World of warships – The power of Gearing

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  1. great video thanx from south africa

  2. Just OldSchoolFrankie

    Yeah, that Gearing looks strong, but i guess u don´t play it the first time.. 😛

  3. Flambass, thanks for the advice and thoughts you push out, but mostly thanks for the way you do it with humour and a laugh!

  4. why speed boost and not AA on gearing?
    even if there is no cv the AA might shoot down a catapult fighter or sth.

  5. anyone having an idea of what song is playing from 3:00 to 6:25 ? sounds cool but a bit hard to catch the lyrics and google it :S

  6. TheCompulsiveWinner

    Flambass, do you think Fletcher is better than Gearing? Faster, more maneuverable, smaller (eats less BB AP pens), faster reloading torps with higher alpha.

  7. Yueyang is top dd right now, best torps, best guns, has radar, just add radio location for total domination …:-)

  8. lol a super camper team

  9. “The power of a good team”

  10. impressive gameplay; I consider myself a fairly decent gearing player, but staying that long in a Des Moines – Radar range and also engaging multiple ships….
    I would not have had the nerves for that
    really nice work, flambass

    • same man. I do really well in gearing but would not of stayed there that long. Shows just how good Flambass is in his as he knows it so well he can be confident in it like that.

  11. Gearing is my only Tier X ship. I do well in it because I can torp when I need to, but I can gun it out when I need to. It’s the best of both worlds.

  12. 10:04 I think you might have hit the CV with your torp there XD

  13. RPF was showing Shima loc..

  14. it was op.
    it is op.
    and will be always op.
    and never nerfed or touched by wg,but japanese dd torps 50x !

  15. Be careful running speed boost on your Gearing, it triggers Flamuu. Especially when an enemy Gearing kills him with it 😉

  16. Gearing is <3 got reported in mine yesterday 21 times in a single match lol. 3 richelieu in a divison together just sat not moving so I torped at 2 of them lucky that 1 torp hit the 3rd. got 2 devistating strikes, double kill and 1 min later liquidator off of the 3rd. got called a hacker by one of them. went to ask how I was a hacker but had been chat banned. when the match was over I had lost 21 karma lol all 3 of them used all of their reports on me. Gotta love weekends 😀

  17. Any chance to see you play the Sims out? I have it thanks to a friend, and wanna know how to play it.

  18. Love your videos. But you should explain your moves way more to us lowly plebs. Many of us need to learn senpai. Even if it’s not always correct, tell us why you are moving there please. You would gain many visitors, I feel. Good luck and thanks. Especially DD as you are the DD ace.

  19. Are you using the torpedo mod rather than the gun mod cause your trips reload so fast compared to mine

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