World of Warships- The Only Research Bureau Ship You Need

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Hey guys! Today we’re going over the TX American Battleship Ohio and explaining why she is the only RB ship you need worry about getting. Enjoy!

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Ross Rowley:

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  1. ToughAncientSpark

    Seen quite a few Ohio ships in the recent KOTS tournament battles.

  2. Always enjoy hearing people say DDs are a high skill floor(referring to vampire II); as a DD main I can say “me skill gud” 😀

    • I personally have this in mind, then I remembered I sucked so much when playing other classes

    • I am a BB main, but recently play more cruisers and DDs exactly because BB queue is so long and I want variety anyway. I picked the Vampire II and getting increasingly efficient with it. 🙂

    • @Ibnu might just be that you don’t know how to play the other classes yet, I kinda suck in cruisers but been practicing in my Venezia and I’m improving slowly

    • As a BB player having a competent DD is like a blessing, I have no idea how to DD so I always give my props to DD mains

    • I main BB’s but also grinded both us cruiser lines and Japanese DD torpedo line as well as Japanese CV. I can say the expierence learning all the lines has helped me be better BB player. I LOVE my Georgia. With a main gun build the dispersion is very very good.

  3. “The only research bureau ship you need”
    me with Siegfried in port and grinding towards Vampire II: *suprised Pikachu face*

    • you might want to reconsider Vampire II because that thing is highly overrated. you trade a lot for that crawling smoke and hydro

    • @Aurelian
      It’s a Daring that trades UK smoke, 20k torp DPM, heal and 1k hp for uhh
      -Higher DPM
      -Better concealment
      -Speed Boost
      -Crawling smoke
      -5km hydro
      Daring itself is already overpowered, a more risk more reward version of her doesn’t means it’s less OP

    • Not as bad as having Siegfried and than Colbert, like I do… Currently grinding Vampire II👀

    • Sad Panda Face.

  4. Best BB ohio and Best DD Paolo Emilo (pizza time)

  5. Saving for paolo emilio, 400 points to go.

    • Overhyped bro I got it a couple months ago and cvs just ruin the experience plus all the back of the map snipers means you have to over extend most games in order to get into yolo range. It’s fun at times but not consistent enough to be worth the research points

    • I was also disappointed with emilio. Should have gotten Vamp² instead.

  6. I’ve tried regrinding one line and I’m not done with it yet it’s been months and months. I will probably never do it again and I certainly have no longer caring about the research Bureau or anything in it.

    • If you are not at least running premium account, dont even try.
      If you do, here is a tip on how to do it more efficiently.
      Step 1: get haragumo and shimakaze. Haragumo is the cheapest line since it requires the least total XP to get to tier 10. Shima is also fairly cheap.
      Step 2: Save 25k free xp.
      Step 3: Wait for your x2 research bonus multiplier to be available (at the start of the season)
      Step 4: Reset BOTH shima and Haragumo.
      Step 5: Free xp BOTH mutsuki and minekaze for 24900 (wich u saved in step 2).
      Step 6: grind the lines out. If you are not in a hurry. only play the ships until you get the first win of the day award. Use all camos and flags you have, since they stack with the first win of the day bonus.

      You end up with 30600 (32130 with clan bonus). You started with 10k. This will get you to your cheap research burreau ship. for an expensive one, wait till your multiplyer is back and repeat.
      For me that turned out to be the fastest way to grind them. plus these lines have a ton of ships that are really really strong on their tier and fun to play. mutsuki, minekaze, akizuki, kitakaze, kagero and yugomo are all very very strong ships.
      Never ever do regrinds with BB lines as they tend to be more expensive, unless you really enjoy playing them so much that you wanna go through the line again. In wich case time should be no concern.

      I´d recommend to skip shira with fxp if you can afford to, since this is the only ship that is seriously crap in the lines.
      Also i think its possible to “save” the multiplyers and get a x2 on both lines but im not sure.

    • @max mustermann thank you, was looking at doing the RB in the future and was wondering how painful it would be. Now I have a plan!

    • @max mustermann how do i pin this? 😀

  7. Paulo Emilio is sweet and unique, hit and miss true

  8. Κ.paschalakis 03

    Hey sea lord how about a steel or coal ships or combined buying guide cuz many ships have arrived

  9. As an Ohio player I love this ship, regrinding for the Colbert for the meme really

  10. Ohio and JB are my favorite ships. Definitely worth the grind if you decide to go a ship in the bureau.

  11. Dave Quaschnick

    Convert what to what and where do I find this button?!

  12. Ohio is basically a Georgia at T10 without speed boost

    • Better armor too haha

    • No it’s not. Georgia is faster, more nimble, turns better and has better secondaries at a lower tier. Georgia is far better imo. Much much more fun to play.

    • @Padan Fain GA is the Battleship equivalent of a Rollercoaster;) So much fun. I always die a little when I see Georgia being played from the backline and never using the speed and concealment to do what it does best… reposition and bitchslap broadsides

  13. Marcus Franconium

    Oh nice the ohio is a perfect sinderblock for friesland, burned several of them in the past week

  14. William Taylor Payne

    I got Slava for the Soviet memes as I collect them. The Ohio is my next goal.

  15. Christian Wilson

    Emilio for the memes and Ohio for the meta

  16. You can unlock the RB, before getting 5 t10’s now.
    If you complete a dockyard phase beyond the 20th? whatever the final reward is, the overall “reward” for completing subsequent dockyard phases unlockes the RB (and gives you points I believe. 400 each. Also adds them to daily missions)

    • If you get any RP, the RB unlocks. I did once the Hizen progress levels I whaled came up, and I was confused as hell because I had no T10s at all.

  17. i took Ohio as my first RB ship and i am having a blast in it. Next i will get Slava !!!

  18. I have a tough choice in a few days – I finish the Soviet cruiser regrind & have to choose between Paulo & Vampire II 🤔🤔🤔

  19. Only thing I care to get is Ohio, Yolo Emilio, and a few legendary upgrades (mainly Yamatos)

  20. Ohio and Slava is top priority because both ships is pretty popular right now…
    well you know WG Hobby is removing popular ship luls

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