World of Warships – The Punisher

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I mentioned in my USS Cleveland review that I hadn’t had time to include one Cleveland replay in which I scored my highest ever amount of base xp. This is it.

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder replay just send the .wrpl file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. SoulessCorruption

    Oh, spotting and smoke is also broke imo.

  2. +ClonesDream They dissapear because you do not have the required view range
    to see them. Same as WoT. Of course it won’t dissapear, it’s a mechanic of
    the game. WG never said that their games are uber realistic tank/ship
    combat physics simulator. It’s a game.

  3. Tyrannosaurus Rekt

    +ClonesDream Yeah, it’s stupid, but necessary. Much of the game’s mechanics
    are based on spotting and surface detectability range, particularly
    destroyer gameplay.

  4. +Maree Printemps Yes , I know about that. Though I had a discussion with a
    staff member on the forums and he said that that’s only a visual thing, so
    shells supposed to behave “realistically” even though they do not visually
    seem to do that

  5. Maree Printemps

    +fnglert That reminds me of Yamato’s 65mm turret front armor back in early
    And yep, WG confirmed it’s typo, the real armor value of ships are not
    related to the stat card (just like War Thunder).
    It’s also the main reason why WG removed that detailed armor stat card from
    the game (for now) because of unknown number of typo they might have made.

    Although that bugs me too, since we don’t know how effective the armor of
    certain ships are, not like the old stat cards help though.

  6. +PanzerKampfWagen X Yes, but you can get in if you buy any of the premium
    ships. I suggest the USS Sims, excellent ship from the looks of it.

  7. Ship type doesn’t matter. Turrets can be damaged (stops functioning, can be
    repaired, gets a repair timer) or destroyed (replaced by red cross on ship
    icon, unrepairable) on any type of ship.

  8. +fnglert Cheyah, which i really hated pre-0.3.1. my second to last match
    with the Cleveland, i lost ALL FOUR turrets lol ended up capping then ram
    killing the last enemy carrier for the win. VERY HONORABRU!

  9. +Cyanide7662 Please send it in if possible

  10. I dont have replays. Still no feature to turn it on in game, and the way
    that WG have detailed to enable it by altering certain files actually
    corrupted my game to the point where i had to reinstall the whole game, so
    i havent tried it again since.

  11. +FLAK_GOD the turrets were knocked out the whole turret was unsaveable

  12. +Fathimath Hafsa I think it will be a tier 8 in another cruiser line for
    the US… At tier 6 it is simply too god at this point

  13. Bladewing Kitty

    +Fathimath Hafsa more like a cromwell

  14. Fathimath Hafsa

    yea but that might also be how they turn it into the kv1s

  15. +Fathimath Hafsa Well, the KV-85 (“KV-1S”) is still a fucking good tank
    with an awesome gun. It was nerfed for a big reason, not because WG was
    hating on it.

  16. Fathimath Hafsa

    I didn’t say it was wg hating I said the ship is too good for the tier so
    it will be like kv1s and I didn’t ask whether the kv85 was good so stay on

  17. +TakeTo TheShadows For a quick fix go to iChasegaming. He did that kind of
    video before the Alphas were allowed to talk about WoWS. His earlier videos
    aren’t that good in soundquality, but he makes up for that in good research
    and effort put into the other aspects of his videos.

  18. Justin Frankena

    Yea they are awesome! 😀

  19. +TFGTgames The first salvo at the target was HE, if you would’ve checked.
    He said “if you OPEN UP” with HE, meaning the first shots ONLY.

  20. +JWQweqOPDH I said “loaded” not “fired”. Fucking hell, you’ve literally
    just stated a fact, the same one I did, but you changed a few words and

  21. Trajectory Unknown

    +Rainer Kuusik Shoot it in the pike nose if it’s at an angle to you. Lower
    Plate (If able) when it’s head on to you. Otherwise have fun with APCR.

  22. +Rainer Kuusik Watch Sir Havoc’s 7 tips to save credits video. In it when
    he reaches tip 7 he provides a link, I cant remember the site name, that is
    also in the video description I think. The site that is mentioned and
    linked is an online resource that has every tank in WoTs and highlights all
    the weak spots and heavily armored spots to avoid hitting. According to
    Havoc the sight even tells you where to target tanks to knock out modules
    and crew members. It will tell you exactly where to target the IS-3 to make
    its driver cry and help your every shell count.

  23. Trajectory Unknown

    +Cursed110011 He was talking about War Thunder Mate, hence the mention of
    Battle Rating.

  24. +Trajectory Unknown Hmm so he was. Missed that. ^.^; Well he is a Jingles
    follower so there is a chance he may also play WoTs too, in which case that
    info might still be of use.

  25. nope i cant pen the front of the is3 in my tiger 2

  26. +omri arielly Well, that ship isn’t exactly for killing ships, Destroyers
    yeah, but her main role is escorting

  27. Nicholas O'Brien

    I have a Atlanta too I just hint destroyers and spam he on everything set
    people on fire… I fire so quick that if the ship I’m shooting at uses his
    repair ability and I set on fire again…oh boy

  28. stanleythedoggy

    +Matthew Woods He’ll go to his own salt mines as punishment? Damn, he’s

  29. Matthew “mdwtheawesome11” Woods

    Rules are rules!

  30. Jingles OP plz nerf

  31. Erik Bergström

    +MegaMaddog42 Oh, they will eventually.

  32. They nerf everything.

  33. +MegaMaddog42 yea this shouldn’t be a tier 6 ship. it will be nerfed soon.
    way too many ppl complaining about it.

  34. +Dbars19 honestly I think they could slightly nerf the pensacola and switch
    it with the Cleveland. I just cant seem to get a good game with the
    pensacola in tier 7 games… but maybe its just me.

  35. Erik Bergström

    That’s because it has to beat its face into the T7 and T8 japanese
    cruisers, that are pretty damn good. The Cleveland is not the only balance
    change that needs to be done, only the Cleveland is the most prominent.

  36. ShadoWolf Nightcores

    nice xD

  37. +Andrew S
    After me…..hehehe first time that has ever happened to me……out of all
    the 100rds of 1000nds of subscribers i was first how.

  38. Andrew S (SGTSOHO)

    Was thinking of playing WOT, but said ‘NO, must see what our mate Jingles
    is up to, I need a fix”…..dont want to play tanks now 🙁

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