World of Warships- The Overpowered German Battleship Everyone Forgot About (Check Comments)

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Hey Guys! Today we take a look back at the Tier III Premium German battleship Konig Albert! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. I have just been playing for a year. Yet I already have the ship. I love it. I even have the Jutland camo on it. I got it from the containers, took me like 100 gos or more.

  2. @captainpotatoaim9381

    I unironically want this ship in my port

  3. There is some German BB sleepers, like P. Ruprecht (MM fumbles aside), then again I still believe my Tirpitz is still meta.

    • Freakin Derpitz, I love her to death, but goddamn she pisses me off sometimes, she’s slower than Bis, she’s got torps instead of hyrdo, and quite often, her accuracy seems…. questionable…. compared to Bis. And Tirp’s secondaries only go out to 10.9, Bis you can push them to 11.4 and Bis has better AA.

  4. Tier 3 ranked would awesome. Maybe for upcoming season next week?

  5. Been grinding for coal to het this ship. Didn’t know how good, just find some T3 ships fun. Problem with Agincort, 0 AA guns!

  6. @corriemooney9812

    It’s one in 250, not one in 15…

  7. might wanna edit this video with a disclaimer. guaranteed drop is like 249 containers, and there is no possible coal reward.

  8. Being a Brit I started with the Black Swan (tier 1) years ago…It is a historical ship and was involved in the 1959 Yangtze Incident along with her sister ship (I think) HMS Amethyst (22 killed, 31 wounded, 1 cat wounded). I also have HMS London which was also involved…They made a decent film on the subject in 1957 and they brought Amethyst out of storage to play itself.

  9. @andyaweebphysicist


    Sealord listed the drop list of the Premium Containers you have to buy for doubloons. The 1k coal Containers Sealord mentioned have a 1% chance to drop a ship or camo and no chance for coal. The guaranteed drop for the 1% chance Containers is 250 …

  10. @sealordmountbatten

    Correction: The Premium Jutland containers for dubs have a 10% chance for the ships to drop and a 15 container guaranteed drop rate

    The coal ones have a 1% ship drop rate and 250 container guaranteed drop rate.

    So while technically free, it is going to take a significant amount of coal, or a decent amount of luck to acquire

  11. @mikehenthorn1778

    The biggest problem with some of the fun lower tier ships is nothing you do in them counts for the missions.
    The same is true of the test server. I have no incentive to play below T5 or the test server because what I get isn’t worth my time.

    • That and you end up uptiered against mostly bots, with a CV you have absolutely no defence against.

      Prior to CV rework, I used to take my T3/4 ships out fairly regularly for fun. Now I pretty much never touch them.

    • @jaysonnunley6602

      @@Joshua-fi4ji just wish they would add in low tier ships to missions

    • @carteranderson5907

      @@Joshua-fi4jiYeah, but then again T4 carriers are pretty weak. Most players have long since researched the low tier carriers so you don’t see as many. I even did the grind the other year and got all carrier lines to T6 even though I don’t play CVs.

    • @@carteranderson5907 T4 CVs aren’t weak unless the person using them is new. Also a lot of ships at that tier have no AA and the CV doesn’t even have fighters to protect you. Most ships are also too slow to dodge attacks.

      Pre CV rework T4 and T5 CVs couldn’t manually aim, so it wasn’t so bad. I personally think they should just scrap the T4 CVs and start the tech tree at T6.

    • I do the test server because I can try a line that I am thinking of grinding. I also like that I can play 1-2 battles and I get a day of premium and 100 dubs which I use to demount modules. Just my 2 cents.

  12. The only “guaranteed drop rate”is my angry facial expressions..every freaking time im stupid enough to buy a premium container😂

  13. After I had finished grinding through the American and German tech line BB’s and cruisers, I started grinding through the other tech lines. Starting back at tiers 1 through 4, it reminded me of how fun this game can be, and I think a lot of players (and WG) have forgotten that. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy playing the higher tiers, or that I don’t like figuring out the best build and the best way to play at that, but there’s something to be said for “I’m just zipping around the map shooting at any ship I see.”

    • @darrinmccaskill3667

      Boom…the Fun factor is the reason I still play.

    • Yes and the strategy in lower tier is different and you forget that when playing upper tiers for years and years. I periodically go down and pick out some of the cool historical ships just to play them and have fun.

    • Malwarebytes acts like WoWS is an ex-lover and randomly injects delays between entering a match and connecting my client to the match. The match starts without me and I watch the minimap hoping to connect, before the match is over. The only consistency is that, if the delay of the first match is short, the delay for future matches do not get much longer. As a result, my first match is always a match where it will not matter if I lose all credits and xp, for failing to participate. If the delay is too long, I exit the game and try again.

      My go to ship for my first match is the tier II French DD Ensign Gabolde. I play co-op, so I do not club seals and just go to town on the bots. My record is five kills, but all of the matches are fun!

    • @@wramsey2656When I was going back, I quickly learned that the BB strategy that makes you successful in the upper tiers doesn’t work for tier 3 and 4 BB’s, and vice versa. At the low tiers, you pretty much have to get up close and personal in a brawl, where that’s a good way to get killed real quick in upper tiers.

    • @@Norbrookc I agree 100%. Also the ships move slower so you have to plan your map course more carefully, as if you choose the wrong route you can be bored while action takes place on the other side of the map; or vise versa .

  14. I immediately went to get it, and got it in 11 containers 😀

  15. The Konig Albert got a significant buff with the commander skills rework. Pre-rework, the accuracy bonus depended on the ship’s tier. I forget the exact break point, but the bonus at tier III was nowhere near the bonus at tier VIII. After the rework, the accuracy bonus depended on the amount of time you were focused on the target, regardless of tier.

  16. One of my first premiums. Low tier bully for sure, even after its initial nerf. Good looking dreadnought to boot, as well.

  17. 2:19
    I play mostly Tier 4 and Tier 5, and I can’t recall ever having been uptiered to a Tier 6 game in a Tier 4 ship. I think T4s can only get uptiered to Tier 5 battles. This is on the Asia server though so idk if its different on NA

    • You are correct. Tier 4 still runs protected to a maximum of tier five ships. At tier five you may get up tiered to sevens.

  18. @brynleesixx2403

    Thank you for this video. I got the KA a while ago but she has been sitting in my port for that longest time, I now know he has a great use. So thank you SLM!

  19. I got one when running the crates trying to get the Agincourt. Konig Albert is a ship I’m quite happy to have gotten on the way. She’s rather fun with a secondary build.

  20. The main problem is: t3 isn’t count toward combat missions progress. If WG drop those required tier from t5 to t3, I would love to play those low tier ships.

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