World of Warships- The Return Of Conqueror

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Taking the out in a hunt for Smolensk yielded……no Smolensk…..weird how that works.

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Cool! Go looking for your nemesis, come up empty. You were so angry yesterday

  2. You are up early!

  3. vocal cord kappasite

    I find Conqueror to be the worst t10 BB in the game. Beside the HE, the AP is just terrible and keep shattered on BB.

    • vocal cord kappasite you won’t know until you face the Smolensk and bow on Kremlin. Of course everyone has their own opinion. But I think in this HE meta, probably far from worst, esp with the RN super heal.

    • Republique: hold my baguette

    • with conquerer if you are firing on bbs anything other than point blank range you should aim at the upper belt and not try to hit citadel with AP.

  4. I experienced 7 loss in a row being one of the top 3 in 4 of the games I had today with the CQR….. I never ever created so much salt in my entire life xD

  5. Napalm Conq?

  6. I don’t think you got citadelled at the start there since the shells looks like HE shells, and you can heal lots of it back.

  7. My record in that ship is woeful. Just can’t seem to win a game in her. Not to mention I seem to have terrible RNG when it comes to fires.

  8. World of High Explosive…

  9. Well technically, the best counter to the Smolensk is Stalingrad. Doesn’t overpen, laser guns, ‘short’ reload

  10. Well now we know how the British boil their tea

    Apparently the tea has massive healing benefits too….

  11. At the end the HE damages is no earning much XP. Specially damage to BBs.

  12. how did you take a citadel hit from HE in a battleship??

  13. so you are basically playing a smolensk

  14. Conq has always been a great ship.

  15. Watched a thunderer straight up delete a Smolensk the other day as I was sneaking up on it. The smol captain was maaaaad lol couldn’t have been more hilarious.

  16. Pretty much any BB against a broadside Smol is good… As well against nearly all RU BBs as well. I play the Smol and I am focused. When I am against a Smol – no one on the team focuses it…

  17. They should rework how fire work, it’s very annoying to play against

  18. From 3:05 to 6:02 no heal was used. I know you think the benefit of AR if you using it is is worth but not always, especially in the ship. Then you panic healed when you saw all those shells incoming. One day SLM, one day you will join us in the proactive heal use club…… day.

  19. Make a secondary cruiser video pls

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