World of Warships – The Rusty Sheriff’s Badge

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Yes, that’s his name. Really. Don’t worry, once I compose myself I’ll explain it all to you.

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  1. Can’t wait to hear the explanation behind this video’s title.
    Edit: Full disclosure, I already knew what a rusty sheriff’s badge meant. Don’t ask me how, but what I meant by my comment was I couldn’t wait to hear Jingles laugh his arse off explaining what it means to the blissfully innocent. And it didn’t disappoint, as usual when it comes to Jingles.

  2. Look at that, impeccable timing by Jingles once more, clearly making a new video just in time for my freshly cooked meal. It has to be fate.

  3. I subscribed to your channel because of WOW content, but mostly because of your unique maniacal laugh. I cant help but laugh when you do it.

  4. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    From 0:20-1:19
    We can all enjoy Jingles dying from laughter

  5. So articulate Jingles. Can you say that again without laughing?

  6. Jingles laughing at an ass joke for 16 and a half minutes is exactly why i’m here

  7. Your laugh is contagious old man! Thanks for making the Tuesday morning more bearable at work.

  8. I was holding it together until I heard Jingles say “Monkey Trumpet”, that killed me LMAO

  9. Me: “Ah a new Jingles WoWs video, I think I’ll enjoy my breakfast with this”
    Me ten seconds later: “Aw, that’s nasty” 🤣

  10. Rusty Sheriff’s Badge with burst mode is leathal.

  11. I’ve watched the old man long enough that I knew within him laughing for 2 seconds that he was “going to need a minute”

  12. It’s 4am, im in bed with the wife, she’s asleep and im fighting my damndest to hold back laughter from that intro, you know that church laugh where you grab your sides and hold your stomach as you try to fight every bit of noise as tears of joy stream down your face 😂 god damn I wasn’t expecting that lmao

  13. That preschool gigglin made my day, Mister Jingles, please never change. <3

  14. There’s nothing better than Jingles laughter to lighten up a shitty morning.

  15. Jingles dying of laughter is actual therapy.

  16. Only a retired navy guy could give such a varied and complete description of the meaning behind (no pun intended) the ship’s captain’s in-game name. And laugh about it to the point he is running out of oxygen. Jingles, you might need a holiday back to the Salt Mines. Another great video.

  17. As everyone keeps saying Paul your laugh is so contagious another shite week brightened by your videos. Man you are my saving grace lately first my dog now my mother in law in ICU.

    • Granted I’m not Jingles, but I sincerely hope your week gets better. I’ll say a prayer or two for your mother in law. Keep that chin up, mate. 🙂

  18. Considering WG’s recent devblogs about Pan Amercian crusiers being all about ‘we can assume, perhaps, it could have been possible for nations of the South American continent to purchase these kinds of vessels’ (when it actually wasn’t). Their AA mechanics being based on the assumptions of the possibility of a chance fits well with their new strategy of ‘We assume’.

  19. I like that laughter so much, Jingles! Thank you so much for making the day so, so much better! ^^

  20. 4:23 Actually Jingles, warship shells aren’t made of lead, so “putting lead downrange” would mean that your crew is up on the deck firing small arms at your enemies, which is probably not the best use of their time 😁

    • It’s an expression well-known to any of us who have served. “Putting lead downrange” refers to basically any type of ranged ordnance, regardless of its actual composition.

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