World of Warships the Ring Part Two, Round One #IAMCOMMANDER

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So here we are, once again. The ring is back with a couple of different rules. We the community contributors are voting on other contributors. Weird, I know. That being said, in this round one of the ring, I want you to tell me to vote for. Democracy rules. In the comments, let me know who you want and whoever gets the most mentions gets the votes. Lobby hard my friends, lobby hard.


  1. Fun fact – American accents are closer to how British accents originally sounded than current British ones are. 😀

  2. They should have just put Jinggles in the game and call ot a day! Lol
    Vote Jinggles why not
    Or flambass

  3. Is Mejash a CC? I’d vote for him. Good vids. Competent advice…

  4. Vote for Hans von Flambass 🙂

  5. Vote #1 Yuzral !

  6. Vote Jingles, but why not vote Zoup too?

  7. I wish whiskey was a CC, but no ?

    Edit: maybe jingles, idk

  8. Love your vids, us military should stick together but our crazy Brit cousin jingles is probably why most of us play this game. So jingles for me

  9. Jingles.

  10. iChase puts a lot effort into research and puts out good content as well

  11. UGH!!! Tough choice, sort of.
    Torn between you, Notser and The Mighty Rear Admiral Jingles!!!
    Okay, if you’re gonna twist my anchor chains, my first choice would be Jingles. Yes, it goes against the grain of “America First”, but he is a fellow salty sailor, even if he is from over the pond.
    Jingles, if you please.

  12. Since we’re lobbying for votes, can we go full America and persuade your vote with some sheckels?

  13. Jingles because I do not want to work double salt mine Duty. Plus BOOMER SOONER

  14. Jingles for sure. if you play any Wargaming game, you know Jingles

  15. Going to go against the Jingles Juggernaut. Vote for Lord Zath. He puts in a lot of time and effort for our benefit including reviewing players replays to give them advice.

  16. No. I want you to vote for someone who makes a positive contribution. Jingles posts a lot of matches and comments on then. I want someone who kinda does… a little more. y’know.?

  17. Jingles… you sad colonials just need to learn how to fight… And I don’t mean having France do all the heavy lifting for you like back in the insurrection.

  18. Jingles is disqualified by the rules, wrong tier. IChase.

  19. Well I think Jingles has done a lot for WOWS . Guess that’s where I would put my vote. Thanks zoup for all you do.

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