World of Warships – The RN DD Style

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Discussing take on RN DDs just before CCs have them removed, summarize the playstyle and how to succeed. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier IX British Jutland Replay – Discord Server


  1. I’m going to enjoy playing the Royal Navy DDs because I am British and I do love my DDs but I think I will struggle with them you clearly need to be patient and that’s not one of my strengths, but hey just means I need to learn, but I’m assuming it must be hard to deal with a determined cruiser push

  2. On the plus side, there are so many British and Commonwealth DD designs that they can easily add 1 or 2 more lines with different play styles in future… Maybe… It took them forever just to do this line.

  3. Rule Britannia

  4. Sorry but I wholeheartedly disagree with that captain build and the logic supporting it…

  5. meanwhile wouldnt be bad if they reward us with 6 point captain for some mission with new line

  6. yay… more HE spam… just what i wanted….

  7. The Russians DDs have a complete oppesite now, RN DDs.

    • The Soviets are a full gunboat while the Japanese are a full torpedo boats. That makes the Soviets and Japanese opposites. The British are hybrids that have good torps and guns, I don’t see why you think this.

    • I think the opposite to the RN DDs are more the USN ones

    • These are gunboats with incredible concealment and RN cruiser smoke/hydro. If you think about it, the speed advantage of Soviet destroyers is wasted if a player chooses to smoke camp with them.

    • The reason why I think they’re oppesite is simply because since the RN DDs will be mostly defensive play unlike the Soviets which are mostly aggresive play.

    • Can we say a Khaba is agressive though ? They spend most of their time spamming HE from a distance, not contesting caps, not being able to push… I’d say while a Khaba is very “activ” (as in, he spends a lot of time gunboating in open water), it is not very agressive. The most agressive DD for me is the Z52, just because of his ability to push any other DD out of a cap with his hydro

  8. Really think the nemesis to this line will be the German Z class, their hydro and marginal speed advantage (excluding speed boost that Germans have) will be the best way to counter these boats.

    • Hmm I see your point there, you may be right.

    • What you need to understand is these things car run away from anything you’re actually going to have trouble getting away from battleships in these things that’s absolutely ridiculous and if you spawn on the wrong side of the map or you need to reposition he’s going to take you absolutely forever

    • BadVooDoo Sierra Mike spead flag bundles will sale like hot cake

    • Not to mention the YY with radar.

    • I agree, bad firing angles on these mean more broadsides for german DD AP plus far better hydro means they shoot u while you cant see them cuz ur playing “defense(camping in smoke)”

      And your right radar pan-asain have good DPM too

      Plus Russians have ok DMP too with heal so they can disengage heal and run u down like ur standing still. And at mid range they have better shell velocity

  9. They aren’t “defensive” and playing passively isn’t a strength. You can’t take away options and act like it’s part of the gimmick. Next we’ll get the Italian battleship line with no damage control party because they’re “aggressive”.

  10. This sounds like the last nail in the coffin for ijn dds. That amount of firepower in a low detection package will be fatal whenever you encounter it. With hydro it is invulnerable to torps, and as if the dpm wasn’t enough of a deterrent to taking it on with slow IJN dd guns, it has smoke and so is invulnerable to IJN dd guns as well. IJN dd’s don’t have armor. They don’t have speed. They don’t have dpm from guns. Concealment and smoke have been rendered nearly useless by the proliferation of radar, hydro, and planes. It was bad enough to have DesMoines waiting behind islands at every cap to pop radar at the first sign of an IJN dd. Now wow is adding an undetectable and so unavoidable 3rd rail in the form of these RN dds. Anyone still suggesting that a dd’s job is to cap early or even midgame does not understand how the game has changed.

    • Charles Ball actually ijn dds are great damage farming gun boats and if played well can pretty much solo win games, tho I’m talking about Akizuki, kitakaze, amd haragumo

    • Depends on which line. the Shimakaze line will have a hell of a time against these ships. The Harugumo line, on the other hand, will probably eat these for lunch. Flamu did a video the other day that showed him eating a Hindenburg alive with HE spam.

    • IJN DD’s still have the best torpedoes in every way. People are just using them completly wrong. This whole “IJN DD’s are underpowered” has always been a big whining fiasco about people wanted to use IJN’s also as gunboats.

      Dont. You want gunboats? Go down the new and improved Akizuki line. Its amazing.

      Dont assault cap with a japanese DD. Saturate the cap with torpedoes and stay back as far as possible. Spotted? spot smoke AND retreat.

    • I don’t know about them having the “best” torpedoes overall. Certainly the most damage per fish, but their spotting range is a bit much. The guns themselves aren’t bad, it’s the slow mounts that really handicap them.

      I do agree that the IJN torpedo bote line needs to be properly played for the most effect. I’ve always had the best success with them acting as a fleet scout in the early game, then transitioning over to capping and area denial in the late game.

    • OEFBugout torp detection is so overrated.

  11. When the Jutland has a 6.1 km detection without CE … But AKizuki has 6.1 with CE and Conceal Mod .. Balanced

  12. I’ve been waiting for so long for the British DDs I hate to say it but as they are they are a piece of crap they will be absolutely no fun to play whatsoever

  13. hey notser can you please do a video about z52 sicne i cant play that ship ;,,,, short range torps and useless hydro at this meta i cant do anything in it

  14. So…RN DD’s are just ultra-light cruisers then. Do you think they will split the RN cruisers so we can get heavy and light in game?

  15. YESSS! I was that Cleveland trying hard to support my favourite Texan!

  16. So disappointing…

  17. That’s right .. There are generally only one or two players in a team who even think objectively, if you destroy or hamper those individual players then the game is as good as won. But having said that, I do honestly think the emphasis should be taken off HE and Torp spam, it really is just leading to campy games in the higher tiers, especially with smoke and radar. The game is still way too focused on individual damage and that is destroying the fun and satisfactition of achieving a team win. I honestly don’t know what Wargaming is playing at when it comes to random battles, it could be so much more enjoyable.

  18. TemporaryINTER135

    The RN DDs are going to do to the IJN DDs what the USN DDs did before the IJN go a concealment buff.
    RIP Shimakaze, the revenge for the Battle of Tsushima is still ongoing.

  19. A lot of players will rush in, overextend, not be able to retreat, and die complaining about lack of support. Player balance.

  20. Admittedly, the guns make it difficult for other DD’s, however skilled radar and hydro ships if played correctly and with good teamwork, will overrun it quickly, just like any other DD. Sometimes I’m a bit confused on where exactly you stand because I’ll watch several of your videos discussing how powerless DD’s have become and how vulnerable they are to BB guns and then a few videos later, you’re telling me that these poor BB’s don’t have a chance and how you’re in complete control. What pieces am I missing? I genuinely suspect that I’ve misunderstood your perspectives somewhere.

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