World of Warships – The Ring Round 4

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Seconds out, Round Four! This week, we have inflict no less than 50 secondary gun battery hits on enemy ships of the line in a 5 or higher Imperial Japanese Navy ship. Ah yes, the Japanese. Well known for their terrible secondaries.

I think I’ll just go cry in the corner.

This weeks’ mission code is HIGHEXPLOSIVEJAB

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Two Jingles videos in the same morning! Hurrah!

  2. 😀 So happy to have The Ring because it means I get to see 2 enjoyable videos from my favorite YouTuber in one day 🙂

  3. Ahh The glorious Britisch Navy
    With Admiral Jingles

    Or so we Thought. Oh Jingles 😀

  4. I suddenly got flashbacks to Call of Duty: World at War

  5. Last time I was this early, they told us we’d be home by Christmas.

  6. Lol, the most racist Jingles video yet. Glorious.

  7. I didn’t want to laugh, but couldn’t help it. Banzai!

  8. bluehairedgirlstudio

    Rear Admiral, Sir. Reporting for duty, Sir

  9. Jingles almost went samuel l jackson in this video…

  10. All hail the salt mine overlord.

  11. Oh Jingles San please never change……………oh and to make them understand you talk louder!

  12. If Jingles does win the Jingles captain should be limited to French and German naval ships only. And Jingles should be forced, at gun point if necessary, to have all his comments made in either of the proper languages that English is a bastardized version of.

  13. Imagine a non-English speaking Japanese guy just watching this and all they can understand is there is a British guy talking and a whole lot of people shouting BANZAI!

  14. Jingles. ur not even trying to win this are u? lets just hope wargaming dont get mad at u not posting the actual ship it was completed in… then again if they did they would look silly cuz this video had me basically falling off my chair i was laughing so hard. :3

  15. Rear Admiral Jingles will be compatible with both British and Japanese ships.

    however, due to an audio bug with the ship captain, when equipped to a Japanese ship, all voice clips are replaced with “Tennōheika BANZAAAAAIIII!!!”

  16. “Rear Admiral Jingles Jingleton Smythe, VD, Scar Bar and Biscuit Barrel, Commanding Officer, His Majesties Battleship Vanguard, 2nd earl of Little Jingleton on the Wold” That get’s more entertaining every video!

    • But he’s Jingles Jingleton Smythe III….

    • Missed the hyphen guaranteed to lie between Jingleton and Smythe… and Earl would be capitalized, sah… and what is this verminous apostrophe in gets? Man your broom then holystone the decks and scrape the cable, you blightah! (PS. one suspects Jingles intended “Ska bar”)

    • If he keeps picking up titles at this rate, he’ll be a WoWs captain AND a Game of Thrones character in no time.

  17. Tennōheika Banzai!!! 😀

    if someone does not understand – there is translation below:


  18. “All these Japanese ships look the same to me” LMAO

  19. I actually completed this in my Yammy…I thank the BB that got within 9.8 km and never even tried to aim it’s main battery at me lol?

  20. Your using call of duty world at war sound clips aren’t you?

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