World of Warships – The Ring, Round One

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Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to earn at least five Defender Ribbons in order to progress to the Second Round of “The Ring”. Hope we don’t get into many Standard Battles then…

If you want to try this mission for yourself, simply use the following Wargaming Code: SWINGTHELEAD


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  1. I’m here standing by the side of Rear Admiral Jingles to ensure that he sails the seven seas as my commander for my British Warship. I’m also going to “take a stab” at that mission just encase that counts towards any effort to getting Jingles as a commander, you never know what they don’t tell us these days!

  2. Hit the Like !! SALTMINERS!!

  3. But it’s Sunday… Oh Jingles, you really spoil us

  4. TwistedPlotTwistWithATwist

    *sees Jingles vid* – Oh yes!

    *sees length of the vid* – Oh no!

  5. “Seriously if we ever go to war with Germany again they can have the Japanese” LOLOLOL this exemplifies the Jingles sense of humour!

    • It’s even more funny when you remember that during the First World War, the Japanese WERE actually an ally of Britain and the other Entente powers.

  6. American Exchange Officers are the only ones keeping your ship from detonating….. too soon? Bravo! Well, done!

    • Yes officer, this comment right here. He’s the man that murdered all those Brits.

    • +shuggiehamster lol, you’ve got our number!

    • @shuggiehamster So during the first half of the past century it is perfectly fine for the US to rush into things that don’t truly concern it, but in the latter half  it isn’t okay for the US to do that after it’s gotten used to doing so? Kind of sending mixed messages here people.

    • You can always rely on americans to do the right thing, after they’ve exhausted all the other options:-)!

    • +Tom Riley if by other options you mean waiting for foreign powers to handle their crap and realizing they can’t then yes! 😉

  7. “If we ever go to war with Germany again, they can have the Japanese”

  8. I say Admiral, have you been talking to that young fellow Squire?

  9. Prioritise targets by who is the most German!

    _Well that’s the SMS Bratwurst von Lederhosen doomed then…_

    • +British Ball Bratwurst itself isn’t only from Bayern. You can eat Bratwurst in whole Germany, typical bavarian Wurst is Weißwurst. But Lederhosen is an “Bayern-only” thing and the combination with anykind of Wurst brings Bayern first up to mind. 🙂

    • +Mortrag and ass all who have ever been to Germany (or are TRUE germans) know, Bavaria is not necessarily Germany (ask anyone). OK joking aside, please stop trying to think of bavarian stuff when you think Germany. And the morst german things possible would be saussages (every corner of the country has their own special ones), bread (most different types in the world) and beer. Come on you forgot beer around here.

    • +Andreas Müller hah! The beer is definetely THE Czech thing, while Austria has it’s own well-established selection of different types of Wurst as well. As for the bread… I have to admit that you may be right 😉 Cheers from Vienna.

    • Nodus Entertainment Systems

      i am german, and that made me spill my breakfast beer. LOL

    • +Guido Bölke launched at the height of Oktoberfest!

  10. If jingles becomes a commander I’ll assign him to mu conquer so he’ll be safe from harm

  11. I sense a Squire vibe from this, Admiral. Must be suggestion.

    • It woud have been even more Squireesque if, upon hearing that the odds are stacked against him, he would have said: Aha, a Challenge. That will make it just more glorious when we win.

  12. We’re all Englishmen? But what if they’re Scottish, Irish or, god forbid, Welsh?

  13. I’m fairly certain Jingles was trying to say that it would be hard to get the ribbons in a *Standard* Battle, but being the Jingles we all know and love, he just said Random Battle instead XD

  14. Xavier Nabet Contini

    “Open to everyone!… Even Germans”


  15. Yeah we germans took the japanese in the next round and look what it brought us.

  16. ummm could someone please translate this for me I don’t speak posh.

    • Right Lads, get your arses up and get to work. We’ve got to defend the base and were doing it in a random battle. Fire at the smelliest ship out there! Job’s done, now get to the life boats! If the Germans want the Japanese, they can ‘ave ’em. Better them than us!

    • RadicalKattastrophe

      +Jekub Fimbulwing Why is this so accurate… to accurate!

  17. I’m hopefully not the only one who wants Jingles to keep doing these video’ even after the ring contest is over because that was so funny.

  18. *In Squire’s voice* “Now hold on just a moment… What the bllloody hell is this? The enemy are engaging us… in a 4 vs 1? Scandalous! This is a violation of rule 3 (probably) of the Officer’s Guide to Gentlemanly Battle, which state’s that: “If you are forced to confront the enemy, *NEVER* do so with a numerical advantage of more than 3 vs 1, any more than that and it would just be unfair… yeeees. But, back to the matter at hand: “Attention enemy Admirals, (pfft… nothing *admirable* about them if you bllloody well ask me!) Your superiors will be receiving a most strongly worded letter of complaint, about this despicable, outrageously unsporting behaviour. You’re going to be so severely reprimanded, you’ll wish you were back in the tren-” *words cut off by the sea*

    For anyone reading this comment who hasn’t already heard of Squire: You can easily find his channel by searching YouTube with the search terms: “Squire” or “Squire War Thunder” He is an immensely entertaining content creator, he is the inspiration behind this comment and he deserves all the credit for it (Well PART of the credit at least, I had to think of some of this myself, you know…took me ages!) so what the bloody hell are you liking my comment for? Go subscribe to Squire already! Everything he uploads is worth a watch and almost guaranteed to make you laugh (I say almost… because I couldn’t afford the legal expenses if people watched his videos at my suggestion, didn’t find them funny and then sued me for mis-representation. Oh and by the way; You better be subscribed to our Gnome Overlord Jingles already, because if you’re not… I won’t make you a cup of tea! There, that’ll show you :p)

    • +Angry Pepper shaker Well… Let’s be honest here; I’m probably never going to post a comment that becomes this popular, ever again, so… Like any Brit worth his salt, I am going to milk this for all it’s worth, then when nobody cares about it anymore, I’m going to never let anyone hear the end of it… Just like how we won the World Cup in ’66 and have accomplished almost nothing since, but are STILL talking about the fact that we won the 1966 World Cup… Yes, very Brritish.

    • +ZoschenMacCracken98 I did the same… actuall I double checked the name of the poster expecting it to be squire 😛

    • @Squire

    • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss

  19. God save our gracious Gnome.
    Long live our noble Gnome.
    God save the Gnome!
    Send him victorious,
    happy and glorious
    Long to reign over us;
    God save the Gnome.

    • What about: god *shave* the Gnome?

    • A few (years? Surely not! Oh good Lord where has my life gone) I posted the full version in a Mingles comment section:

      God save our gracious Jingles.
      Long live our noble Jingles
      God save the Mighty Jingles
      Send him victorious
      Happy and glorious
      Long to reign over us
      God save the Gnome Overlord!

      O Lord our God arise
      Scatter his enemies
      And make them fall
      Confound their politics
      Frustrate their knavish tricks
      On Thee our hopes we fix
      God save us all! (from Wargaming etc)

      Thy choicest gifts in store
      On him be pleased to pour
      Long may he reign
      May he defend our laws
      And ever give us cause
      To sing with heart and voice
      God save the Mighty Jingles!

      Not in this land alone
      But be God’s mercies known
      From shore to shore
      Lord make the nations see
      That men should brothers be
      And form one family
      The world wide web over

      From every latent noob
      From the troll and idiots’ blow
      God save the Mighty Jingles
      O’er his thine arm extend
      For Britain’s sake defend
      Our master, teacher, and friend
      God save the Mighty Jingles!

      Lord grant that Admiral Jingles
      May by thy Mighty aid
      Victory screen bring
      May he sedition hush
      And like a torrent rush
      Rebellious salt miners crush
      God save the Mighty Jingles!!!

    • +Daimon Nah, why would you want to remove his glorious, mighty beard.

    • +Norkans5 Reminds me of a rejected Burma Shave jingle:
      After three beers
      The British sing:
      God shave the King!

  20. Can we please have a whole battle narrated like this??

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