World of Warships – The power of Des Moines

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I really donR;t like this .
I said it million times and I didn’t change my mind.
Not because it’s a bad ship, it really isn’t bad, it’s even OP at certain aspects.
But the playstyle of it is waaaaay toooooo boring for me.
That doesn’t mean that I can’t play it tho’ xD
Once in a million when I do decide to play it, here are the results.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. That ship fits 95% of the playerbase since they are UBER cowards..


    • Oh yay, I’m in the 5% that love the DM for its close range power then?

    • Not really as most of those 95% have neither a clue about reading a map, make tactical decissions or know how to propperly play the “campy” cruisers effectivly.

    • republique broken? I don’t know, maybe you are broken, that BB has like 90% flaw and gets fucked up by 1 HE idiot spamming cruiser, conqueror broken? well if you’re one of those idiot island huggers then yeah, you’ll never kill a conqueror

    • Actually, the DM is most definitely NOT the cruiser for cowards. Think about it. It is not very maneuverable (by cruiser standards), not really fast and not at all tanky. But it has all the tools for TEAM SUPPORT. That’s what it is made for. It is a tricky ship to play, bc it requires some thought and planning. If it fits the 95% coward playerbase, why in every battle i see a shitload of Zaos (shoot from max range -click-vanish), Hindies (in the current meta they are used as alternate Zaos, not as brawlers), Moskvas/Kronshtadts (point your bow to the threat and forget the enemy), Henris (beep!beep! I’m super fast!) and Minos (smoke, smoke, smoke and islands!), and rarely DMs?.The DM is not for solo play (except in Flambass’s case, but he can make anything work). Boring playstyle? Yes (although it can be superexciting sometimes). Coward boat? No. You will always see a DM in the thick of the action.

  2. OldSchool Gaming

    So you got to love Hinden then? I feel the most tanky of all T10 cruisers and supports a aggressive playstyle. Nice of TWA to streamsnipe you …..

    Gotta love that Moskva at 12:17 ! Map awareness? HELLO!?!?! Just sail north of A mate …

    • I love Hinden, my 2nd favorite cruiser, 1st being Minotaur ofc 😉

    • minotard for life!

    • OldSchool Gaming

      Please do a “how to” on the Minotaur! I struggle for some reason with positioning on that ship. I try and learn from your videos but you always have great games and when i try to do the same tactics i get BLAPPED in 2 sec. I want to get better in that ship.

    • OldSchool Gaming it’s simples really, he caves to pressure from chat and takes out RADAR Mino, get 2 brothers and caves to chat pressure to go middle then uses us as scapegoats when it goes wrong. Moral of the story, get 400+ viewers, take the praise when things work. Blame chat when things go wrong ?

  3. lol 3 am and flambass makees a vid yes pls!!!!!!

  4. I think every ship in your hands is OP … #HansforCommander

  5. “I hate this ship so much, especially in CW where every idiot and their mother drives it…”
    – Z-52 Driver

  6. I just bought the Des Moines yesterday and without retrained cpt I got a Kraken. This ship is a beast and I love it! It’s way stronger than the Buffal which I dont like at all

    • Roberto Bravi Des Moines really is a beast but it needs enemy to push slowly into it and stay in front of it’s guns. It hates being flanked and hates crossfire even more. If the enemy team don’t cooperate it really struggles to get anything done.

  7. If you find the play style too boring, get scout plane instead of radar. I switched to scout plane due to Yuro’s video and after a few games I went all in by respeccing the captain skills to optimize scout plane usage. It was definitely way more engaging using radar.

  8. Robert Pettigrew

    Just wondering how your play style effects how you review ships? Do you try to remove it or just accept that as review is a personal opinion and as such it should be included? Just wondering as I watch a number of people and use a consensus to give me a starting point before evaluating a ship my self. It is odd that while I would class my self as an aggressive player I do not mind the US cruiser play style every now and again as a change of pace (also never grind a ship but play only till I get my win and then move on 🙂 )

  9. The lazy gun arcs and extreme vulnerability of the DM to citadels makes this sort of play the only viable option if you want to have an impact throughout the game. It is campy, it is boring but it is the only way you can play when there are BBs sat around just waiting to citadel you through the bow. I’d be happy to take the rof of all T8-T10 cruisers and give them a 30% nerf and lower fire chance. In exchange for 32mm bow armour (unless they have better already, in which case, no changes). A player that is angling well should be rewarded. Or, lower the citadels on all cruisers.

    • I disagree from the experience of regularly pushing caps (in support of DDs) with my DM. Camping is not the only viable strategy for the DM.

    • Yeah, wait till you get citadelled by a salvo from a battleship or hit from the flanks. IF you have DDs willing to smoke you, yes it can work. Div work in particular. In randoms though… Back to port early if you get clicked on.

    • I push caps every game I division with a friendly dd. Works like a charme for up to 2 enemy dds, they usually totally panic when under radar.

    • @thegeneral123 as if you didn’t get citadelled through the bow or hit from the flanks in practically any other cruiser. Unless of course the only “real” cruisers for you are those with smoke, radar and hydro at the same time.

    • Yeah, you push the cap and radar the circle from your island sized foxhole and then give the friendly DDs a thumbs up and a “looks clear” or a “smoke ’em”. Aggressive early game DM play. But we all know DM like to kemp island because the more health we have mid and late game the more the enemy team pisses themselves when we find them giving us broadside. DM + AR + some heals left + around 50-70% hp at mid game is a key to success as you are more likely to take more hits that chunk or whittle your hp without killing you while having a low health target rich environment.

  10. MajesticDemonLord

    This is my island, there are many like it, but this one is mine…

  11. Awesome match thanks for the share

  12. USN Heavy cruiser line = most dissapointment in WoWs. Suppose something has to be though ?

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip

      That’s not how you spell “IJN everything”

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip lol you may have a point with IJN Destroyers but their BB and Cruiser lines at least end well with a few bumps along the way ?

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip

      About cruisers, not really. The only thing going for them is their stealth. All the other cruiser lines have good gimmicks (better HE penetration, better AP, radar, etc), while IJN cruiser doesn’t have anything, and Zao is pretty shit. Her entire playstyle depends on the mood of RNGesus that day. The firing angles suck and the torps’ angles are so bad, they are essentially useless.

    • Dip-Dip Potato Chip does Zao have to hug an island and depend on enemy NOT flanking and staying in front of it’s guns? No. Can Zao be the one doing the flanking? Yes. It’s “gimmick” is it’s stealth allowing it to flank and kite. Just because you can’t get it to work doesn’t make it shit. Plenty of people can get Des Moines to work, hell even I can get it to work. It’s just mind numbingly boring.

  13. Flambass, I have a request for you, its small, but it’s a complicated request.

    Im asking if you could Introduce the Idea of Being able to change any Warships playstyle through different sets of stats.
    What do you mean ARC~7157? You can call me Dan By the way.

    Well, let me give an Example, Let’s say this is Stats Set 1, Standard Des Moines: Hide behind Islands, map dependant, Huge Space Arc, can get Citadele by any battleship at any angle, slings HE like a Boss, and has Heavy US AP.

    Well, in Stat Set 2, Des Moines could be a bit of a Hybrid in both Open Water and Close to Islands, she could have more armor to tank with, and a little bit less Space Arc. But on the Down side, she would have to give up a little bit of Stealth and that small portion of the US Space Arc.

    Stats Set 3 would Make her a Pure Open Water Ship, She wouldn’t have the Space Arc anymore, Her Rudder Shift time would be able to dodge Battleship AP with ease ((Around 12k away)), her armor would be as good as Moskvas, and her Speed would Be 5 knots faster that the other two stats sets. She Would have to give up her Space Arc all together, making Island Camping right next to impossible, a little (Little) bit of AA performance, and her main battery reload would be 6 sec reload in this stat set.

    Why am I proposing this? Well, Im like you, Des Moines is a good ship, a sexy looking ship, But she isn’t my play style. I Like open water ships that can tank BB AP, but Non of the USN Cruisers can do that, and I hate it. I don’t know if you know this or not but Des Moines, and ALL USN Cruisers were Open Water Ships in WW2, they weren’t Island dependant like they are in the game, and I really hate that they are, Yes i can play other ships but I want to play the Ships that My Elders served on. And the fact that they made all USN Cruisers so map dependant pisses me off. I’m sorry but it does.

    If WG Tried this on Des Moines, Players would be able to change the ship To Their Play Style, rather than having to Change to the ships play style, and it can work if done correctly.
    Stats set 1 being old Des
    Stats set 2 being a bit of Hybrid Des
    Stats set 3 being pure open water Des.
    I believe if this worked, it should be tried on not just all T10s, but on 9s, and maybe even 8s.

    I realize this is a big idea and would require testing and testing and probably some more testing. But It can work, having the ability to change the ships play style would be awesome in my opinion. I’d love to play Des like a Moskva, Id love it. If you’d love it to, please pass this idea on to WG, I think it’s worth looking into, and I hope you do to.

    • Umm, Operation Cherry Blossom? Where Several USN Cleveland Cruisers fought against Japanese Warships and were either lightly or not even damaged at all? Fought in open water in the middle of night? Dodged Torpedoes?

      Think again.. USN Cruisers, heavy or Light, were badass in open water. Yeah there were a lot of cruisers that only fired at land, but there were plenty of others that fought with other warships, and Won.

    • DaKillerChipmunk

      1. I can’t find any information on Cherry Blossom other than a planned, but cancelled, Japanese op.
      2. I didn’t say they didn’t fight at all, I said they mostly fired at landbased targets. Any actual naval engagements were with the Japanese being heavily outnumbered OR retreating out of confusion, since their command and communications systems were horrid.
      3. Bismarck was bad-ass in open water. Graf Spee was bad-ass in open water. Japanese cruisers were designed to be bad-ass in open water (didn’t quite work out with the US just throwing a fuckton of planes at their warships). US cruisers were literally designed to be only fast enough to keep up with their carriers. I mean for fuck sake, they resorted to carrying mostly HE ammunition.
      4. This all doesn’t change the fact that WG won’t change armor schemes and shell characteristics to make e.g. Des Moines play like a Moskva. By the way, better armor and flatter arcs to a Des Moines, would mean its reload and/or pen gets nuked. Balance. Des Moines is already the best tier X cruiser, why do people insist on making it better is beyond me. (DM is my most played ship, I got rank 1 in it AND I fucking hate the ship because it’s so ridiculously OP)

    • “Cherry Blossom” is just its nickname of the battle, the Real name is “Battle of Empress Augusta Bay”

      That battle is proof that The USN Cruisers were great in open water

      When the hell did Bismarck and Graf Spee and Jap Cruisers show up? Were talking about Cruisers of the USN, Not planes, Not Battleships, and Not how much HE they had on bored.

      IF WG tried this only on the test server, I’m willing to bet some, at least some people would like it, I dont consider DM OP because she cant take a hit from a Battleship. She can bounce 203 AP, but not BB AP, and that keeps her behind the islands, unable to get out there and kill Destroyers like a boss. If you made a Open water Version of DM ((which I was hoping Salem would be)) that could at least bounce 16 inch shells from Afar Battleships shes bow onto, she could get out from the island, and wreak havoc. Its at least worth looking into, Some Ships of the DM class were built a little bit different than the Original DM. Same thing with the Cleveland, and Baltimore classes for that matter.

    • US Cruisers great in open water? Then explain the battle of Savo Island!

    • ARC 7157. Sounds reasonable except for the real life logic cause this is a game and ships don’t have 3% accuracy. What u want is the Alaska, don’t see wg making different chassis

  14. Colonel David Davenport

    Not only is the DM gameplay campy, the ROF of this cruiser is science fiction – Whenever I get a chance to crush a DM, she becomes my priority target!

  15. This is why DM is good. Despite it being hiding behind island at the first, but when she comes out at the right moment, everyone else is doomed

  16. when i saw you get bow cited by that montana i was ouch thats gonna make it rough for the rest of the match

  17. 217K dmg…..nice, i only get on average of around 80-90K sometimes slightly over 100K, guess i have to learn how to camp correctly

  18. Des moines is a island hopper ship but with flambass it is a nightmare damm

  19. I can only say. You be the one playing it. If I cannot get stuck in with a ship or tank, not a TD, it does not interest me. Namaste Danny

  20. Finnaly had a great game in this. Kraken 180k damage and killed 3 ships while 10k health AP’d a Cleveland and burned a conqueror. Couldn’t record cause of stupid settings that changed. But aside from that never have good luck with it, people focus me like I’m a cc. Do a vid on how to play top tier cruisers?

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