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Hey guys, today we take a look back at the Tier IX Premium American Battleship Missouri, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:


  1. I have the Missouri and ‘bought’ it with free XP not long after it became available, I do like the odd joyride with her from time to time but learned pretty fast she is a glass cannon and if you are caught by broadside salvo you are pretty much toast.

    • undertakernumberone1

      i mean, she’s an Iowa. If you like playing the Iowa and don’t mind the swap with Radar VS Plane, Missouri is good. I enjoyed playing Iowa back in the day.

  2. The difference between the American heavy shells in the imperial Japanese Navy shells that were bigger but the casing was softer by design. Just like the German guns for Bismarck and purpose did not elevate as much and the Italian Navy had very high velocity. They were designed for the engagements they intended to fight. The Americans wanted better normalization and armor penetration. The Japanese were obsessed with underwater hits so they wanted a softer shell that would take the water impact and still travel cleanly. Not so much one better than the other just one design different than the other

  3. You forgot that one time the Missouri fought an alien invasion.

  4. Q: With the camo and economy rework coming in summer who knows what’s gonna happen with that?
    A: We all know what’s gonna happen. Credits will be harder to get, but XP (which can bve convertedto free XP for doubloons) will become easier to get. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work it out.

  5. going to drive to Ford Island to pay my respects to Arizona and Missouri. I will never forget operating with Missouri and New Jersey off the San Diego coast in the 80s

  6. Would be nice if they would give old economic system to the new Missouri 🙁 but ship is pretty good – due her fire range I prefer her over Georgia

  7. RIck Wong - Stk Exec Secretary

    Agree with Xzarial – new video idea is great. A little bit of history to go with the gameplay – and still doesn’t make the video too long and is still enjoyable.

  8. Love the history bits in this vid. Keep it up my man.

  9. I liked the historical part, could be included in more videos about real ships.

    As for the IG Missouri, i had recently an Amazing 275k dmg battle on this exact map. At the end it was a loss due to me loosing a 1v1 against the enemy ship while having only 10k HP left.
    I’m 100% sure if it was an Iowa with the better heal, it would’ve been a win. I never used the radar once in that battle.
    Not having the better heal is a significant disadvantage imo.

  10. Yamazaki Nozaki

    Got this ship for free in a free container during christmas, i’m so happy.

  11. SLM, awesome save there! As Jingles would say, pulled a victory from the jaws of defeat!
    Also, I like the history bits. Adds some variety and special spice to your videos. 5 minutes in each is great!

  12. Liking the added history. About 5 minutes seems to be about right, though it may take a bit longer on something like HMS Agincourt with its rather odd history, or maybe USS Texas with its longish service life and multiple refits. Great job as usual!

  13. Het Mountbatten! Thank you for the very informal talk about this ship. It has always been my desire to own her, and I am currently keeping 33k doubloons in my WoWs account to take the shot to buy her.

  14. Alexander Miller

    I really enjoyed learning about the history of Missouri.

  15. Artillery Plotting Room Mod 2 does not extend range as you said at the 10:00 mark in this video, but it does, as you said, give you -11% dispersion.

  16. Love your content and loved the Missouri history, I don’t really know much of anything about ship history so this is a treat!! I would like to have this ship but Im sure if they offer it for dubs it will be way more than I would be willing to spend, and I already have so many great premium ships, Mussahi, Alaska, Thunderer, Julio Cesare, Napoli, I don’t really need this one.

  17. ChatIsClosedNow

    I agree

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