World of Warships- The Protected Class

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Hey guys, today we have some highlights from Fridays stream, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Hope you and those around you are safe from the storm, thanks for the awesome content over the years

  2. I swear this game spites any shells lobbed at a ship that’s not moving. I once had to fire damn near 10 salvos at an afk battleship (as a BB myself) just to finally end the match.

  3. The cv’s have to be protected because WG doesn’t want to admit that the rework sucks and it unfun

    Hope you stay safe in the coming storm

    • More like, nobody wants to admit that until submarines, destroyers were the biggest problem.

      And yes, they *are*

    • @Rammstein0963 you are not wrong, I lost count how many games I lost because the destroyers on my team rush in and die and the enemy still has theirs in the end. I just really hate that your teams ability to win is so heavily dependent on the destroyers ability to play well and not potato.

    • More like ranger armor is so thin you only get overpens with BB AP but cits with most HE shells.

    • @Co_rin especially with British HE, that ranger would have been dead if that was the case.

  4. looks like the island bug is still a thing xD

  5. my div shot a CV, me in Minnesota and div mate in a thunderer and all of ours shells landed around the CV it took us 7 salvos to sink him, he was stationary the whole time and broadside, shot the smokestacks and got overpens and ricochets when it hit. WG makes CV immune to fire, Immune to getting cit and planes that dont seem to deplete

    • until you’re in richtoffen and eating citadels from dumb angles and your planes die instantly to a single flak cloud

    • Why shoot the smokestacks? You’re guaranteed overpens. Also, sounds like you guys just need to aim a bit better :/

  6. Ranger has 19mm of armor you’re better off firing HE to citadel them cause your AP will overpen if he’s giving you flat, same way with super light cruisers and DDs

  7. I love the ‘Bama and the NC both but it always takes me a couple of games to get used to the ‘floaty’ shells again when I haven’t played them in some time.

  8. I was in the Warspite and I was very annoyed by the Alabama leaving the flank. Seeing this makes me lol quite hard.

  9. … actually it is an observation from the last update I have noticed. “Bad hair day dispersion” is what I call it. 10.7 seems to have RNG mechanics that scatter the shots everywhere 1 salvo, then the next salvo, all the shots are grouped as usual. It does not seem to matter at range. Sea Lord, you shot at the Nagato at less than 5k and if you looked closely, you will notice your dispersion looks like a “bad hair day” shot. Then the next, a Cit. Something is up with this I think.

  10. Sea. As per usual, entertaining content. This makes me proud to be TSIOF

  11. ToughAncientSpark

    Two Brothers: Has to be, arguably, the funnest map in World of Warships.

  12. You never aim at a Ranger’s smokestack, you aim at under the tower. Otherwise you get all overpens. No armor best armor

  13. Yeah, I find I have to aim higher on CVs than other ships.

  14. I’ve found I always over-pen ranger with ap. HE for that and you likely would have citadel/nuked it. Nice match though!

  15. Brawling with secondary ships is a disillusion that WG wants players to believe. Meanwhile Soviet BBs have bullshit accuracy and normalization at close range, with upper belts and small supersyructure to stop secondary HEs. The best way to play a secondary BB into these Soviet BBs is to kite away at near maximum secondary range (>10km) and angle the ship. Sailing up to them is just a recipe for disaster where they will land all their bullshit AP shells in a single pixel for 150k+ salvos.

  16. Dude the ranger can be citadelled by most ships with HE it has like 0 armour. Ofc your T8 16inch battleship guns are gonna overpen

  17. Back in the day a spotted cv was instantly dead…now they can cheese their busted survivability all game.

  18. Oh I remember this exact part on on the Friday night stream! Stay safe.

  19. “I feel your pain” – Bill C.

  20. I can’t wait for the subs to show up in the tech tree so that I can use them in the training room.

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