World of Warships – The POWER of teamwork

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Yes you read that correctly, this is TEAMWORK and what it can do. If only more players would use this magic trick do accomplish great results…..where would be the worlds end.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Flambass, could you please put up a vid on the sub gameplay in the PT. I would love to see your approach. For me, yet to get 5 stars, 🙁

  2. Total tunnel vision by the enemy… Good comeback

  3. Teamwork? Can you eat that?

  4. Just goes to show that you can be useful in a T8 in a T10 game. Okay, it helps if you are Flambass and the enemy yolos 😀

  5. Would like to see some videos of you and your friends div up in 3 of the mid tier new RN destroyers. The seem to do well in packs.

  6. Your BBs were as useless as they are most of the times. Running away in the beginning, then just throw away their lifes in bad trades 🙁

    • The problem as a BB is that there are as many bad dd/ca players as there are bad bb players 🙂 I mainly play Yamato as BB and even tanking damage at 15 km ranges can be suicidal because the ca/dd support rush in and die or run away. Players are players, no matter their choice of ship I guess?

  7. I s’pose “not yet” missouri didn’t pay attention to the clock 😉

  8. Hanz hasn’t shown himself in a while

  9. Oh damm to get a +1 compliment from flambass is better then a orgasm

  10. You can forgive most of this games shortcomings when there is teamwork-sadly it’s rare to have a game where people play their classes.

  11. Do you ever find yourself playing a cruiser like a DD? I catch myself doing that from time to time and usually end up being obliterated.

  12. Teamwork? Is that a new server added by WG?

  13. Wow, best how to „Cleeveland“ ever! Thx

  14. No compliment for the Zao that double struck the Shima and Kronshdat? Tsk Tsk.

  15. worcster or desmoines? im stuck on which one i wanna get first

  16. My best ever detonation was so funny.
    In tirpitz kiting away and I get a kill on a DD out of nowhere. Didnt even see him render anywhere and my secondary insta deleted him I was laughing for 5 minutes.
    2nf best is torp detonating a nc in tier 6 DD. Guess I used up all my detonation rng
    Cause hasn’t happened in like 5 months

  17. It would be WAY easier to coordinate and use teamwork IF we had in-game voice chat. C’mon Wargammig. It’s 2018. My dogs collar has chat built in.

  18. Question: AFT or Manual AA for my Fletcher captain????

  19. GG well played. That Zao double strike though 🙂

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