World Of Warships – The Salem Witch

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World of Warships is at it again with another awesome event this time I take an easy win and ruin it due to my lack of skills but totally redeem myself in the end!

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  1. Oh god the cringe!

  2. Lead with range so a lot more lead

  3. your the man devil

  4. You’re welcome to come play with my clan (Team Special Forces), Devil. PM
    me if you want the teamspeak, there is almost always people on and willing
    to division.

  5. i play this im airwalrus 1v1 me with my South carolina lol

  6. anyone else screaming “LEAD MORE!!!!!” at the screen?

  7. Man what a waste of a way OP ship. Never heard of AP

  8. I can’t whatch this your aim is so bad at some point I wanted to punch you
    like devil man you kick ads in arma a game like this should be Apple pie

  9. sniper elite 3

  10. The Youtube Commenter

    You need to fire HE, devil. AP does more damage than HE, but only if it
    penetrates. So, if you were a battle ship at this teir, you should use AP,
    but a little cruiser just dosen’t have the pen it needs.

  11. If you hold alt you can see the time it takes your shells to hit that
    point-it helps a lot with hitting targets at speed or having a clue as to
    how far ahead to shoot in general. Not saying it cures everything but it is
    a start to getting better. Also AP shells against cruisers and BB’s when
    you have the advantage of big guns makes a huge difference. Smaller guns
    make HE a better choice as fires force the enemy to use reps or burn and
    once they use a rep they need to wait for the cycle-which means you can set
    them on fire again and they can’t put them out. GG though.

  12. hey man watch some of The Mighty Jingles videos he has some noob friendly
    stuff for world of warships on his channel he also gives tips in most of
    his replay videos

  13. yo this is fuukin badass

  14. That family guy quote lol

  15. I think the Salem Witch is based off the USS Salem, a ship built in my home
    town(Quincy MA) that has a history of being “Haunted”.

  16. Took a few minutes to zero in -_- good to watch

  17. How do you get the ships?

  18. Christ this 1st half is painful. But I love you devildog, loyal fan right
    here. Xoxo

  19. Devil you may be a wee little noob but i promise in just a few days you can
    be better than phly.

  20. Imagine the damage that could have been done if he used AP on the
    cruisers.. ahh much better 2nd round lmao
    Citadels 4 days
    Doesn’t appear DDG is aware that the Phantom has had its top speed halved
    from the Des Moines too lol

  21. devil, you need to know which shells to use on what targets especially if
    you miss a lot (no offence). when using a cruiser generally you use AP on
    other cruisers and HE on destroyers and battleships. even at tier 4 with
    your tier 10 its a good rule to follow. (some battleships you might be able
    to penetrate with AP like you did on your first battle but its a 50/50, try
    using AP first then HE if the AP fails to do good damage because the fire
    damage caused by HE will make up for it)

  22. you don’t say the s in Des Moines

  23. imagine if he knew to use AP and use the repair skill

  24. Moines has a silent “S”. Kinda bugged me. But oh well xD

  25. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    Ur not bad at wows u need to LEAD ALOT MORE just lead PRACTICE the LEAD

  26. don’t think we will see much more of this because of how many views he’s
    got, but correct me if I’m wrong, its just my guess after all

  27. Can anyone tell me how this game is? How long does it normally take to get
    a ship like devil has without paying for anything? curious on this game

  28. as my friend from Des Moines says there is only one Des Moines (no esses at
    the end)

  29. so is this like warthunder??? but with ship destroyers?

  30. Wtf 54 free Shio slots ?

  31. Lmao I had to stop the video for a min. bol

  32. Devil you’re actually not that bad.

  33. Use AP next time.

  34. The Hoodedeagle Show

    hey devil here’s a tip use ap against cruisers. only use he if you are
    fighting dd or bb. also when fighting with a carrier use he till you set
    him on fire then switch to ap to kill him quick.

  35. Hey devil I don’t know if anyone else said this or if you know but the
    numbers when you aim in on the horizontal line are for distance

  36. Salem is awesome because I live in Salem

  37. Devil I probably wouldn’t be good at this game so you could probably beat

  38. All the people in that first game:
    “Oh man, we’re so outnumbered, but this guy managed to get one of the devs
    “We’ll destroy them with that guy!”
    *devil proceeds to watch the team get destroyed*

  39. Which IDIOT at Wargaming put Salem at Tier 4?

  40. Why are you slowing down? There’s no benefit. Keep momentum going so you
    can maneuver.

  41. this game is World of Tanks but has Ships

  42. Badass ship

  43. so wierd i was watching phly daily play this last night and now there is a
    vid out

  44. had to stop halfway through….so painful…love DDG’s vids but this was
    hard to watch.

  45. Damn that was hard to watch devil actually not do good at a game :(

  46. Great Vid, My dad was on the USS Des Moines CA134 Heavy Cruiser. What a
    beast she was

  47. Just curious was it that entire team gets reward from destroying or
    defending ghost?

  48. love u long time devil, keep the good vids!!!

  49. 26:42 – face-palmed so hard xD

  50. ahh, The Salem Witch Trials. Fun stuff in history class…

  51. I wonder if I’ll have beaten Halo 5 on Legendary and Fallout 4 by the time
    Devildog has gotten good at this game.

  52. today is my b-day and i have waited for this series return loike what a
    good present unkowingly

  53. just lead them a little further

  54. Lol turned adblock off for this one. Hope it helps a little bit.

  55. Nice!

  56. I live right down the street from the Salem. It is a breathtaking ship

  57. ddg the isn’t much of a math equation you have to eye ball it

  58. i think in this ship at this tier you could fire AP at pretty much
    everything and still penetrate

  59. I think your actually quite good, i feel like in the first match you should
    have shot AP more but that could just be me 😛 anyways great video :)

  60. HE on destroyerss and battlesips AP on cruisers

  61. MrThebostonirishmen

    If you want to visit the USS Salem CA139 you can as of right now on
    weekends go to Quincy MA. it is one hell of a ship and is the only heavy
    cruiser left in the world.

  62. devil is u think your terrible at the game u should play it more to get
    better meaning more people will be like wow he took the time too get better
    at this game and wreck shit

  63. Hold da phone!!!!!!!!good one

  64. Yeah, I see it this is not your game

  65. Play more WoW

  66. 9:49 am why

  67. @18:00 good luck everybody else – family guy asian woman driver xD

  68. *has the witch hunter movie as the advertisment, pfffffft

  69. Really enjoyed your come back in the 2nd round. You were in the grove.

  70. Great video again devil !

    What ever content you produce whether its Exile, DayZ, Ark etc it is always
    quality viewing

    Keep up the good work

  71. Is this a free steam game?

  72. Accuracy by volume, it didn’t work in Vietnam and it didn’t work in the
    game. Sorry Devil

  73. thank you for your service devil.


    I love watching all your videos and think the games you play are awesome

  75. How 2 get them ships?`

  76. Whatever happened to deep space? 

  77. How did you get that ship?

  78. 15 mamafucker

  79. DDG, what do you get for killing these?

  80. u the man dude

  81. 3e

  82. second

  83. I’m still terrible at this game but redeem myself in the second round :)

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