World of Warships – The Right Way

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We all saw Flambass in the last Schlieffen video showing us the wrong way to play this ship that only works if you’re Flambass. Today DCLawson23’s showing us how we mere mortals are supposed to play it.

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  1. AI_Overlord_Daddy

    I wonder if Jingle would make a video if one of us sent him a replay from the console version of World of Warship?

  2. I mean, I play Schlieffen like a brawler, but sometimes very carefully. So far, my PB is 502 secondary hits.

  3. AP shell on submarine got full penetration… is that normal on subs, or does the water begin the charge for detonating the shell?

  4. Flambass does something super cool or ridiculous and the whole WOWS community is like I can also do that and proceeds to not be able to do it 😅.

  5. When you get into secondary range of the schliffen I call it getting schliffed.

  6. DAYUM that was awesome!
    Great job DCLawson!

  7. Griftin'WithGrimace

    You know Flambass is a next level player, because in the last video, you couldn’t hear anything Jingles was saying, much less hear yourself think over the sound of the secondaries melting down the opposite team.

  8. Wow, its amazing that this battle went on for 53 years already when we joined in.

  9. Jingles: I dont know what he did to earn enemy CV wrath…
    How about being one-man wrecking ball sinking most of his teammates?

  10. Jingles old man, you can see the reload time of any gun/torpedo just above the consumable UI as they reload. For future reference. 😉

  11. Schlieffen gets targeted by CVs because of the limited dcp charges and the very ordinary AA… great targets for CVs and HE spamming cruisers, materially better than the GK / Preussen frankly

  12. With the schlieffen plan…
    the Schlieffen can.

  13. Honestly I prefer seeing matches featuring regular players, way more satisfying seeing an average Jo’s great game.

  14. Fully appreciate this video this week, Jingles, as WG just released the Schlieffen on console (World of Warships Legends) with their latest update. Thanks as always for the great content!

  15. The penetration on the Japanese 100mm guns isn’t entirely unrealistic. They were extremely high velocity rounds, since they were intended for anti-air. The rated life on the gun was only 400 rounds before needing new barrels.

  16. Agree with everyone saying this is a great lesson for most of us who use this ship!!!

  17. Picked up a load in your neck of the woods in Fountain Inn on Friday at Bosch Rexroth that I delivered Sunday night to John Deere here in Waterloo, IA. Finishing up my reset and we’ll see what happens next. That was the second time I’ve picked up there and the area is just beautiful. Maybe I can convince my fiancee to relocate 😊. God bless y’all❤

  18. the Schlieffen is scary when driven by a good player

  19. I know the replays you receive are kind of random in terms of what ship is played. But I’d like to see something including a not widely used ship, for example the US T9 light cruiser, Seattle. There’s rarely any footage of her existence.

  20. I enjoy Schlieffen plays because every gun is firing, everything is on fire and the captain keeps waving a bloody hand around while screaming profanities in German.

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