World of Warships – The Scharnhorst

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I can finally show you one of the German battleships I’ve been enjoying the opportunity to playtest for the last week, the . Well, “enjoying” may not be exactly the right word to use, the Scharnhorst isn’t a bad ship by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s tricky to do well in…

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  1. I wish Jingles was my history teacher back in a day…

  2. If they make a premium HMS Belfast, it’s going to be fun to see that go up
    against the premium Scharnhorst…


    Belfast: *turns bows toward Scharnhorst* Yo! I’m back.

    Scharnhorst:…. Scheisse!

  3. Can anyone explain why the fuck did the Germans get their battleships
    before the British?

  4. 6:20, I can hear an ice cream van! Master jingles, can we please get a 99?

  5. Thomas Norton (Mark Grehan)

    Captain Kennedy was a terrible captain, trying to run away yes attacking
    the two German ships with his ship was almost an act of murder.

  6. @ The Mighty Jingles, you have an sound problem?? Greatings from fanclub

  7. Where’s the Royal Navy??? I want my HMS Rodney :'(

  8. History with the Mighty Jingles!

    Are there actually other youtubers who do such an extensive History before
    showing the digital one?

  9. In summary: Bring the knife-fight to the knife

  10. fuck that ship

  11. Look forward to the history of the war war one German ships

  12. history with jingles best kind of history lesson

  13. Hey Jingles/people of comments
    can I ask what software you use for your Eurobeat -style videos?
    I’d like to give editing a go myself :)


  15. Stiggiekaptain WoT

    Loved the history lesson Jingles!

  16. Very gud wow vid from u in a long time… well done… enjoyed it all!!
    Don’t loose the charm.

  17. You and Rita took a break from the NA witch hunt long enough to post actual
    content? Are you sure you don’t want to crap on war gaming some more?

  18. an HE-spamming bb maybe?

  19. Scharnmite, you either love it or you hate it!

  20. its so pretty 😀 i want it so much. and the camo.

  21. Even though I didn’t see the notification pop up on my phone i never
    clicked on the video so quick

  22. I do have a quick question, most of the other reviews i have seen have the
    torpedo protection at 22 % so why does it show 24 % here ?

  23. “I’m not saying it’s the T7” – Jingles in MWJ yesterday.

  24. I’ve been on hms Belfast which is in London

  25. not once mentioning the ‘ugly sisters’ reference :)

  26. Since it is a Battleship, it has a high chance to set ships on fire.


    Your lessons are outstanding. I was actually converting yards to miles
    during your briefing. I certainty appreciate all the effort you put in to
    these videos.

  28. is there going to be H39 & H 44??

  29. So it’s marmite then?

  30. A.J The Unexceptional Biker

    I love the history lessons 🙂 Keep them up Jingles! It brightens up a day
    in the salt mines!

  31. In other words the Scharnhorst is a VK.45.02 A in World of Warships.

  32. Berlin is calling every hour asking “What happened to the Duke of York?”
    …..NOTHING is what happened to the Duke of York!
    I’m sorry I had to.

  33. “Gentlemen, the battle against the Scharnhorst has ended in victory for us.
    I hope that any of you who are ever called upon to lead a ship into action
    against an opponent many times superior, will command your ship as
    gallantly as theScharnhorst was commanded today.”

    Admiral Bruce Fraser

  34. This video promotes you to vice admiral Jingles, but you will always be the
    boss of My rear. Thanks thanks thanks!

  35. so jingles if the shells bounce off is it better to use the he shells
    always like all the time since the ap is not good.

  36. So this is random…but happy 51st anniversary, Singapore!


  37. Hey jingles did you ever consider that some of us can’t get on

  38. Looks like a bad investment, but people will get it cos you know, German.
    The Fuso is a better ship at tier 6, 14 inch guns, 3 more of them, more HP,
    better accuracy and almost the same reload time. I think I’ll pass on this.

  39. History Time with Jingles! You should do these as separate videos, like
    Ichase with his “Know your ship” series XD

  40. from super Jingles..too much of talking nd less play.
    everyone knows stats…show us how to use it more effectively.

  41. Superior speed and maneuverability? At 30 knots? Every other cruiser in her
    Tier range does 30 knots or better.

  42. … it’s a, big feckoff destroyer. 🙂

    I’ll have two

  43. Jingles, a suggestion. The ads are getting annoyingly long (i remember the
    unskippable one from last week that went on for almost 5 minutes) and it
    really makes me wanting to turn adblock on again. But i dont, cause you
    have to make a living. How about you set up a Patreon page and for a pledge
    of 1$ or more per month we can turn on adblock without having a bad
    Maybe if there are enough supporters you can turn ads off completely.

  44. I’m really looking forward to your review of the Dunkerque

  45. Historycap with Jingles. This day is not that bad anymore…

  46. i swear every video of yours lately I always end up thinking the audio
    skipped back as you love to repeat yourself :)

  47. Yeah, I have to agree with Jingles, I personally, WILL LOVE IT, but I do
    have 57% win ratio on BB’s so I am fully familiar with how to place shots
    correctly and read the map / game so as to take advantage or put myself in
    a favorable situation !!!
    It’s not easy to do, and I had to play thousands of battles with BB’s alone
    to learn how to do it, but man is it rewarding once you understand it 🙂 :D

  48. So jingles is this the turkey German BB you were talking about in Mingles?

  49. Big ups for the Sink the Bismarck clips. Love that movie.

  50. Love me some Jingles ship reviews.

  51. I have had worse ships in my port However, this is “the”
    ship that you must gain glory, no camping in the rear. As you said you have
    to know your limitations.

    BTW, it was a shame that your team mates abandoned you. Maybe they can buy
    the “Backbone” module next time? Victory!

  52. So the sharnhorst is kind of a t54 with no premium ammo XD

  53. Are those solar panels on the buildings in the background?

  54. Fun Fact: Graf Spee once disguised as Scharnhorst to confuse the RN
    intelligence during her rampage in the Atlantic.

  55. Petrus Sillanpää

    Geez. No citadels on tinfoil ships made out of citadels like Budyonny and
    Kirov? What the hell is wrong with those guns?

  56. “oh sht its a battleship… oh he missed yay free damage for 30-45sec…
    after 20sec… wtf it shoot agen what is this magic”

  57. Man, this one looks good. But not $50-good. WG has a tough pricing
    policy… :/

  58. HE against angled cruisers?

  59. talking about armor in world of warships just doesn’t have the same feel to
    it like wot.

    Yes, i have armor, yes i angle my ship. Doesn’t make a difference, get
    damaged either way. Just keep yourself from the citadels is all you can do.

  60. How did he get that crosshair. His is spread out all mine are tightly

  61. Still won’t accept the Dunkerque as a battleship, will you?

  62. love the old footage.
    I see a few repeats in there, but thats to be expected i guess.

  63. I played with a Scharnhorst a week ago in the New Mexico. Me and that
    player went “no guts no glory,” and charged a Nagato, Fuso and another New

  64. Hey Jingles, awesome video as always! One quick thing though: The way you
    pronounce Gneisenau is wrong just a little bit. You need to put more
    emphasis on the G and not just disregard it!

  65. scharnhorst is cool brah.
    went to the hms belfast in the last week of july. thats cool aswell, brah.

  66. Another case of German ships not matching WG’s standard classes. Scharnorst
    class, and Graf Spee class are pocket battleships not regular battleships,
    never intended to take on battleships. 12″ & 11″ main guns just don’t cut
    it against larger ships (or even some smaller ships)!

  67. Loving the pre-gameplay documentary bit! :D

  68. There is a certain veil of mistery and glory surrounding the German ww2
    fleet. They can never match the power of the royal navy so they went for
    hit and run tactics, daring breaktroughs and raids. But all good things
    come to an end and they end up outnumbered and ultimately sunk.

  69. where did u get all this footage? is this autentic or from some film?

  70. Great history lesson! I don’t think staying at range is a good idea in this
    ship. It suffers the same pitiful accuracy as all battleships but its great
    reload, turret traverse and torpedoes means it can deal hell at
    medium/close range. Your best bet is to stick with your cruisers and target
    enemy cruisers rather than get pummelled by enemy battleships who will out
    damage and out pen you. The HE isn’t completely useless either because of
    the good fire rate.

  71. Oh I have got to get me one of those…WG take my money I’ve
    been playing more BB’s lately and I always have much better games when I
    get the opportunity to close the range. Any time I can get within 10km or
    closer without being surrounded and spannered I’m there. With the reload on
    these 11″ guns…sweet 🙂

    Shame the Gneisenau won’t be getting access to her historical armament in
    the tech tree. I really do hope WG wise up on that one. By all means, have
    special premium ships to sell but don’t start forcing people to pay for
    stuff if they want them to be historically accurate. No need

  72. Grate informative and entertaining video. You can Always relly on the UK’s
    varius armed forces to keep you entertained.

  73. hey Jingles can u show the dunkerque next please. I wanna see some love on
    the french

  74. Great His Story

  75. when will you be putting out videos on the rest of the German bbs?

  76. Ha… I get this kind of lag all the time, but I’m playing on the NA server
    from China…

    Also… Load HE and let’s go!

  77. I used to own this 2 part Scharnhorst documentary on VHS and loved watching
    it as a boy. So glad somebody commited it to digital media and put it on

  78. fucking yards jingles, i had to stop the video and google that shit >.<

  79. love the ice cream van in the background around 6:07

  80. Normal 8″ heavy cruiser shells can reliably penetrate broadside battleships
    outside the main belt and in some cases even the citadel, so I don’t expect
    any problems in doing the same with 11″ guns. Scharnhorst looks a bit like
    an up-gunned Baltimore with armor similar to a Japanese battleship, a
    deadly combination that should rock in tier 7.

  81. My understanding of doing well with this ship in WoW is to play it as a
    heavy cruiser rather than a battleship.

  82. so the scharnhorst is like a tier 7 tirpitz?

  83. Love this type of video, not just a simple review of the ship stats with a
    quick game against people with single number brain cells, but actual
    HISTORY of the real ship, footage and very interesting facts. Very very
    interesting, good job old boy, double rum rations for you good Sir

  84. To me, the Scharnhorst seemed more like a heavy armored Battle Cruiser.

  85. I have only seen one of these once so far… turns out I was extremely
    unlucky, my Cleveland was pointing her nose directly at the Scharn and took
    10k damage to two AP hits.

  86. So is the Scharnhorst, the one you hated jingles? The Schanrhorst should
    get an 15 cm upgrade option for the main guns…. imo…

  87. Hjalfnar Feuerwolf

    I like how you pronounce it Neisenau instead of Gneisenau, swallowing the
    G. You have to spell the G like at the beginning gorgeous. Not like in
    Kickerbockers. 😉 I know, not easy for non-native German speakers.

  88. Which ships can be played with focus on secondary batterie (not AA)? (Is
    there a guide?) I am planning to skill the commander and use equipment
    focuisng sec bat on the upcoming german bbs. Do they fit that “role”?
    Thanks for help, folks!

  89. Could you please talk more about the german ships that came to norway (and
    those that got sunk), i might be a bit biased since im am norwegain, but
    there are lots of small stories and such about these ships when they where
    in norway

  90. You spaeculated? o.0 Oh and the Demon Hunter or Demon Huntress if your
    female go live today after todays patch to WoW. Installing and subscribing
    today. Tbh i have bin missing that game a bit.

  91. Scharnhorst class battleships….. oh Germany you so silly their battle
    cruisers with decent armor quit making things out to be bigger than they
    really are your ego included…..

  92. SajuukTheGreatMaker

    I really liked the historical footage rolling alongside your explanations.
    Gives the historical sections of these videos a great new aspect.

  93. Hm. I’m not sure I agree with the “stay at range” philosophy. While some
    maps force the team to stay at range since pushing in anything besides a DD
    is suicidal, that doesn’t always work. Scharnhost may have decent range,
    but she looks more like a short-range brawler than the medium-range
    Colorado and the long-range Nagato. Scharnhost does have battleship armour
    and health. If you don’t push with this ship, the job falls to your much
    more vulnerable cruisers. I certainly recommend letting stronger BBs take
    the lead where possible, but ultimately you have to be prepared to play
    like a BB when the time comes.

  94. Is that an ice cream van I can hear in the background at around 6mins?

  95. 21:50 Dat Ping

  96. and when they bring out her sister ship. she’ll probably be armed with 15
    in guns. since that was what the German navy wanted to do

  97. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    What kind of Roon is this jingles?! :P

  98. Well, having the choice to put my bet on surviving the war by serving
    either in the Royal Navy or the Kriegsmarine, I would prefer spending my
    Holidays on Mauritius.

  99. it’s a cruiser/carrier/ destroyer killer

  100. Yay another history lesson

  101. In other words, it’s a good Battleship for people who primarily play
    Cruisers. Those who play ‘true’ Battleships will HATE it ;)

  102. history lesson of the day, check

  103. My Uncle served on the HMS Jamaica which I THINK got a shot off at the
    Scharnhorst. On the 4th Flotilla at Scapa Flow.

  104. The Scharnhorst didn’t have such an easy time during the channel dash, she
    hit mines twice that caused very serious damage. Not really a battleship,
    more a battlecruiser.

  105. The thing with the Scharnhorst is that in several significant respects it
    is more of a Battlecruiser than a Battleship, and WoWS have not got a
    Battlecruiser line, so in the case of the IJN there is at least 1
    technically Battlecruiser in the Battleship line. (I wonder how they’ll
    sort the RN then? or Ships such as the Alaska class?)
    Typically a Battlecruiser has same/slightly worse armament and much worse
    armour than a battleship but greater speed.
    Now the Scharnhorst has the speed, and in the 11in configuration, the
    slightly worse armament (in this case significantly worse lol) and
    reasonably good armour from what has been seen. I think in the tech tree it
    would be interesting to see the Gneisenau have 11in stock with the upgrade
    to 15in as was the historical intention, but I understand that many would
    find the lack of effectiveness annoying in a stock ship.
    On the evidence so far, the Scharnhorst may need a Buff to the armour
    penetration, preferential matchmaking, or something else to compensate if
    WoWS want the whole player base to be able to play it.

  106. so……… all the supertester accounts are named after AI in coop mode?
    or vice versa……hmmmm

  107. 800-900ms lag? sounds like a normal game to me xD

  108. I think you were too quick to dismiss the HE, it might only have 20% fire
    chance, but with such a quick reload you still have just as good a chance
    of starting fires as any other BB, and you can reload to AP rather quickly
    if they give you the side

  109. If I ever win the lottery I’m going to pay you a lot of money to record you
    telling World War 2 history. They’re the best part of your ship reviews.

  110. Mikael Falkenberg

    I am surprised this ship isn’t much better then what i have just seen. It’s
    definately not a ship i will waist funds on.

  111. Jingles, they didn’t abandon you, you turned away from your fleet’s

  112. I find it amusing that Jungles and iChase got vids on this up the same day
    and had different values for torpedo protection when they recorded.

    Also, I’d like to comment that I’ve managed to Citadel an Omaha from the
    front with another Omaha. So… I dunno, something must be a bit odd with
    the pen values.

  113. Some say that if your this early you may get a reply by Jingles.

  114. +The Mighty Jingles

    What is that thing at 3:33 and 8:45 that looks like window blinds installed
    to an air vent, being flashed open and shut?

  115. i dont even play world of warships bit the little bit of history at the
    start of these ship focus videos are facinating keep it up jingles


  117. 19:20 That is one hell of a depressing sight

  118. Tanks Explosions Anime (T.E.A)

    It seems like firing HE is not the dumbest idea in this ship

  119. LOL at the “Sink the Bismarck” clips you used.
    As to the 11″ guns being underwhelming, of course they are.
    Why? Because WoWS damage modelling is entirely FUBAR, where the IJN 8″
    guns, for example, have the best HE for damage and fire chance yet
    contained the SMALLEST bursting charges (i.e. HE filler) of pretty much ANY
    8″ naval gun of WWII.
    WG reasons as usual.
    No doubt Scharnhorst will cost almost as much as some entire games, which
    is absurd, and people will be stupid enough to pay it.

  120. just got the bl10 troll cannon


  122. jingles im wondering if you have noticed the arp captain in WoWs for the

  123. Dunkerque soon(tm)?

  124. Jingles, check your WOT EU forum inbox. You should find a nice little
    message there from the Producer of the Asia tank server.

  125. why did add the H44 :-(

  126. As said on Facebook, if you think 800 to 900ms ping is bad, try 5000 to
    8000ms ping.

    Yeap. One of the reasons I have given up on this game for the moment.

  127. Dunkerque, when???

  128. so basically as a wows newbie i can stick to what i learned from wot: play
    and buy RASHA all the way…..

  129. Have to love WG balancing logic….
    Dunkerque 13 inch guns max firing range : IRL 41 km (>23 km effective
    range) / IG 18.2 km
    Scharnhorst 11 inch guns max firing range : IRL 27 km (<18 km effective
    range) / IG 19.9 km

    ..... go figures

  130. Wait, what? At 5:35 the Germans are revealed to be the true creators of the

  131. love watching these videos there like a mini history lesson

  132. Lee's Extras Coolkiller3166

    4:10 Why you so damn good at explaining things?!?!

  133. been playing wows a lot lately and at the mid tiers this game is so much
    fun to play and its far more aggressive than youd think but at the high
    tiers due to the mass amounts of torps in the water because of high tier
    destroyers so tier 7 personally is my perfect tier 😀 its where you get
    some powerful ships but your not gonna run in to gearings and fletchers
    every other game which can be painful from experience in the tirpitz those
    destroyers can light you in all 4 areas in about 6 salvos and they fire
    every 3s or less so they wreck you so quick.

  134. Scharnhorst is battle cruiser I thought is a bb or a cruiser

  135. After watching the other videos, I have to say Jingles that I think you put
    too much emphasis on the ‘battleship’ part. In the replay, I’ve watched you
    complain that you couldn’t penetrate a cruiser’s side when angled. Whenever
    that happens, it is better to switch to HE in order to do consistent
    damage, just enough to force the ship to broadside on. Or better, fire at
    the superstructure. Sometimes, certain cruisers like the Pensacola or the
    Myoko actually don’t like it when you hit the superstructure. For the
    Omaha, you should have fired a little more forward to try and go through
    the structure, less overpenetrations.

    But then again, who am I to judge? It’s probably back to the salt mines and
    farm those delicious tears that you liked so much.

  136. Good review of this ship. thanks Jingles. will save my pennies for
    something else. Wonder how it will go against the Warspite ?

  137. 等好久阿 這台!!!!!! 我愛 沙恩霍斯特!~!!!!!!

  138. they have some modeling problems on the guns then.. 16,514 yards (15,100 m)
    13.18″ (335 mm) 1.63″ (41 mm) Even angled five inches of armor is not going
    to exceed 13 relative inches and it should not be strong enough to
    seriously deflect for a bounce.

  139. Loved the content, the historical with the gameplay and your own brand of
    charisma make it a treat. I personally would love to see The Gneisnau,
    Scharnhorst, Bismark, Tirpitz, Prinz Eugen and Admiral Hipper divisioned up
    with your Dead Admirals Society and see a live stream match on North etc to
    show the couch theorists like myself what this sort of fleet could do if it
    was commanded this way? Food for thought or not. Best wishes and Fair winds
    and following seas

  140. Dude, its G(!)neisenau, not Neisenau.

  141. Really seems like WG needs to readjust their armor pen values for 11 inch
    shells then, they hardly seem different from 8 inch shells apart from

    also, the wild dispersion (why 8 inch guns are laser accurate at 11km but
    11 inch guns spread like after wank piss makes no sense to me)

  142. Jingles! I found your easter egg at 8:43 in the top right! Do i get a
    prize?! :D

  143. Really interesting review @jingles. It makes you want to play the game!. I
    am more a wot fan and I really like it when you do a historical/game tank
    review. Awesome, keep up the good work!

  144. very honorable


  146. Honestly i would be able to deal with the low gun caliber

    But the dispersion, it’s jsut too hard to be consistent when using
    Battleships in my opinion

    and without module buffs this ship has more than 260m of dispersion

    In fact, if the stats ALREADY visible on the Official Wargaming Wiki (see
    mingles with jingles from yesterday)

    are anything to go by, more or less all german BBs except the lowest tier
    ones will have more than 260m of standard Disperson

    yeah thanks… but no thanks

  147. Get Lost High Five

    6:40 Ahhhhh, got to love the casual dig at the RAF from a Navy man

  148. Hey jingles you had a cock up on the top right at 8:43.

  149. I love these historical moments with pringles

  150. Aaaaand i’m in love with that ship now.
    How am i going to explain this to my wallet……

  151. Nice to see we are getting closer to the German Battleship line, can’t
    wait. Hopefully though the next WoWs video I see from you is the Warspite
    one I sent in.

  152. The Anime Civilian

    Alright i was wrong it wasn’t the Derpitz.

  153. I really like these videos with a historical section included.

  154. It feels like only yesterday you were saying that you couldn’t talk about
    the german BB’s

  155. That auxiliary cruiser should have just angled its armor. xD

  156. so when are they coming to WoWS?

  157. Cant wait to get this ship. Its all i ever wanted in one ship. Its like a
    great armoured fast dangerous cruiser. Loving it!

  158. Ah, after 12:05 minutes, the backstory is over and we get to see what it is

    Still not as much as the Tirpitz, that was around 17 minutes.

    Jingles, please never change.

  159. Jingles tell war gaming they are idiots the 28 cm SK C/34 guns could
    penetrate over 300mm of armor out to 15,000 meters. So all of your bounces
    she have been penetrations against those cruisers with 127mm / 5″ belts.

  160. Jingles vid at 4AM CST? no problem! I have no live, am sick, and am
    practically nocturnal! 😀

    *looks at all the angry American viewers who have lives*

  161. YASSS he knows Faroe Island 1:18, Nice one Jingles

  162. So it’s a smaller version of the Tirpitz. 🙂 Im going to love it.

  163. Jingles, is the Scharnhorst class in your opinion a Battleship or
    Battlecruiser? I have seen sources argue for either classifications, so I
    would like to hear your opinion.

  164. Seems more of a extra heavy cruiser to me.

  165. before the gameplay: wow this looks good..
    while watching the gameplay: wut? the hell?

  166. Im curious if the HE on this ship despite the lack of dmg and lower chance
    of fire, might be a a better choice due to the superior rate of fire? It
    seems like its a lot like the Cleveland

  167. The secondaries on this thing seem pretty effective.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on these new BBs.

  168. Jingles, that reminds me of how the british are so accurate that at one
    point they fired 3,000 shots at argentinian forts and only hit 10 times. Oh
    and this was when the RN was at it’s peak (1882), and again firing 719
    shots without sinking the bismarck.

  169. CynicallyObnoxious

    Im thinking HE spam

  170. Wonder why they not selling this ship as premium classed 8-10 cruiser
    instead of a battleship ~ great video as ever Mr J.

  171. Anything 9.4 inches and up are battleship weapons. The 11.1 inch german
    weapons were just as power full as ww1 12inch guns found on most

  172. i have been in the Gneisenau back turret!

  173. The Pilot Penguin

    its hard to tell if this is the ship with the worst grind like you said in
    ingles with jingles

  174. How much time this man uses to do his videos? I Mean , that much history at
    the beginning and so much historic video content! history document ,
    english lesson and
    entertainment in same video! just keep doing what you are doing and have a
    good day everyone! :)

  175. If this were World of Warships that Aux Cruiser would of sunk both
    Battleships because of that 5in spam.

  176. Excellent history lesson with some great video to accompany it. You should
    contact BBC about making documentaries! I have learned more about the naval
    engagements near my former hometown (Narvik) from your videos than I ever
    did in school.

  177. the best tip i can give with this ship is to change targets a lot
    think how to get the most damage out of every salvo

  178. so, should I get Tirpitz now or wait for dis

  179. christopher tucker

    I always play BBs like big cruisar so maybe this will be. good for me

  180. 10:50 – As what level of badassery would we consider firing a ship turret
    that is high on fire?

    I don’t know.

  181. Makes me wonder if this ship should have been classified as a battlecruiser
    rather than a battleship.

  182. Mr.Jingles sir, what do you do on the poop deck?

  183. So what you are saying Jingles, is that the Ship needs to be one tier lower
    than it is, right?

  184. I love these historical videos so much, please keep doing them!

  185. This ship sounds like my cup of tea! This progression of the match is
    something I do in my Pensacola actually, which is also a great cruiser
    killer. Sit at the back in the beginning with friendlies to take the heat,
    while progressively moving closer to create the situations where I am in
    control of who shoots at me and who I will shoot, before finally going
    full-on brawling rampage and getting half a battles’ worth of citadels in
    the last minute or however long my hp and luck allows me.

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    dictates suicide by German battleship instead of the reasonable thing. You
    also could have “accidentally” transmitted a radio message out over long
    wave radio that you where surrendering, thus stalling the Germans who need
    to board the ship then, take the crew off and then sink the ship. That
    takes time and then the Royal Navy squadron close bye ambushes the two
    ships. You don’t die, you probably don’t lose the ship, you lured in a RN
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    Issue has not occurred since. Just deleting the files from the temp
    location may work for you, but I did the whole deal. Good luck! Location on
    Windows 10: C:UsersyourprofilenameAppDataLocalTemp

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