World of Warships- The Poster Child Of Russian Bias

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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier X Soviet Reward Battleship Slava! A ship that is still today considered to be one of the most Russian Bias ships in game, enjoy!


Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. 0768_ Najmuddin Habib

    is it just me that for some reason SLM youtube videos load slower, like 90% slower than other youtube videos, even though its almost the same size when i compare his video with other. I find it really strange whenever i watch your videos

  2. The issue with Slava isn’t necessarily (at least, not entirely) the ship itself, it’s more it’s everything bad for the game rolled into one package: the masses of hidden armour that means it’s a lot tankier than the in-game armour model suggests, the BS physics-defying guns because Russian Guns Are Best Guns Comrade, and the passive, camping, sniping meta that it encourages, ie BBs go and sit as far away as possible, leaving the DDs and CAs to die for their dmg numbers.
    Its an imaginary pixel ship that encourages passive, selfish play in a game that is supposed to be a semi-historical team game.

  3. Slava also has hidden plates fore and aft so you cant cit her with overmatch

  4. Love the Slava. If your a decent player, can aim, manoeuvre into position and have a little patience you can just Blap stuff! (first research ship is always OHIO, absolute monster)

  5. they updated the armor model viewing. now you can see that hidden PCS OF SHIT behind the bow. its a spoiler shaped platting of 100mm+ of extream angle armor

  6. Waverley Journalise

    Today it’s really not that bad. All the hidden armour does is ensure you can’t get blapped through the bow. The guns do very low alpha damage, meaning if you don’t get citadels the damage output is extremely low, and the lack of 30mm overmatch means that targets can angle against you for days. The range and penetration are the only seriously balansed factors that make this ship dangerous, and even then its primary targets are the enemy’s sniping BBs.

  7. I love how sealord says the slava is underwhelming when he cant hit half the shots xd dont blame the ship you just aren’t used to sniping

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      That’s not the reason I give. It’s underwhelming because the second the target turns into you, you go from chunking them for 2/3 of their health to doing 5K-7K since you only have 16inch guns at TX. On top of that, the hull has 25mm bow and stern armor, and much worse armor all around, 91K HP, she’s slow, and a massive target.

      You simply give up way too much for the guns. Outside of when the enemy is oblivious to your existence and giving you broadside, the ship is underwhelming.

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten I get your point but with the accuracy and the player base you get broadsides more often than not plus playing ships like this one requires positioning not to mention that you can hit the superstructure for alot since you hit most of your shells right now I am working to getting the slava the it would be the second research bureau ship after the ohio because that thing is just a monster

    • @Sea Lord Mountbatten Exactly, the guns are terrifying to unaware players who give you broadside, but practically useless if they angle. Even then, they have underwhelming alpha, and half the time you’ll end up leaving them with a slice of health left. The ship’s survivability itself is decent, you get destroyed at cqc distances but you still have battleship levels of tankiness at medium to long ranges, unlike Incomparable. Tbh, if Champagne got Slava’s dispersion, she’d probably be better at the job than Slava herself.

  8. The armour on Slava is underrated. you still have many plates that are able to bounce and AP shells when angled. The bow and stern aren’t that easy to hit at long range.

  9. At this point the only place the Russian navy can actually dominate is WOWS

  10. Longest dev record is the W Virginia 44 if I have my dates right.

  11. More like the poster child for crippling overspecialization, imo. Slava is just okay, most of the time if you know where she is you can really just ignore her. She’s only dangerous if you show flat broadside, the moment you angle she’s toothless

  12. Almost finished regrinding USN DDs and I could get the Slava today. This video seals it!

    • Don’t listen to this, Slava is not worth it. Ita only good I’d the other team is all potatos. Other ships, like Monty and yummy, do the same thing but better

    • @Caleb K No way the Monty can snipe like the Slava: her shells are muuuuuuch slower.

    • Rigsters Journey

      @landochabod7 true they are slower then slava but with the accuracy module mounted it still can hit at range albeit more difficult travel time wise.

  13. Slava was hilarious with deadeye., it’s still good but it’s very situational, you really need opponents to give a good bit broadside

  14. Watch the match , the ship has nothing to do with WINNING , It the Match Maker that Pick the Winners

  15. I could have sworn the Slava only had 14 inch guns. Guess I’ve been living a lie this whole time lol.

    • I mean they’re 16 inch guns, but they don’t have the overmatch to blow through the bow of most ships at her tier. If you bow-in or angle Slava becomes as dangerous as a wet noodle, and can really only HE spam

    • that’s Florida

  16. 2 things – yes 25 mm nose but with hidden 457mm sloped armor means you have to be EXTREMELY lucky to cit her through nose. Second this guns has BC accuracy and crazy air drag + crazy russian pen mans the best pen in hole game (at short range maybe is someone better) but at 20 km she can pen more than 600 mm

  17. Unique negative point i found about Slava, definitely we can’t count of this ship if some others ships try push, Slava just run away

  18. Matthew Fanolis

    what about the new British BB’ ST, Vincent. ?

  19. Matthew Fanolis

    The British BB’ the conqueror has the longest range in all the Nation of BB’S

  20. Thinh Nguyen Duy

    Dispite having 25mm bow and stern plating, but at longer range it is still as tanky as kremlin because i almost always get bounces with my monty

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