World of Warships- The Pan Asian Cruiser Event Is A Rip Off

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Hey guys, today we discuss the upsetting return to the random bundles containing early access ships. Let me know what you guys think below!
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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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  1. A early access event with random bundles? what a shock, totally did not expect of WG to do that

  2. just pay nothing – you can get up to t7 with missions alone
    then wait for narai and make enough xp to get t8 instantly when normal access comes out

    • Did exactly the same with new German BB line. Grinded missions for German tokens, waited till tech-tree release, now I’m grindig for Schlieffen. All with no $$ spent.

  3. I don’t have a problem with the T10 being sold outright. If people can’t wait, let them pay. Everyone else gets access to those ships later for free.
    What i DO have a problem with is that you can’t even get the T8 Perma Camo for free. That’s just sad.

    • Totally agree with you. These perma camos are very nice but to get them you have to spend money and quite a lot of it. Reminds me of Italian BB and Dutch CA early access. You have to effectively spend 10,000 doubs ie twice the going rate to get the fancy T10 perma camo. I bought into this as I have on all of them (please, please don’t mention Santa Crates – well I won’t need to buy next Christmas & leave it there). Both of those events I got lucky around #20, this time #47. That said the Sejong is a good ship, 159k dmg in very first battle. But I won’t buy Tier 10. Plenty of Camo now to to help rack up ship points ahead of 11.2 and Captain points also.

      I said I wouldn’t do it, sadly I did and I think it’s time it was stopped. I can afford it but I don’t want to be able to afford it, I want to make them make me grind HARDER for the extras that come with it.

  4. A leopard doesn’t change its spots , every so often it sheds some coat, but it grows back the same.

  5. Its a rip off in the sense that wg sells tech tree ships for gold. I love the event and getting as far down the tech tree i can but selling tech tree ships for money is like “We know mid-high tier mm is trash and we will do nothing about it BUT we can sell you the solution”. That is not looking good imo. Plus the game is getting more and more monetized but i don’t see the game improving accordingly.

  6. As usual it’s wise to not give wargaming a dime if you can avoid it. These ships will literally be free. All of them. Sad thing is people will throw money at this event. Especially new players thinking they can get their first tier 10 right away… and I can afford to buy it several times over and not blink n eye but I won’t support this garbage from weegee…

  7. I personally can’t say I care. I was upset when they did this to Missouri, for example. Having to gamble to buy a rare premium that you have no other means of acquiring is predatory and awful. But for tech line ships? They’re gonna be out in two months. If you really can’t wait to get something that’s gonna be completely free then that’s on you. Either you have loads of disposable income or you’re horribly irresponsible with your money if you’re willing to gamble real cash for something you KNOW you will be able to acquire without spending. People like that need professional help to get their addictions sorted. Feeding a profit-driven company your money then yelling at them about how they enabled you, when you know the content will be coming for free, is entirely down to your poor decision making, not anyone else’s.

    • @snoboreddotcom Pretty much, yeah. It’s the Schlieffen bit but without a limit on how many people can get it. I personally won’t engage with it but I got a rich friend who has the money to blow on it and he did cause he thought he’d have fun with the ships. To each their own really.

    • Yep, if you splurge cash on this then you are either Bill Gates or dumb. That simple. These ships will be FREE within two moons …

    • I agree on every point. I don’t understand the outrage on early access and it’s monetization.
      The only thing that annoys me is the fact, that they clearly drag the release for way to long for no real reason but to make an earlier access more attractive. Though i don’t really care because i still have many lines open to grind and the pace in which they release new lines is ridiculous when I think about how it was 5 years ago

    • @An idiot Nah exactly. I’d prefer if it was only 1 patch but they always do 2, with the second usually bringing nothing to the table as far as the event extension goes. Beyond that though, I ain’t too fussed. But yeah, I also think I’d prefer a slower drip of better thought out content personally.

    • problem is, there are always those “kids” that have to be first

  8. Let’s try to see the positive side, we need those whalers to keep enjoying this free game.

    Those whalers should make a community and control the event, basicly making WG their puppets by threatening them not spend any money.

    Because at this point the only language that WG understand is money language

  9. Did the calculations last night … You cant even earn close enough trough playing the game … you need to spend allot of dubs to get up to T8 .. .and LOL 20k dubs for the T10.
    I knew it wouldn’t take long for WG to go back to its old ways but I’d hope they would learn a thing or two.

  10. Yeah I did the same thing you did but I got really lucky I was just gonna go through 10 random bundles but stopped at 7 because on the 5th it dropped the 12.000 pan Asian tokens and on the 7th the T9 dropped so at that point I stopped. With all that I was able to get the T6 ship and T7 ship camo.
    I got really really lucky on this but I don’t recommend spending money on this unless you want to

  11. They need to sweeten these promotions with something more than permanent camos. How about any ship received during the event gets ‘silver’ status so you can mix/match commanders on it in perpetuity.

  12. Sea Lord Mountbatten

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  13. As is EVERY early access event from the begining: you pay for TECH TREE SHIPS. I never fall for it, and never will. Don’t ever spend a dollar on things like this mates. Ever.

  14. I’m wondering, will it be ‘cheaper’ (less expensive) to get the higher tiers once they are available for research through free xp if you had to convert it?

  15. Tsuboi "Klein" Ryoutarou

    I’m upset when I saw the Tier X and which is kinda like the Austin, I bought the 20,000 doubloons and didn’t realize I needed to grind out the other ships first. Had I have known that I would’ve just waited for them to be released and got them via free xp or just grinding.

  16. The only time i ever bought a bundle was the event with the Soviet CV’s. First bundle was the permacamo for Nakhimov. That was worth 1500 dubs, but i get what i can free from this events and thats all.

  17. I’m glad I saw this. I almost spent some of my community tokens to buy some Pan Asian credits to start that unlock process. I decided to wait it out thank goodness, especially after seeing this.

  18. They lost me at the Dutch cruiser early access. I waited until the Golden Lion was release and then grinded to get it. Same with the Schlieffen. Love the ship but I’m not going to pay for something I can get for free if I wait. With the Pan Asian cruisers, I don’t know if I really want any of those ships. I see that we all will probably get the tier five and tier seven ships if we just play the game, so I’ll try them out at that time. Wargaming waited about a year before they went back to their, business as usual practices. In the end, their greed will kill this game.

  19. It’s a rip off in price tag sure, but I’m super glad the ships aren’t interesting and are probably not going to be too strong (though annoying). I don’t have the time to grind all out and also am unwiling to spend such ridiculous amounts

  20. I got lucky and found Sejong T9 in the 1st bundle and all I can say about the ship is that’s freaking OP. It’s like a super destroyer without speed boost but has torp reload consumable , heal , smoke and defensive AA. Usually I play Coop and it’s the only cruiser that I’m able to do average 140K with bots ( my best game in a cruiser was 70k ) I just hope they won’t leave the line in the current state, just being able to release 32 torps in ~10 seconds doesn’t feel right.

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