!

  20. This ‘oncologist ‘ was most skillful!

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