World of Warships || The Ranked Season 10 Experience

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It’s that time of the season for the Ranked Season 10 Experience in World of Warships!
This season felt more stressful compared to Season 9…
Music: (In Order)
C-CLAYS – 見えない壁の先で
Azur Lane 6-4 Boss OST
GODZILLA Kessen Kidou Zoushoku Toshi – 総力戦
Toji No Miko – 時にはトラブルも
花たん – Sorario Days
Toji No Miko – 戦闘開始
空音 – Together Going My Way

少女幻葬戦慄曲 ~ Necro Fantasia
Circle: dBu Music
Album: 幻葬旋律曲 ~ Necromanza
Arrange: どぶウサギ
Original: 東方妖々夢 Perfect Cherry Blossom

Benny Hill Theme
Klaypex – Hava
Beach Front Property- Silent Partner – Scream Out!


  1. RIP the Rank 1 Dream. I got tilted too hard that I decided to resign at Rank 5.

    • Wait… I’m not the only one? At least you didn’t get your Ranked Kraken stolen from you .-.

    • Ranked is an amazing game mode *said no one ever*

    • Ranked season start really well for me, when i just got rank2 all just go downhill, now im at rank 6 and i just give up, imposible to save stars if you are a main dd or cl :’c

    • ЅтЯιK.єя ouch. That’s gotta suck too.
      Mine I was going back and forth between Rank 6 and 5…
      Edit: Saving your Star as a BB is possible. Just rack up at least High Caliber and you’re somewhat safe for now

    • Rank is simply a grindfest. A place where the best of the best compete for sweet price at Rank 1.

      Sound good on paper. Problem is, since this is Competitive MMO, there’a no way to control player quality, so….. yeah.

  2. lmao
    good job oyashio

    i’m too lazy to rank out in every season 🙁
    but i do enjoy your videos ^^

    • Thank you! Also sadly I haven’t ranked out.. I just stopped at Rank 5 completely.
      But if it does shine some light about this video.. My editor crashed 29 times while I was trying to edit large files.. :lul:

  3. canthas dihyanddrata

    i see you found some Touhou remixes. Like it

  4. I should dislike this since i heard my voice, but i wont.

  5. SurvivalMasterMABJ Gaming

    Awesome video Fury, you did good on ranked battles.

  6. why you not using the maximeme teamplay?

  7. Radar Des Moines? That’s heresy Fury. A real devoted Imperial Citizen use Spotter Des Moines, not radar. 😉

    Still, while I also no longer using Radar ( Thus avoid the urge to get close and got focus to dead, because people love killing wallhack player), I only use catapult fighter instead, since my Spotter mode’s aim is not very good. 😉

  8. Glad I quit at R12. The cancer was terminal at that stage

  9. never had the time or the patience to do ranked. prefer to just roam around using spotter Des Moines and burn everything :p

  10. Best Girl indeed

  11. Hmm is this just me or start from 4:00 buffer was often?

  12. How do you get a kraken?

  13. Evangeline Anovilis

    I feel you. Gave up at R5 too. Just couldn’t justify the grind any more and went to play with shipgirls instead.

    • :thonk:
      Isn’t that further rage inducing?

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      See, Kancolle girls might do things (or don’t) pretty much randomly. They might carry, they might throw. But Ranked is the same. Difference is, Kanmusu are cuter. Even my highest level Kasumi K2 doesn’t spew out the abuse you sometimes see in battle chat.

      And that’s if you look at Kancolle, not at Azur Lane.

    • I gave up at r5. Thing is no anime games are exciting, they all rng. Why would you play a game like that?

      -As he goes back to playing MLB 9 Innings GM, not only rng based but also p2w-

    • Evangeline Anovilis

      Apart from gacha luck and drops, combat in something like Azur Lane, Girls Frontline or Granblue Fantasy is much less rng than Kancolle. Kancolle pretty much is the worst offender I ever experienced in this regard. Also, there are a lot of faults you can overlook when it is cute.

  14. I was at 2.4 and for whatever reason, I decided to play one morning, drowsy and on full tilt, so I went down to 3.3 I am really questioning my life choices right now.

  15. Season 9 was a joke.
    Season 10 was a joke.

    As soon as I reached the Tier 10 parts, that was it. I have two Tier 10’s that are currently port queens because I want to get more Tier 10’s, so naturally I’m not skilled at Tier 10.

    I tried in S9, but every battle I played was a defeat.

    I hope S11 goes back to sanity and to ships I actually have a lot of

    • still_guns I’ll have to admit. Season 10 tired me out when I reached R5. Hopefully WG decides on a potentially T6-9 ranked season!

  16. Imperium Legio IX Gemina

    Thats a lot of paddelings

  17. I have no T10s so ranked ended early for me at R15, I couldn’t enjoy the salt that is T10 ranked

  18. why are tier x matches look so easy while i’m struggling with mogami lmao

    • NozoWeeb Tōjō I wouldn’t mind playing T8s again. T10 matches got really annoying to be playing. In the Rank 5-2 bracket

    • TX ain’t easy or fun to play ranked when you’ve done 100 or so battles only making through 4-5 ranks. Playing the same tier over and over again is tiring unless you *really* love your ship

  19. -PogChamp: The Video-

  20. StatikTheWarmonger

    We now know what turned S10 of ranked for Fury :>

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