World of Warships- The Power of Teamwork!- Japanese Superiority

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Team work makes the dream work! While down three caps to zero and outnumbered, TheWickedWyrm and 3fm, in and Yugumo respectively, work seamlessly together to turn a sure loss into a hard earned victory. Witness multiple point blank torpedo dev strikes, proper use cover, smart engagements and effective fire.

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  1. That Fletcher really didn’t pay attention.



  2. Jesus this guy was lucky. The habit of turning out as he fires should have got him killed many, many times over.

    • Benny it’s not a habit it’s a skill set. You can judge shells when fired and you can see if they are fired too far forward or back. This allows you to know you whether you can slow down or speed up.

    • I think you are missing the point there mate.

    • BIA World of Warships

      If you memorize reload times, its not a big issue.

    • Well, yes that is true but the times where he turned without knowing if or when a ship would fire was risky, you said so yourself. But ok, point taken.

    • I’m the cruiser in this replay. Yes, I did get “lucky” some times, so do scrubs who sail broadside to BBs and get overpenned on a well aimed shot. This is a game of RNG and you can’t 100% estimate everything. People can aim poorly and still get a citadel with the one shell that drifted to hit in just the right spot. I’m not trying to gloat, I’m just saying that I wouldn’t have the stats that I do if I was just lucky.

  3. Amaresh Bhaskaran


  4. Someone like Ibuki enough to buy it the perma camo? :O

  5. Great show of team work, TheWickedWyrm and 3fm good job!! Nice show of torp surprise, BOOM I Thought I saw the ship snap in hail. That is the way you do it sneak, hide, ambush no hesitation 😉

  6. Nice come back … !!

  7. The WickedWyrm (Rob) was good but I loved 3fms was amazing to watch(oh wait we did not see it so it never happened).

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