World of Warships- The Premium That Was Obsolete Before It Was Even Released

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at the TVIII Pan American battleship Atlantico! Enjoy!


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  1. We have a lot of Atlantico fun in a clan division… If you don’t know how to play it then you’d think it was no good in randoms…

  2. I love the Atlantico, its so fun to play.

  3. I love this ship. It’s more challenging to play this ship than Massa or Tirpitz, but I like to play this one

  4. If they would have just let it keep the hydro it originally came with, it would be fine.

    It can troll dd’s pretty hard with its secondaries

  5. awesome ship! yeah, it struggles a bit in T10 matches and the speed is aweful, but i find that i always have a good time with it just chillin and melting faces. anything that spots me is in a world of trouble! 😉

  6. I like the Atlantico, fun ship. It’s the ship I have the most time in actually. With it lacking HE kinda sucks though I’m used to just using AP all the time anyways. Dispersion can be trolly at times but you can get a accurate salvo occasionally. Biggest thing holding it back is the speed.

  7. Atlantico is such a fun ship. True, randoms are not ideal but it is super fun to see ships try to flee when they see the secondaries chunking them down.

  8. Carsten “Carsten E.” Eckhardt

    I play it only in random battles and I love it. It is amazing! But of course you take the skill that makes you faster when you are unseen and the flag. With 11.5 km detectability you are already there when you get detected. The main guns are great and the secondary can nuke DDs. It’s hands down the best shipyard ship ever (for it’s tier) and my favorite Tier 8 battleship (I think I have all except Alabama).

  9. Captain WorstPirateIveHeardOf

    Good ship for Operations, much like the Anhalt, it works surprisingly well. Good for farming credits or fxp or leveling captains without the drama/toxicity of Randoms.

  10. I love dueling this thing with my Zieten in brawls, everytime I see it, I go “Finally a worthy oponent, our battle will be legendary!”

  11. Imo, while not a meta ship from the start, its one of the most fun ships from the start, 10/10 would recommend this ship. Also I use its light cruiser surface detection to force engagements, something that other brawlers lack.

  12. Atlantico was my first Dockyard ship. I used this ship a ton on Ops before I got the Anhalt. Great when you outnumbered in Ops and a good commander builder for me.

  13. I love this ship, even if it’s hard to get into a good position with its slow speed. The secondaries sometimes citadel light cruisers.

  14. My favorite ship in the game in spite of all the detractions you stated. You are thorough as usual but it is still a fun play

  15. I love the Atlantico, and I have a 8 kill replay I posted in the replays discord. Yes those games are rare, but the ship CAN carry if you play it right. All secondaries firing from 30deg angles is huge.

  16. I really like this ship for coop. She just needs a little more speed and HE for the main guns.

  17. The Atlantico was a bit odd in the beginning but then I starting seeing Destroyers and Cruisers crumble to my secondaries even before I could get her main guns on them. Discovered it to be a fun ship in random operations, devistating at closer and medium range engagements and OK at distance. Great video, as always!

  18. I mostly play this ship in Operations while watching a movie or somthing.
    Its great there, earns decent credits/xp and its just “chill mode”

    Have tried it a couple of times in rnd and .. yes. As you said its too situational and it can’t force these situations by herself

  19. Love my Atlantico, it’s a great ship for operations and is fun when playing in a division in randoms, but going in it alone can be challenging. It’s weak against HE spam due to lack of thicker armor and can easily be overmatched by 460mm due to 32mm plating.

  20. If Atlantico is top tier, everyone must run. She is a “death island” and super fun to play.

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