World of Warships – The Saint Louisville Slugger

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Today’s the last upload before I head off to Germany for Gamescom, but fear not! I’ve been feverishly busy working in advance to get some videos like this one pre-uploaded so I can schedule them for release while I’m away. You lucky, lucky people, you.

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If you have a War Thunder or World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. the St. Louis basically has 14 filthy capitalist kv-2s guided by the hands
    of franklin d roosevelt him self

  2. Simon Kopertowski (HidesHisFace)

    Have fun at Gamescon, Jingles!

  3. Oh Jingles, you and your shells. It’s like a game within a game ;)

  4. *Gamescon* – “Knock Knock”
    *Me* – “Who’s there?”
    *Gamescon* – “lol not you.” ..!. >_< ..!. *Me* - *cries*

  5. Actually, the AP does pen battleships with the St Louis. As long it is a
    steep arc.

  6. Don’t forget to avoid the Kölsch!

  7. What is so wrong about battleship firing HE at cruisers, especially as
    paper-armored as St. Louis? I overpenetrated for 300 dmg almost every time
    I did that, so I’m firing HE at them as well. Am I really doing that wrong?

  8. I Like Pie

  9. le st noskill

  10. Fun fact: St. Louis has a higher artillery rating than South Carolina.
    F*ck that noise.

  11. Welcome to Cologne and have some fun here.

  12. One annoying thing about destroyer captains is that they do not watch where
    they are going. I’m sorry, let me move my 27,000 ton New York out of the
    way of your ship that can turn on a dime.

  13. to be fair he was engaging another battleship at very short range
    and reloading will take 30 sec
    so yeah

  14. Gabelhelm Sogarbraten

    The MC WarShip LEague is growing i record the first warship battle today

  15. I described the st louis to my clan commander as “The super OP super heavy
    giga battleship wearing the mask of a cruiser while having 14 guns” and he
    laughed and said it couldn’t be true so I fired a broadside behind him

  16. 4:36 ”There’s the Cruiser”

    Actually Jingles…..

    Shall i see myself off to the salt mines now?

  17. “If that don’t work, use more gun”
    St. Louis in a nutshell

  18. Jesus, earliest I’ve ever been to a Jingles video, anyway great video as

  19. Actually there’s the Russian Aurora as well on T3 :P.

  20. I’m seeing some bad players at WoWS, amazing the stupidity of some people:
    Failed divisions
    Still ships(easy targets)
    Going back and forth behind islands(LOL)
    And so on…

    But the MM is still broken!

  21. Im sorry jingles but it still needs more dakka

  22. Hey jingles do you like steam locomotives? At all

  23. 10:28 I think he just fired high explosive at me *laughs*

    *Fires the BB with armor-piercing*

  24. got into a teir 7 game in my myogi… somehow managed to get two kills and
    the funny thing was that i wasn’t platooned with anyone.

  25. My little guns whore !

  26. The Missouri Typewriter.

  27. Kuma: short chimney, twin guns up front. Currently tied for my favourite
    ship with the izokaze with commander skills you can get 6 guns with 5
    second reload times I remember getting somthing 85 hits in a game aswell as
    torp dammage 

  28. haaaang on doesn’t the st louis get 152mm guns? Whereas the kuma has 140mm?
    Or is my vague knowledge rusty? ;)

  29. I recently had an enemy battleship fire HE at my battleship while we were
    in secondary range of each other as well. I use AP, and he cries about
    hacking as my half hp battleship proceeds to blow his full hp ship out of
    the water.

  30. Hmm I didn’t know that 140 mm guns on the Kuma were bigger then the 152 mm
    guns on the St. Louis. Interesting indeed :P.

  31. TBH I wonder how they’re going to fit a british, german, russian, and
    whoever else tier 3 cruiser in. Cause right now, the Tenryuu and the St
    Louis, are actually quite well balanced against eachother, and very good
    (St Lou has all the guns, and health. Tenryuu might have fewer guns, but
    they’re quick firing, and its faster + torps)

  32. Jingles, it’s quite easy to tell it’s a Kuma, cause it’s got 2 14cm single
    mount turrets on the bow, I think, while the Tenryuu’s second turret is
    behind the bridge, with only one turret on the bow.

  33. have fun at gamescom jingles.

  34. Spam HE in a BB is for noobs. No skill

  35. Jingles you should talk about the Japanese Battleships heading to wot/
    heavy tanks…

  36. holy crap I’m in the top 300 views. Woot!

  37. wait under 301? what sorcery is this?

  38. Hey jingles you rock

  39. Im realizing there will be only 1 video of world.of tanks in one week these
    days… sorry jingles but that is a little bit disapointing…

  40. I love how the Confederate medal gives you a stack of +50% exp flags in
    this game.

  41. Patrick Grænge Hansen 1f

    does anyone know how to enable your wows replays, when i only have a file
    called preferences

  42. Still needs more guns jingles!

  43. 16 minutes ago, Jingles this is my best time. Do I get a day off from the
    salt mines?

  44. 4:37 “take the voice of the guy that know everything” Weeellll, actually
    Jingles, that’s a destroyer not a cruiser

  45. Jingles! Where the hell is Saint Louisville? I know of a Louisville but I
    don’t know of any Louisville being a Saint…


  46. Could someone explain to me how to get the team lists at the side of the
    screen when playing 

  47. Louish…Franshis

  48. ANYONE SUB FOR SUB??!??!just reply to me with ,,done”and I will sub back

  49. 12 min after the videos upload…

  50. god his laugh is amazing

  51. hi

  52. st luis is awesome

  53. im so early 14th commenter

  54. Scott Miljojkovic

    I like how I’ve found like ten Xbox one players with the gamer tag ‘The
    Mighty Jingles’ aha Fan boys much 

  55. TheMightyJingles Worshipper

    8 minutes ago?
    never been this early

  56. Patrick Grænge Hansen 1f

    14th comment

  57. Under 301 club yey.

  58. i hope u have a nice tripp to gamescom ,

  59. St. Louis. ‘Nuff said.

  60. 1st! Lol no :)

  61. another low tier game ehhhhh

  62. 6th comment

  63. 25 like 215 view and 7th comment! life is good today! now if the mighty
    jingles could reply to this……i will kill all who shoot at luchs’s or

  64. You better enjoy Gamescom for me Jingles.

  65. Third comment 

  66. hmmm… ill just leave this here.

  67. only 49 views :D

  68. Got second like

  69. hi there

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