World of Warships- The Rank Experience

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Yup, time for the ranked grind again.

Outro Music- Stranger Think by C418

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  1. Ranked is often full of RANKERS……thank you I’m here all week 🙂

  2. I would have skipped AR and used the points for IFHE for the secondaries

  3. I stop on rank 9 just no time and luck to go more

  4. On my Georgia i went for the range module instead of the secondary armament one. For the captain I have Preventive maintenance, Expert Marskman, BFT and AFT (only 10 points). I played a couple of ranked games in her just to get the feeling of her and she performed nicely. Unfortunatly i still have an incomplete build, but if you want to know what my full build will be, here it is:
    Captain skills
    – Preventive Maintenance
    – Expert Marksman
    – Basic Firing Training
    – Advanced Firing Training
    – Superintendent
    – Basics of Survivability
    – Adrenaline Rush
    – Priority Target

    – Slot 1 – Main Armaments Modification 1
    – Slot 2 – Damage Control System Modification 1
    – Slot 3 – Artillery Plotting Room Modification 1
    – Slot 4 – Damage Control System Modification 2
    – Slot 5 – Concealment System Modification 1
    – Slot 6 – Artillery Plotting Room Modification 2

  5. Ranked in a nutshell, lol. I don’t bother with ranked at tier 9.

  6. But there are no CVs in this Ranked Season…

  7. Ranked this time was just plain awful. Unless you are in a DD you are screwed. I would love to see it in T1. That would be a REAL test of a skill level of a player.

  8. About how good do you need to be to really do ranked? Been considering trying it out for a while, but I don’t really play too often.

  9. DONT DO IT!! lol
    …I have some heavy waders you can borrow, as long you promise to wash the s..t off once your done 😉🤭

    (good luck my friend…may the frustration make you even stronger!)

    ps: IJN said he would LOVE! to Div up with you for ranked…honest! 🤣 (better you than me IJN…sorry mate lol)

  10. My 2 cents to help ranked play improve would be the save a star system currently in place would be to award the save star to a 1st place winning player that could be applied to your next 1st place loss,although not foolproof I would see awarding a 1st place win over a 1st place loss would help,possibly even saving up multiple save star for rank 10 and under,damn shame warganing can’t come up with something to help this much aligned star system.maybe I deserve more than 2 cents…

  11. Try with azuma! A guy from forum did it in 100 battles and had over 60% win rate in it))

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