World of Warships – The Schlieffen Plan

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No, not the 1905 plan by Graf von Schlieffen to allow Germany to conduct a successful two-front war. I mean the plan by Tweak335 to conduct a suicidal charge up one flank in a tier 10 battle on the Loop map.

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  1. Actually Jingles the real T95 *is* the T28 with or without the extra set of tracks. The T95 Gun Motor Carriage was renamed to Super Heavy Tank T28 in 1946 since self propelled guns were normally light.

    Edit: Also Jingles, GK is now a special ship as she was replaced by Preussen

    • Karle-Nathaniel Joakimsen

      To expand upon this, the T28 was the designation of the vehicle when it was classified as a heavy tank. It was then renamed T95, which was a SPG designation, then renamed back to T28. This is from wikipedia: “The near 100-ton vehicle was initially designated a heavy tank. It was re-designated as the 105 mm Gun Motor Carriage T95 in 1945, and then renamed in 1946 as the Super Heavy Tank T28.”

    • T28 as portraied in WoT is stupid.
      The secondary tracks where only removed for transport.
      Driving around without them would severly damage the drivetrain from excessive weight.

    • *shotgun ratchet sound*


    • @Anis Optera not to mention it cannot turn while stopped

  2. “Damn the torpedoes, FULL SPEED AHEAD!”

    That was insane and it help he did have support.

    • It really helped he sailed with a division of 3 players. Such div can easily support your push, especially with DD+radar cruiser + IJN BB 😉

  3. I mean comparing this to that legendary reply with the t95, it lasted about a month that not just 95s, but pretty much evey heavily armored td charged across the field, trying to replicate it. (hell I saw a death star try once) So jingles, if its a true repeat of history, its not just the schlieffens, its gonna be any secondary focused bb you’ve inspired hahaha!

  4. Jingles: “Don’t attempt this at home!”
    Schlieffen captains: “You need to speak up. Can’t hear you over these 2ndaries!”

  5. Actually Jingles, you showed a G.K. replay that also got a Kraken with only close quarter experts in the past. Video is called “of secondary importance” and is from January 4th 2019.

  6. You know, this might have been a foolhardy way to play, but it was effective. The enemy had to re position themselves to deal with this Schlieffen and some appear to have been caught off guard. Too many games (almost all) involve ships being stealthy, using islands as cover and generally trying to be sneaky. This leads to long boring games. Instead, Tweak to the fight ot the enemy, caused chaos and won the game. Brilliant

  7. shingshongshamalama

    One fast battleship screaming around the edge of the map to force the enemy team into a brutal crossfire is definitely a foolhardy and outrageous idea that relies on almost the entire enemy team being committed to pushing forward into the centre, AND demands serious survivability from the battleship in question just to pull it off as well as coordination from the rest of the team.

    Now, _two_ battleships doing this shit simultaneously from both sides in a pincer movement might just be crazy enough to work. If you got the right BBs. And players with nerves of steel.

  8. kudos to the Schlieffen’s teammates for supporting him as well as they did, & the Annapolis for being blind and not punishing anyone with a crossfire!

  9. The definition of “Taking one for the Team AND getting away with it”

  10. This is how I wish world of warships to be like. Unfortunately 80% of the time you’ll die horribly if you do this. The game is still fun to watch though.

  11. Jingles: “Don’t attempt this at home!”
    Schlieffen captains: Write that down Write it down

  12. “Do not do this at home”

    Everyone in the salt mines: That advice won’t stop us because we’ve all gotten Tinnitus.

  13. Thanks!

    Also Jesus Christ YouTube these bots are starting to make TF2 look playable, get your shit together youtube

  14. Norwegian_Bastard

    the nostalgia of watching how wot was before hit me right in the feels. best game mode wot ever inroduced was the return to pre physics update of 9.13? last year? two years ago? its like watching your favourite show from when you where little or going to some place you visited 20 years ago and have been longing to see, and atcually beeing more awsome than you remember

  15. @sitiy4 Great! Now I want to see T95 vs. TOG fleet….. (grumble)(grumble)

  16. Jdogmaster was the player I think.

  17. I believe the Schlieffen has become my favorite. The torpedoes seem to take a lot by surprise. I do well with them and the guns are nice. You just have to realize that it can’t do much tanking at all.

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