World of Warships – The Ranked Meat Grinder

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No idea what the problem is, sorry! Also, the last clip wasn’t almost 3000 base xp, my bad!


  1. This is like Citadel porn haha

  2. lol now thats a beaching lol, and i thought i was the only one entering the
    meat grinder ….. the pain!!

  3. How to enable those flying-over view starting from 15:27? it looks just

  4. love those brawls, really fun those ranked battles 😉 would like to see
    some german cruisers 😀 in ranked how would they stand

  5. I can’t hit squat in my fuso since the patch. It’s either a rng nightmare
    or zilch damage. Nice to see it is possible to do well in them though.
    Love the ranked play compared to random.

  6. Even having the Yamato, I greatly miss how versatile the Amagi was, not to
    mention it got me my only two close quarters expert medals!

  7. is the kongo any good in ranked? higher tier BB i have, sold my pensa and

  8. btw. how is the Amagi compared to the Izumo? I’m planning to skip the Izumo
    completely with free XP, or is it worth to give it a try? If not I’d rather
    spent the money for the Yamato

  9. So is it true that the citadel of the amagi is located more to the back end
    of the ship?

  10. Awwww my game with you didn’t make it into the video :(

  11. awesome vid again 🙂 you really keep encouraging me to play my BBs^^

  12. Awesome video, you deserve more subs!

  13. Amagi is currently my favourite battleship (or should I say,
    battlecruiser), ever!!!Before I got this beast, I had the North Carolina.
    And she simply didn’t click. Sure, she has nice bow armour, but those 6
    guns which fire super slow, floaty and inaccurate shells didn’t reflect my
    expecations of a Tier EIGHT battleship. The 3rd turret basically has to be
    ignored in 90% of the cases.Now I have the Amagi, and she just embodies
    every quality I value in a battleship. Accuracy and shell velocity are her
    main traits, very much different to the NC. I haven’t even gotten the 20km
    range yet, but she’s already doing wonderfully. I LOVE MY AMAGI!!

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