World of Warships – The Red Assassin

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So. How many kills can a Division of two get in a random battle?

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  1. I have GOT to go to bed *sees jingles posted a video* I have GOT to go to bed… after this video

  2. It is currently 1 in the morning
    Perfect time to watch Jingles!

  3. As a DD (50% win rate) main…..NO comment. Thank you Jingles and now back to the salt mines.

    • 50% isn’t bad. I used to be a DD main as well but I don’t think I start again until they fixed CVs…. At least the ridiculous plane spotting could be removed.

  4. Good to hear your laugh, jingles

  5. I have to agree with you that it wasn’t exactly a throw by the enemy team, but still quite disheartening to see all of our DDs dead in the first few minutes. And also having my clan mate in the carrier was monumental. My arms were definitely shaking by the time it ended, so thanks for the feature!

  6. I watch all my videos, but always save Jingles for last. His videos are like the main event. The last two videos are always, Flambass then Jingles. Great videos Jingles, never change.

    • I watched (in order) Maltese Knight, Flammu, Trenlass, Flambass and lastly Jingles, in increasing order of entertainment, only I don’t watch Flamu anymore, he got too nasty.

  7. Anime Profile Picture

    that was a great match
    almost entirely carried by the CV squadmate, but still good match

  8. I can tell Jingles has never actually played the Nevsky if he thinks the armour is bad and it has an unimpressive health pool. It’s a light cruiser with more citadel protection than a Stalingrad or Des Moines (plus it’s layered), an ice breaker, and very flat sides with no shell traps. That’s before you get into the absurd range and the rail guns which means you can stay angled the entire time and kite. Compare it to any other light cruiser in the game and see how tanky it is.

    • but its not a light cruiser, it has bigger than 155mm guns according to the treaties, hell the pensacola, northhamptons and portlands were light cruisers till the signing of a pen

    • Whenever health pool of tier 10 cruisers are discussed, I need to think of my Zao and avoid crying.

    • @robert Seum true, although it’s often considered the “light” cruiser alternative compared to the Petro. Either way, relative to the majority of other tier 10 cruisers (excluding the large / battle cruiser type ships) it’s armour is quite effective if played correctly and it’s health isn’t bad at all. Despite something like a Hindenburg or Zao having technically thicker upper belt armour, the Nevsky will hold up much better to AP in my experience. It’s also relatively low and thin as well.

    • ​@riquelmeoneZao still has the best armor profile if any t10 tech tree cruiser until Petropavlovsk.

  9. Jingles, I love your videos. This, Aliens, Dredge, etc.. looking for another challenge. try a game called Uboat…Its far enough along now, it’s worth trying. It’s a simulator game of a German sub, prior to and through WWII. Its a survival kind of game, so it can get pretty intense, sitting on the bottom of the ocean praying the destroy does not detect you, and leaves before you run out of air.

  10. Upon first sighting of a Mighty Jingles video, I naturally went to watch it. That’s my style, sir!

  11. The poor kiev must have been pretty much obliterated by the carrier considering how fast he died and how far back he was (that far island behind the C cap) and there were no other ships anywhere near him. Audacious smash. The Jutland on the other hand must be an incompetent spud of inexorable proportions to die to a friesland while being backed up by a split, prinz eugen and colombo.

    • Nathaniel Bukovich

      I feel for that Kiev, Ive gotten wiped in the first couple minutes a few times by a determined CV and theres just nothing you can do about it.

    • And he WAS trying to contest the B cap in fact. Although when Jingles mentioned the DD dispersion, he was already gone. RIP, CVictim.

  12. tell us your division hard carried without telling us you hard carried.
    “we got 2 krakens”

  13. Well, it’s not quite Christmas, but my younger son saw what I was watching and said, oh, it’s the Mighty Jinglebells… 🙂

  14. The most enjoyable battle i have seen in a while. GG and a virtual high5!

  15. Wow, what a performance.
    The moment the enemy called GG it was game over, but not the way they thought.

  16. Just a sick game all around – Malta and Nevsky is a strangely powerful division.(well, a Malta is never strangely powerful – it is always powerful)

  17. Love the Nevsky, esp a great ship in ranked

  18. Chrektm8 - Hat Fancier

    If anything, I like how enemy team, mainly venezia and Montana, seems to be quite a good sport about their loss, a rare thing to see these days

  19. Absolute masterclass in teamwork at the end. Great vid.

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