World of Warships- The Ship Everyone Seemed To Change Their Mind About

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Hey guys! Today we take a look back at a ship that I have a bit of history with, the Thunderer, enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Did you see that message in chat from the other team about jingles
    What a nob hes going through a hard Time
    Enjoy your vids m8

  2. It wasn’t just dead eye that changed people’s opinions. It was the fact that more and more people purchased the ship, and then they tried her out in the battle. The number of Thunderers per battle increased significantly with 3-4 of them per team, and more people started getting annoyed of being on flames permanently.

    How people reacted to your Thunderer video back then and how they consider her the worst surface ship to exist rn is a huge reason why I view a majority of WoWs player base as hypocrites.

    • Ismael clavera areosa

      @Varun Kishore and thats why thunderer is a support BB, if you don’t have other bbs ahead you and you are the focus, you die instantly.for me, thunderer is strong but she have BIG weaknesses and for me there are more broken bbs than her in the game like Conqueror.

    • @Ismael clavera areosa why would you go in when you have godly accuracy and sub-26 sec reload from 24 km?

    • Ismael clavera areosa

      @Varun Kishore the thunderer is not that good at those distances in my opinion since despite having an amazing dispersion and sigma, he has one of the worst ballistics in the game and apoor shell velocity, and it is crucial to have good ballistics and well shell velocity to be able to hit in the distance consistently as I would do a slava or stalaingrad. These reasons that I present are the same for which ships like des moines or worchester are bad at long distances, since they have bad ballistics in exchange for pronounced arches which allow them to shoot with precision at medium distances between mountains or things of the style. In conclusion, even though the thunderer has god-level sigma and dispersion, at long range it matters little because of the low speed of the shells and the pronounced arcs of the shells, which makes it difficult to hit consistently at long distances.

    • @Ismael clavera areosa her shell ballistics and shell velocity can be mitigated by decent players who actually know how to play, or people who learnt how to play battleships with USN BBs. It sounds like the same argument one can use to say that FDR is perfectly fine and balanced. “Her speed is slow”. Well anyway, no point in arguing. Ciao.

    • Ismael clavera areosa

      @Varun Kishore Yes my friend, I know what you mean, my second completed line was the classic American bb line and thanks to them I learned to aim at long distances (especially the north carloina), in the same way that does not remove the inconsistency of having that type of characteristics in the shells compared to a slava or republique that have the necessary tools to be the most consistent bbs in distances greater than 20-23 km.

  3. I really enjoy playing Thunderer. It was my first coal ship I worked towards getting. However I always feel guilty when I do play it so decided to only use it in co-op. Guilt free and I can still enjoy it. 👍🏽

    • Thunderer is fine, I don’t feel guitly playing it.
      But Smolensk though, I have had it for ages and never played a single match in random.
      Just using it in co op to do directives shows just how ridiculous it is even with the nerf. lol
      I just can’t play it in random, Because I hate being HE spammed myself as a BB main. At least with Thunderer it can’t hide with smoke and enemy has a chance to focus and kill it.

    • I too felt guilty, but then i kept getting enemy teams with 2 or more Petros / Smolensk / other russian bias ship and often a FDR and my feeling of guilt went away REALLY fast. Not to mention Subs, wich are the primary reason i started playing Thunderer again after she was pretty much just a port queen.

    • In my new Carnot with its super high velocity French AP, nothing but ricochets for three vollies against the Thunderer, two of which were broadside. That was not right.

    • Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

      What a waste playing it solely in coop.

    • I feel the same guilt when playing conqueror

  4. From my personal experience, if they made it AP only, it would still be a very strong Battleship, and without needing to nerf it further, specially right AFTER removing it from the store.

    By the way… AP only thunderer challenge! I’ve done it and had great results.

    • Yep same. I usually play mine with mostly AP, unless the target is angled, obviously. For me Thunderer with mostly AP is absolutely good.

  5. When I watch other people playing this ship, guns look so accurate. When I play it, it’s not nearly as accurate. To me Yamato is far better in terms of consistent accuracy. In Thunderer I get shitty dispersion far too often for my taste.
    Btw, I’m sorry that I took this ship and not Georgia. I think Georgia is much more fun.

    • @David Vitale I love to get your dispersion because same like with Zograf, the damage output is frankly low for what she is hyped up to be. And a lot comes down to that accuracy. The problem is that she is at times simply too accurate for her own good and the slightest change in a target course means little to no damage. That gets even worse at range because of the travel times.

      It always feels like you will do better in any other BB simply because you get more shells on target. To get all 8 guns firing, you expose a dangerous amount of side armor, that tends to result in getting 5 to 15K slapped. So you maneuver around a lot but that means your two back turrets are SLOOOOOOWLY rotating. Back to 4 shells max.

      Conquerer is just better because of the shotgun effect, superheal ( aka print a new ship ) and range. Even if you have shells missing, you have 33% more. If that target changes course, those “off” shells will do damage, where as Thunderer will have had zero damage.

      This game has always been more about “the more shit you can throw at the wall” then actually accuracy. She simply got hyped up in the hands of Youtubers who play the game all days and have unicorn skills because of that. In normal players hands, she is frankly annoying. And yes, her HE is easier to use but Conq is way better on that part. Thunderer setting two fires is kind of rare because if she hits, all her shells land in the same area ( so put only one area on fire), Conq getting triple fire is way too common because of that shotgun pattern and more shells.

      A lot of Thunderer complains is confirmation bias. Some people may have great games and those get talked about, featured on youtube video’s but the reality is that its a harder to play ship then a Yamato and others. This is part of the reason why she did not get nerved. What people see and think to see, tends to be less then what is really going on.

      You got put on fire? Must be the Thunderer… Not the Conquerer, the gunboat dd’s, the 1001 HE spamming cruisers. Worst of all is that you as a Thunderer player get focused down FAST because of that confirmation bias that other players have. Resulting in short games for you, while others on your team do way more damage because everybody is focusing you down and you team can farm around.

      My best Thunderer game was 171K … And my hit ratio is 26%… You think that is good? My Massa hit ratio is 23% with a ship that has horrible dispersion and needs to brawl up close for accurate hits. Hell, i have gone down my top BB’s hit ratio and they are all in the 22 to 24% ratio. So that god like accuracy only resulted in a increase of 2% in my case. And i suspect in 99% of the other players will have the same ratio because most of us are not youtubers who post the best games in X ship and forget to mention they played maybe a dozen games before that. Skill + lots of matches = one or two great “overpowered” ship games.

      People and their confirmation bias is so annoying. And i prefer to play her up close as a battle cruiser because that is a much better role for her, then spamming on the border of the map and missing 90% of your shots.

    • @Ben Jiro its just cheesy, HE that just does damage that you cant necessarily evade by angling

    • it has a different playing style – its not made for so long range sniping but can reliably devstrike ships and dds in mid to short range and not get trolled by dispersion unlike other ships do in short ranges , also fantastic HE and 12km concealment

    • @David Vitale same as SAP, can’t evade by angling

    • @andre0000000007 in fact SAP is kinda stupid, on lower tier cruisers its ass and on higher tier cruisers its full 20k slaps.
      Being an Italian I am extremely annoyed by having the ships of my country have a stupid gimmick.
      But on BBs its worse even, thats why I only play Roma and dont bother to grind that shitshow tech tree

  6. Watching that Montana in this video giving free broadside and citadels and contrasting that to me playing on the Asia server, people seem to be switched on over here in regards to not permanently showing broadside. Also important to remember that Thunderer only has a sigma of 1.9 – the same as the Montana, and sure we have improved dispersion values but Ohio’s 2.0 sigma makes me envious when I’m going for citadels.

    • Sigma is important but only one of the two important values. Your shells might have a better tendency to gravitate to the middle, but a bigger dispersion circle works against it really hard. Ohio has SIGNIFICANTLY worse horizontal and vertical dispersion values. Thunderer has battlecuiser dispersion, so even with lower sigma, she is much more accurate. With the 3mill accuracy mod on the Ohio, you can get it down a bit, but you cant get the normal slot 3 accuracy module in her, and you also lose the DPM without the reload mod. You might feel the Ohio is more accurate, but she is not. She can have the rare 1pixel salvo sometimes but Thunderer is far more consistent.

    • The problem with ohio is that it can’t do much against angled battleships, and the shell speed often makes it lose out on good angles or pen

    • i know!! i want to play on the US server too, asia server players keep on hiding behind islands, angle and hardly ever give broadside. watching mountbatten makes me so envious of his server. looks like so much destruction fun : ) : )

  7. Sea Lord Mountbatten

    Original Thunderer video:

  8. This ship is the closest to having the CV experience without playing a CV

  9. I think it’s not bad that Wargaming retroactively nerfs ships. With every busted ship you have to keep in mind that it’ll get nerfed eventually. People have no right to complain.

  10. Usually ships like this are only op when you have to play against it or you don’t have it

  11. The last time I played the thunderer I was covering a flank with 3 BBs chugging towards me and a cruiser, a german cruiser. We picked the lead ship waited for his repair, set fires, changed target and repeated. It was funny how much you can still set fires and the glorious, message “Damm HE spammers.”

  12. The range nerf was a good thing, this thing getting closer and snapshotting cits as a consequence is amazing. I die inside when people play her HE-only.

  13. Clay C. S. MacWhirter ll

    I got my Thunderer for Christmas last year, and I’ve enjoyed her ever since. I ground out the coal for several months and then finished off with the snowflake event and then on Christmas Day receive mm Cole from my clan as a Christmas gift in order to buy Thunderer on Christmas Day.

  14. When this thing came out everyone was focused on the Smolensk. I even remember people stating that they can’t recommend thunderer as long as Smolensk exists.

    Personally Thunderers are far worse for me as they feel more idiot proof.
    Wish they would’ve simply removed the HE altogether. Her AP is great and the concept of a T10 warspite is good.

    • Except she’s not a T10 Warspite. Warspite can brawl, and win; try to brawl with Thunderer and you die fast and hard.

    • @Charles Larrivee Not sure what is your definition of a brawler but all I can say is that Warspite get massive damage bow tanking from other BBs from the same tier. It is wrapped in 26 mm while other BBs like the Bayern for example have 30mm and 40 mm sections that cannot be overmatched by same tier and even higher tier BBs.

  15. Since I got it I always stated that this ship was OP. I was so annoyed by it that I only played it using AP ‘cos I felt like abusing a bug by starting 3 fires on a yamato 21km away

  16. To me, this is the most potent ship in the game, as its fire starting ability is overwhelming and I like that 🙂 .

  17. I love Thunderer. I simply use her AP more than HE. Unless MM looks like it has screwed me over . Like noticing a line up of Pro-player in divisions on the enemy team . Then the claws come out

  18. I remember returning to the game and I knew I was going to get it for my first coal ship. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get enough coal in time and I have regretted it ever since because I missed out on it. Now I have no idea how to get these ships anymore besides blowing huge amounts of money on Christmas containers if it is even in there. But I have better things to spend money on.

    • Conq and Goliath are more than enough game play to make up for not having Thunderer. It’s a wg trap to want a ship you don’t have.

  19. “OP ship released by WeeGee, “”for whatever reason”” ”

    Dude, for milking, that is always the reason.

  20. For some reason, no matter how well I do in this ship, the match always end up a loss. It always ends up in a blowout match against my team. It hurts the enjoyment a lot, it makes me think my Thunderer is cursed.

    Also, I wish we got that many broadside showing ships on the Asian server. People on that server seem more awake than the US servers.

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