World of Warships- The Only Ship You Need To Get On Black Friday

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Hey guys! Today we talk about the only ship you need to worry about getting this Black Friday, the Tier IX Premium American Cruiser, the Alaska. Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. You forgot to mention pommern B. Doesn’t matter if you can still get the regular one. Pommern B is schmexy.

    • He probably didnt mention it bc its still available in the armory for free basically, I bought my Pommern with coal.
      (But yes the B variant is indeed very schmexy)

  2. Just hope that WG let the Alaska back this Black Friday. Don’t know if they do let the old black ships coming back or not. Even though about 15k~19k dubs will cost an and arm and a kidney

  3. For me, the Alaska B is the first best ship to get in the BF event, Jean Bart the second and Atago the third. In fourth spot I would place a draw between Scharnhorst and Atlanta, because I would only use them for nothing except Narai, where they are a helluva fun.

  4. U.S.S. Alaska CB 1

    Heck yeah, a chance to get my favourite ship

  5. All I’m missing are Alaska B and Atlanta B; plus, the new ones off course. I wish WG would sell just the skins/camos, instead of entire new ships but, I get it; it’s a money thing.

  6. i got lucky beyond words with the Alaska B last year… I got the alaska with just free xp, all grinded… then got a free black friday container and got the alaska B…. then farmed like 14k dubs with it with the mission you get. I should of played the lotto that night.

  7. I hope they bring it back ive been waiting to buy this ship since i missed it last time

  8. Alaska is just sooo damn good, even though i still kinda suck with her she still carries me through. A lovely beast! One just needs to learn about overmatch, avoiding high caliber BBs for as long as possible and meanwhile just murder every cruiser on the battlefield.

  9. Yooo, I was the Izumo player that game, BigDplayz

    It really was you lol, unfortunately I dont think i did too well that game, ggs tho, pleasure to play with you, love the content

    I think this is the game gave me the credits to unlock yammy

  10. Love everything about the Alaska, but that 60 second fire time is rough.

  11. Thankfully I have her already. She’s my favourite ship that isn’t RN. She also provides my best win rate at about 66%.

  12. I have her and like Zera’s channel I love her. She is fun to play.
    I have dreams that WG will rework the entire game and give us naval guns and armor and not tank ones. Even then Alaska would do very well.

  13. pedro was the first sub to be released and the only t11 thats actually in the game, but the new subs are even more hideous and are counted as t12.

  14. Can’t forget deleting countless amount of musashi’s when driving by with this lad :d

  15. How quickly you guys forget. Under normal business practices, where Wargaming was not dicking about with the WoWS player base, the WoWS community contributors, premium containers, etc., the Alaska Black is good value to purchase. However, I am under the POV with the way that WG has treated all on the above issues; “Not one more dime to Wargaming” It will be years of earning my respect before I buy anything from Wargaming. I’d advise all other WoWS players to do the same action.

  16. Артём Шепелев

    I really hope the devs will release Guam for coal at some point. Alaska class cruisers are the best looking ships out there IMO, and being an American heavy/large cruiser pretty much guarantees that she will be strong even if WG will try to make her a worse Alaska.

  17. My first BF ship and play her almost everyday, she is fun. Secondaries up the Ying yang and 406’s for the knock out.

  18. No Alaska this year, from the devlog:
    For the upcoming Black Friday 2021, “black” versions of the following ships will be added to the game:


  19. Same why give you another for free (well loot crate), when theres a % chance youll just cash to get it .. loot crate max spends % or any which way you can..

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