World of Warships- The Secret Ingredient To An Amazing Match

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Is apparently a untrained commander?……Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Secret ingredient is being top tier or having proper teammates nothing else

    • Ingredient for an amazing game is no cv and sub. A lot of surface ships to shoot, BB can push and tank, CA can island camp, DD can cap amd flank without being spotted

  2. My secret ingredient : Beer

  3. Lost it when the submarine just popped up out of nowhere

  4. I hate when i watch concueror gameplay and theres bbs broadside but they shoot he and dont load ap

  5. “He’s been Burgled!” lmao

  6. Seems like the U-69 was trying to re-enact greyhound a bit there lmao

  7. If you watch them live, how to you know what to title the video?


  8. At this point I just like to listen to your voice.^^

  9. The Mackensen player at the end might not have any modules on or a high level commander. From my own experience, I’d not build into any ships I wasn’t gonna be playing for too long

  10. The secret ingredients are: having some kind of a backbone, common sense, communicating (not flaming) with YOUR team, the will to fight with your team as a team.

    Sadly this doesnt happen 11/10 times so it gets very frustrating. However when it happens by chance, your match will be absolutly awesome and you get the fun back that this game used to give

  11. I must be crazy or something because I love the Pan-American cruisers! Coronel Spaghetti Bolognesi is about my favorite ship at the moment! It is true they are all made from explodium!

  12. Darth here thanks for the feature moutbatten. Fun fact this was my first game in randoms in the baltimore.

  13. Burgled lol. Haven’t heard that for a loooooong time. That there was a really entertaining Match!

  14. Well done Darth! Thank you SLM for posting the video. o7

  15. I knew an old salt who had served aboard the U.S.S. Baltimore during WW2. He had some great stories.

  16. kingofcastlechaos

    Finishing the last few tasks in Yamato and Halsey- Need 12 defended ribbons and 10 citidels in a game (not same one lol) and this guy does BOTH. Granted it is at T9/T10 where I need to do it and I seldom get a chance because of so many supershipheads now in the game. Well done
    (Yes I know I can just go for stars over and over- this is for Honors kicks and grins)

  17. ONE of these days, I am going to remember to submit a replay or 2 myself. 2 weeks ago I was in a 9v9 random (ungodly in the morning) and got a KRAKAN with the T6 Italian T-Line DUCA D’AOSTA… with all of 49 health at the games end.

  18. best ingredient is some decent team mates but the game is like: best I can do is a potato salad.

  19. The secret to a good match, have your team kill-steal you 12 times.

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