World of Warships – The Ring Round 5

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The end of The War is in sight! Complete this mission and we can all be back in Blighty before Christmas enjoying the finest of tea and medals! Just as long as the Tennessee Jingleburgers don’t find me first.



  1. Damn, 12 seconds, almost earlier than my arrival at the salt mines for a daily double!

  2. The Mighty Jingles’ American cousin!

  3. Southern Pacific Lines


  4. Did an AWESOME JOB of imitating an American accent!

  5. Uses USS Iowa in garage

    *switches to Des Moines in battle*

    Crafty one you are Jingles

  6. When you’re so British even your ‘murican sounds british AF

  7. Jingles’ American accent sounds like a guy from Minnesota badly attempting to talk like a guy from Louisiana.

  8. Jingles, you just caused War of 2018. You did not learn from War of 1812? You never steal American ships! Though sure you boys burnt down Washington but you lost! ….6 months after the war officially ended…..damn US Postal Service.

    • +XtremeXC29 There were actually a few others, but the Post Building was the only Federal Building not torched. IIRC it was because the British Commander made it his headquarters in case the US counter-attacked.

    • +Txtspeak Debatable, nobody achieved their war goals, honestly none of the combatants won, but world history certainly benefited from the draw, unless you were Native American, in which case you got screwed over.

    • +Richard Petrusev We drove the colonials out of Canada. That was our goal

    • +Txtspeak Correction, we drove the French out of the Peninsula. That was the goal of our important war at the time.

  9. Next world of warships captain is going to be the Mighty Jingles

  10. Was i the only one that snort-laughed when he slapped the British camo on the ship? ??

  11. Jingles you are the man I’m from Tennessee and a retired Naval Officer. Great Job!

  12. WG should pay Jingles to make a video like this once a week.

  13. So if sir jingleton smithe of little jingle wald wins this, do we get him as a commander in the game with the frases “thats a paddlin” and “suprise but zex*in russian accent*”??

    • Actually, it will be Jingles himself doing the voices, and he will be an English captain (even if the ships themselves are British).

  14. As an American I was looking forward to Jingles making fun of us. I am not disappionted, no revolution necessary today

  15. That was…actually a bit anticlimactic. Only need 5 citadel hits? Jingles did that against ONE ship! He should get bonus points for that! And here I thought this was supposed to be a challenge!

  16. YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!Chief Petty Officer, USN, Retired

  17. Here in the U S of A we are civilized tea drinkers. We put sugar and ice in ours, none of that milk shit in our tea. We fought wars over that.

  18. 2:30 That is one awfully skinny Missouri you got there, what have you done to her? You clearly didn’t feed her enough.

  19. When I saw the Union Jack on that traitorous ship every American atom in my body demanded a Declaration of Independence, and wanted a revolution

  20. Not Gonna lie – the Iowa does look very Spiffing with a proper paint job.

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