World of Warships – The Price is Right

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Hopefully it was worth it!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz , 32GB DDR4 , nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Harrison Vaughan

    Here when the description has a typo!

  2. Its that bloody boat game again!

  3. Jingles! War Thunder Naval! Are you gonna check it out? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • toptier are currently Light Cruisers and Destroyers, PT-boats are mainly lowtierstuff, but some of the more modern variants do fight in the same battles as Cruisers. Bigger stuff might appear if the communityfeedback allows it.

    • Well I think so far WT Naval is just up to light cruisers and has many littoral craft so it isn’t quite the ‘Grand fleet’ engagements of WoWS right now.

    • Mikoyan Coon That is a good question. Has he ever brought the game ever on his channel?

    • he has over 250 videos on it

    • DAKOTA56777 I meant that a NAVAL battle usually involved big ships like crusiers, but there where rumors that you wouldnt be ablte to play them, as it would take days, to finish 1 battle….

  4. Actually Jingles, the american Destroyers start being able to stealth-fire with the torpedo upgrade for the Mahan.

  5. Shigeru Miyamoto

    But the king reigns supreme.

  6. Damn Pricie at it again

  7. it was good I was strapped to my chair before you took us out for a ride, in this episode… MY God… Some game he played..

  8. The glorious Retardmagnet

    what about a video about the Warthunder Naval Forces beta test? please do it 🙂

  9. Pointy Haired Jedi is the nicest guy, definitely a lot of fun to watch as WOWS CC.

  10. You’ve been able to stealth fire torps on the Mahan for over a year. Oh Jingles, don’t ever change.

    • Ushio01 when your paying job involves referencing the stats of several hundred ships, I don’t see that as unreasonable at all. My own job requires memorization far in excess of that requirement, and most good players I’ve played with can tell you EXACTLY how far each and every torpedo-armed ship could reach you with its torpedoes, and most of them know how many and how fast as well.

    • If WoWS’s was the only game he played I could buy that but with how many he does it doesn’t fly.  Also a paying job means regular stable income this isn’t that.

    • Eh well he is old and crap XD

    • Ushio01 no but he does make good money. And I am sure he is making money from being retired from the military.

    • General Cartman Lee

      Actually it is nearly 3 years since WG changed the Mahan, it was in November 2015 when the Mahan got the 6.4 and 9.2 km torpedoes instead of the 4.5 and 6.4 km ones.

  11. A jingles videos=likes

  12. Just because your bottom Tiered, doesn’t mean you can’t Top the scoreboard.

  13. “Your hug the island, make island your waifu”
    -The Mighty Jingles

  14. Check out PointyHairedJedi’s channel !! Its awesome.

  15. Achim Hanischdörfer

    There are T7 cruisers that are good.
    The New Orleans is a solid cruiser. The AP is reliable, the range is good.
    The Fiji is good. Smoke + Heal + Torps + good AP
    The Yorck is solid. Good HE and range and decent manouverabilty and stealth. Also torps.

    I wouldn’t say that T7 cruisers are bad. They require a good player.

  16. PHJ’s a good egg.

  17. Thank you very much Jingles for featuring this replay and special thanks to Jedi for passing it on!
    In my opinion, the Farragut is the best T6 DD in the game, it can happily punch above its weight and as you mentioned, the US DD line teaches people to use destroyers in a smart way… Skills you can then apply to many other Destroyers of varying nations and also, some other classes of ship too.
    So, don’t despair if you end up bottom tier! You can still contribute heavily to your teams success!
    I hope you all enjoyed watching the game as much as I enjoyed playing that game 😉

    • Great game Pricie….well played.

    • Pricie Gaming … well played.. I Do have The Faragout… and I Do verry Good with this amazing Good DD.. some players Do not understan How to play Clemson and Forogout because short range torps ..
      Is a chalange but I love it ! ?

    • Thanks mate! It’s happened a few times before (when I played this game, it was the 12th highest damage game ever player in the Farragut across all servers) Which is pretty good really, since the Farragut has been in the game so long now. But there were 11 other games played which were higher damage, i think the highest was around 240k or something like that. I was just a tiny but disappointed I didn’t manage to get the the 200k mark, that would have just topped it off with a nice cherry

    • Fair point and each to their own. I personally don’t rate the German DD’s at all really. The Gaede for instance.. Yeah, it has hydro, but the guns are bad at knife fighting another DD and the ship itself just isn’t agile enough to make use of it’s hydro well. If a Gaede pushed me inside my smoke in a cap for instance, I would simply leave my smoke and engage him, at that point, the Gaede has then lost all of its advantage and handed me in the Farragut the advantage by closing to less than 4km to pick me up on hydro, at that range, I can kill a Gaede easily in 1 of 2 ways… I can dump torps at him, which ok, he’ll be able to see coming with the Hydro, but wont be able to avoid because of the poor ship agility. Or 2, I can simply shred him with my guns. To me the Gaede is just a torp boat with a gimmicky hydro, that it can only really use for self protection from torps at range.

    • Nice game, i have Farragut and struggling on that ship. Because of the quite slow rate of fire IMO and arc which im not used to. But it certainly hits hard when connect.
      So thats why i watched this till the end, while enjoying Jingle’s commentary.

      I mainly used Hatsuharu at tier 6. Yes, nothing good from that ship compared to the others. Perhaps.

  18. Do some playing of low tiers for us noobs.

  19. TemporaryINTER135

    Jingles! I’m worried about new akizuki line, 100mm with a 3 sec reload, do you think that with a lower caliber compared to other nations, (were you need IFHE) it should have a better or best reload of all DD lines?

    Like 1 – 1.5 sec reload?

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