World of Warships- The Return of Musashi

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Today I break out the Musashi, after not using the Tier IX Premium Japanese for well over 3 months now, I felt it was time to let her loose!

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  1. next time please learn your friend to do push to talk when he is eating potato chips lol
    now im getting hungry

  2. Saving my free xp for Alaska… if they don’t make it another glass cannon…I will acquire it…

  3. I play both Musashi and Yamato as they have their own strengths. Yamato is the better ship and is all powerful and with the legendary upgrade you can hit nose in ship so much easier then in the Musashi. Musashi is a better credit earner and you often get better matchmaking and if you do get to fight tier 10 ships it can handle it like no other lesser BB.

    Musashi is the go to ship if you want a relaxing game as you can just point it towards the enemy and keep punishing them at a standoff range.

  4. Trying to get her with coal…Lol u have Free French flag on IJN

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