World of Warships – The Schlieffen Plan

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Not to be confused with the World War One German plan to outflank and decisively beat the French, the Schlieffen Plan is actually “CHARGE, CHARGE, RAAWWRRR!!!”

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  1. May the country, the people, and her family hold up under the shear amount of stupid the media is going to make of the Queen’s passing.

  2. Avoiding the Maginot line?? Did the plan involve Time Travel too ol’horse?

    • well, it was a different line of fortresses, but still, the plan was made to avoid the french fortress line. ans it nearly worked.

    • @Niels van Tol Interesting, I didn’t know that detail. Thanks.

    • @Niels van Tol The Germans must have figured they could use those Dutch guys to design some nice Fokker aircraft for the Kaiser.
      Never understood why the Dutch hate the Germans more than the Belgians do.
      The Dutch only got crushed ones and they made some nice money on the other one.
      Must because the Germans are so much more efficient in actually winning world cups in stead of claiming you are going to.

    • WG even accounted for these Jingles mixups. When you use his voice ingame you can often hear ‘Aircraft carrier sighted’, even when there is none in the match.

    • @Conny Container no they didn’t. Someone had to point it out to them.

  3. Was very confused til I noticed the replay bug. The replay shows he has HE selected to fire. But when he does, AP shells come out of the barrels.

  4. And he’s not even using Lutjens as captain. His dmg output would have been a lot higher still. It was still an awesome sight. 😉

  5. 11:36 /Alsace’s 15 inch shells incoming/
    Jingles: remember what we said about LARGE calibre armour piercing.
    Me: but I thought 15 inch shells weren’t large enough to overmatch?

  6. Wow This BATTLECRUSER can outrun the IOWA! That is honestly impressive, given the sheer amount of damage it can dish out. And to be honest Jingles, does having SHIT ARMOR really a bad thing when HE SPAM exists? After all, The real German Battleships have grate armor, but all end up burning to death or taking so much CHUNK damage from AP shells that it doesn’t really matter.

    That’s the nice thing about all these Battlecruiser lines that have been added lately, their Fast, Maneuverable, have battleship firepower, and decent armor. As they say “just dodge”.

  7. Actually, Jingles, Imperial Germany in 1914 cleverly avoided the Maginot line by not just going thru Belgium, they audaciously timed the invasion to commence 15 years before France even began constructing the Maginot line.

  8. 1:35 actually jingles there was no maginot line during ww1. The plan bypassed the rugged french german border because germans correctly anticipated a french attack at lorraine. So they defended the border and tried to surround the french armies from north through belgium. Plus netherlands was not included in the plan. I highly recommend the excellent study “the marne 1914” by holger herwig.

  9. Thanks for featuring my replay! I was laughing a lot during that push.

  10. dude just did that ” sail me closer i wanna hit them with my sword” for 10 straight minutes… those fights are fun to whatch

  11. Thanks for a great Schlieffen replay to finish out the week. My fav ship in the game still and I have had games like this in her. Cheers!

  12. this reminds me of a battle i did with a couple of guys from another clan I hang out with, we all three took Schlieffen into a random battle, from the start of the battle to when i died was 7 minutes, but i got 4 kills and 231k damage. we just wanted to have some fun, and we really did, none of us could stop laughing the whole time. looked at Detail report after the battle, i was alive for 7m 13s.

  13. My mans can legitimately say “Even my secondaries fight harder than you!”

  14. People mostly forget the actual deciding element of the Schlieffenplan: abandoning eastern Germany. The plan was actually to put all available troops as fast as possible against France in the west while trusting that the Russian troops wouldn’t mobilize as quickly as all the european powers and even if they did they would waste considerate amounts of time in the vast eastern lands until they could become a threat. This time would be needed to defeat France (where the part going around the fortresses and through Belgium is merely a minor addition). Then the troops would turn around and fight back the Russians.
    This didn’t work in WWI because the Russians mobilized lightening-quick (for Russians) and had some troops in the field early in the war. That’s why they hastily got some armies to the east and instated an old retired Field Marshal named Hindenburg as supreme commander. He was so unprepared he got to battle in his old uniform of a style not used in Germany at the time anymore.

  15. Basically, skilled shooting yielded 71k, and the rest was AI doing damage. Yup, the perfect ship for WoWs players.

  16. I learned that lesson the hard way too, as a DD you do want to be in the range of those secondaries for long. I shot a gap from island to island near a Schlieffen and with just about 8 seconds of exposure I lost half my hull hp. I’ve seen someone suggest that’s it’s not that bad and that you can learn to dodge it, no mate, no your not.

  17. i mean, the Shima was spotted going Broadside from South to North. So one could expect Torps without the need to see them. Especially sailing in Front of a bunch of others 😀
    But you are right. It happens 🙂

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