World of Warships- The Rank Experience

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Yup, time for the ranked grind again.

Outro Music- Stranger Think by C418

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  1. Ranked is often full of RANKERS……thank you I’m here all week 🙂

  2. I would have skipped AR and used the points for IFHE for the secondaries

  3. I stop on rank 9 just no time and luck to go more

  4. On my Georgia i went for the range module instead of the secondary armament one. For the captain I have Preventive maintenance, Expert Marskman, BFT and AFT (only 10 points). I played a couple of ranked games in her just to get the feeling of her and she performed nicely. Unfortunatly i still have an incomplete build, but if you want to know what my full build will be, here it is:
    Captain skills
    – Preventive Maintenance
    – Expert Marksman
    – Basic Firing Training
    – Advanced Firing Training
    – Superintendent
    – Basics of Survivability
    – Adrenaline Rush
    – Priority Target

    – Slot 1 – Main Armaments Modification 1
    – Slot 2 – Damage Control System Modification 1
    – Slot 3 – Artillery Plotting Room Modification 1
    – Slot 4 – Damage Control System Modification 2
    – Slot 5 – Concealment System Modification 1
    – Slot 6 – Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2

  5. Ranked in a nutshell, lol. I don’t bother with ranked at tier 9.

  6. But there are no CVs in this Ranked Season…

  7. Ranked this time was just plain awful. Unless you are in a DD you are screwed. I would love to see it in T1. That would be a REAL test of a skill level of a player.

  8. About how good do you need to be to really do ranked? Been considering trying it out for a while, but I don’t really play too often.

  9. DONT DO IT!! lol
    …I have some heavy waders you can borrow, as long you promise to wash the s..t off once your done ??

    (good luck my friend…may the frustration make you even stronger!)

    ps: IJN said he would LOVE! to Div up with you for ranked…honest! ? (better you than me IJN…sorry mate lol)

  10. My 2 cents to help ranked play improve would be the save a star system currently in place would be to award the save star to a 1st place winning player that could be applied to your next 1st place loss,although not foolproof I would see awarding a 1st place win over a 1st place loss would help,possibly even saving up multiple save star for rank 10 and under,damn shame warganing can’t come up with something to help this much aligned star system.maybe I deserve more than 2 cents…

  11. Try with azuma! A guy from forum did it in 100 battles and had over 60% win rate in it))

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