World of Warships- The Problem With Tier X Games

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Has anyone else been noticing an influx of one-sided games? Just me?

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  1. its because of the level of skill at tier 10 games now its shocking

  2. I think it’s inherent to the game design. Ships are slow, ttk is relatively long, communication in game is bad. So basically if one side falls more often than not the game is decided. Difference between midtier and high tier is mainly range and speed. Also the ships themselves are not balanced in the matchmaker, game deciding perks like radar are not distributed evenly. I.e. a team with only zao, Henry, azuma against a team with des Moines, minotaur and Stalingrad will favour the second team.

  3. Yup, recently team is getting smashed, or doing the smashing. Totally agree this more common recently.

  4. I managed to get to a 51% wr and was edging towards 52% – since the CV rework, I’ve been going backwards. Nothing I do seems to stop it. Teams just die around me, and I’m completely fed up with it. I was in a match today, and 3 of our ships suicided – 2 of them were rams. This game must be addictive though because I can’t seem to stop playing. But, if I’m honest, I think it’s on a downwards trend now, hence WG”s move to more aggressive lootbox tactics. They realise it’s the beginning of the end.

  5. I do get this kind of matches recently, but they are rather few. Tho when i have this kind of matches it’s frustrating when i’m in the loosing team.

  6. Luca Marcel Lässig

    It’s the same on the EU-Server…. this really close games are really rare… most of the Times it’s the way you explained here

  7. There are battles I could stay afk and my team would win anyway.
    And there are battles I set a new dmg record carry as hard as possible and loose early because my team dies faster than a Kleber can move.

  8. The problem is that the skill is decreasing over time. Like WoT. Everyone gets to TX. And now it seems that soo many Noobs finally got there… 🙁

  9. Apostolis Midnight

    It’s especially unfun when your team stomps the other and you don’t have time to shine or do anything as you simply get carried sometimes and don’t get me wrong winning is fun.. but not having time to do anything ? Not so fun

  10. There are various “why theories” to this, and I have my own. What is interesting though is that this is a common idea from many long term players, who with out any contact with other players had formed the same opinion, that they have a lot of one-sided games. Is it match maker, or in-game retarding of your damage when your losing. I can attest to one thing I have closely observed, My torpedoes will get the minimum damage done when my team is losing, and I have a lot less come back and win games now. Ive also had a lot of hailmary shots at max distance hit me while maneuvering, one shell always separates from the rest and eerily finds me.

  11. Nathaniel Florendo

    This usually happens to me especially weekends. In fact, I’m currently experiencing a “roflstomp” streak right now even though I did my best and it’s so frustrating. I’m an average player and I do potato many times. I can accept a defeat as long as it is a good one but getting wiped out with no kills in return is really frustrating.

  12. Yup, seeing the same damn thing & far to often…as you say, even the wins are quick and boring
    …I practically fell asleep during a kraken run cos I got bored!…a kraken run!?!?…no “woop! woop!”…just “sigh!, was that it?”

    Same issue with WOT…go figure Eh (they can created a whole friggin game, but DARE!! ask WG to do a bloody Skill based MM…get a bottle of Vodka thrown at ya face!)

  13. WoWs started to suck the day Kremlin,Smolensk, Friesland and Colbert came to the Shipyard.
    Before that everything was fine.

    • Im hoping Italian line will calm down the Smolensk/Colbert spaming. SAP seriously owns any CL. No overpen city with a broadside Smolensk using SAP.

    • @LegioX it won’t, GW added italians CLs just because, they are beautiful but paper ships, many reviews say they are boring and I tested em myself, not playin em but easly destroyin em. Most of the people care about shit of community, thats why we all see krems and smolensks, we all know they’re OP, not balanced, bias, frustrating to play against, bias again, and I personally would feel ashamed by using em cause is not fair, but players dont bloody care.

  14. Thank you for this video. It is about time that someone talked about this. I totally agree. I have been in many matches where either my team wipes out the enemy team with just one or two ship losses on our side, or my team just gets wiped out by the enemy team with only one or two ship losses on their side. I have also been in battles that lasted less than 7 minutes when half my team are clobbered in just the first 3 min of battle and the rest of the team spends the other 3 min or so just trying to survive or the enemy team either caps our base or gets the 1000 points after capping three or four of the bases. One hardly ever sees close-fought matches anymore. The situation seems to have gotten worse after the latest tinkering of the mm by Wargaming.

    And don’t even get me talking about losing streaks. I and my platoon buddy have been in some really bad losing streaks, like getting 5 or 6 defeats in a row over a two day stretch. That’s like getting no wins at all in 12 out of 12 battles in a period of two days. In all of these battles, I and my platoon buddy always end up in the top five. You just can’t carry these teams no matter how well you do or try. On occasions like this we just decide to call it a day as it gets really frustrating.

  15. William Taylor Payne

    My biggest issue with tier X is when my tier 9 Jean Bart or Georgia gets sucked into them every time I try to grind credits.

  16. Okay thoughts, it’s happening in more than just tear 10. I see it at all tiers. I also see it in rank and rank Sprint quite a bit. First side to lose a ship usually loses the match. It seems to depend more and if the loss of the ship is quickly followed by loss of one on the opfor. There was a nice form post about this and how a unicum player tends to be facing 12 medium players and if he’s commissioned up with other unicum friends well there’s three unit come against twelve average players. Welcome. 2 roflstomp land. And I don’t think there’s going to be anything that can be done about it.

  17. I’ve seen a lot of this too and I play on the NA server. There are a few scenarios that end with the same result but the most common one is the salt being thrown. I watched a guy last night spend almost 10 minutes holding a flank by himself, repositioning to stay alive and kept firing everything he had so the team wouldn’t get caught in a crossfire and of course some idiot was screaming in chat that this guy was useless and a POS because he wasn’t “helping” the team by doing exactly what mouthy already dead armchair admiral number 94 thought he should be doing. When this guy finally got sunk he said his piece and logged out of the game. Good player down, another crap dead in 3 minutes players feels big and bad and keeps on playing. Do the math on that one. BTW we won this match because we didn’t get out flanked because of that sacrifice. Compliments from me.

    • OMG I can’t count the number of times I held off the push on a flank and my reward was some asshole(s) screaming at me in chat for playing behind in the spawn or whatever. Thank you for putting this comment out there.

    • This exact same thing happened to me a few nights ago. I was in my mino trying to hold a flank. Some scrub in chat kept shrieking that I wasn’t helping enough. We won, fortunately. Ironically, I was #1 and he was last.

    • I agree that the armchair admirals are the worst. Not only are they complaining that your “not” doing anything but also don’t know how the your ship plays. Like a Yamato doesn’t go and try to brawl.

    • Suicide charge with zero support, CV vs CV snipe failures, spawn borderline huggers that are last afloat claiming to be best, Target lock players that miss wide open kill me now… now…NOW. All get down votes… if I have any left after 3 battles.
      Heroic and helpful stands, good chat, solid tanking, impressive 1v1 or 1v2 victories. All get up votes… too bad those were few and far between when I quit.

  18. It happens to me a lot, to the point where I play Tier X very sparingly, and I’ve drydocked Kurfurst. Whenever I push aggressively like you did here, you had 2-3 ships push with you, I’m the other Kurfurst. I almost always get hung out to dry and make an early exit, and I get to listen to the other armchair admirals (who are also dead) critique the team ‘s gameplay.

  19. I really feel this started with the CV rework, which still has issues. That coupled with the addition of ridiculously OP ships (Russian bias) has caused players to sit as far back as possible in order to not get farmed. Also the “wallet warriors” being able to buy T9 ships, and free XP their way up to T10 ships is a big problem.
    You make a good point on the MM, however, changing it would only increase queue time.

  20. It’s harder than ever to DD. With the amount of radar in the game +CV, it’s easier than ever to insta-deleted in destroyers. For the past year or so, I’ve found myself enjoying T5-7 ships so much more than high tiers. I love my mino to death – but I have more fun in a Leander, Fiji, Farragut, etc. High tiers have too much cancer. Plus when high-tier matchmaking gives one team 2-3 radars and the other team 1-2 (or none), you can usually know which team will win before the start timer ends. Hell, I “finally started grinding the USN heavy cruiser line. I’ve had more fun in the New Orleans than I’ve had in months. My 2 cents.

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