World of Warships – The Schlieffen Can

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It’s like The Schlieffen Plan expect it’s The Schlieffen Can. Because… well I thought it was clever and witty. Okay I’ll see myself out.

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  1. Lol he said he was going to send it to the old man and behold here it is lol😂

  2. Head of WG balancing department once detonated a paolo emilio in a kaga without actually hitting it after he had already been sunk lmao

  3. To me, Schlieffen kind of sounds like it should be a swear word. Ex: Are you Schlieffen kidding me?!? Schlieffen off, you bugger. Etc

  4. I love jingles upload schedule because he always uploads right when I’m about to go to bed.

  5. On my way to unlock that ship, looking forward for those secondaries, lol!

  6. It seems the best way to be featured on this channel is to send Jingles a Schlieffen video. This has to be the 10th one!

  7. Hi jingles. I’ve been watching/listening to you for years. Love the vids.

  8. SCP 4217, Contain The Bismarck

    Once again we get to listen to Jingles dying of laughter

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    • @narsaku canada oh looky here folks, yet another god botherer bothering folk with their god bollocks in comments section under videos on youtube.

    • It’s always a joy but this time, it’s also why he’s laughing that makes it so amusing. W.G. Balancing anything, have you seen World of War Planes? 🤣😂🤣😂🙃

    • “it has a rocket boost… on a fuckin TANK!” 🤣😂

  9. Liberal sock puppet

    I can hear Flambas saying, “It’s da quackin!”

  10. Morning Mighty Jangles. Love your work, it brings joy to my life

  11. 4:13 “That must be the Minotaur…” – looks at the enemy Schlieffen sailing broadside on – which coincidentally has two sets of 4 Torpedos on each side… ^^

    • And thus Jingles suffered from a temporary rush of shit to the brain.

    • You need to start with “actually jingles” and also it wouldn’t be jingles if he didn’t miss-identify ships from time to time!

      Never change Jingles.

    • @Angus Huddy to be fair, up to that point, the enemy schleif. had not been spotted.

      Was it a bad guess….based SOLELY on the number of torps?

      So…based on torps and tier-of-ships in the game…..was it a “bad” guess?

    • @Lee Shackelford to be fair 2:30 there is the schleif….

      2:40 mino spotted…

  12. That is one skilled minotaur at 4:13. Launching torpedos at flambas from the other side of the map.
    It may even be the enemy Schlieffen in disguise.
    Never change jingles

  13. Heart thumping content starts at 13:00

  14. 9:40 those two sets of five Elbing torps look suspicious like three sets of five Shima torps…

  15. 4:10 Jingles, those slow sea mines are quite clearly the enemy Schlieffen’s torps 🤦🏻‍♂️

  16. I never fail to get a good laugh from watching your videos Jingles, Love it man keep up the great videos

  17. As I read the team list: “Head of Wargaming Balanc…oh it’s Flambass, isn’t it.”

    Naturally, for this ship, he embarked on a wide swift flanking maneuver, trampling over a few small enemy ships (undoubtedly played by Belgians), before crashing through the French players on the enemy team en route to their primary cap point at A.

  18. I watched this battle on his stream, and he did say he was gonna “send this one to the old man.”

  19. ” Actually Jingles ” The rocket boost is an actual historical fact albeit on Soviet Tanks , the Russians actually tested Rocket Boosted Tanks and there is footage on the internet of these tests . It never made it on to a Tank in service as far as I know but it was tested .

  20. Another great video jingles. I gotta be honest, though, every time I sail the schliffen I end up losing one or both torp launchers within the first few hits. Yes I do have module protection on 30%. I’m just not sure why I never seem to see anyone else lose as many as I do. I mean slam boss just got absolutely hammered the entire time by 2 GKs, torps and then some… The games still had up going well, but I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Thanks for the laugh though.

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