World of Warships- The Ship Nobody Bought

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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends! In the meantime, heres a kind of impressions review of the TIX Soviet Destroyer Neustrashimy, enjoy!

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. Merry CHristmass fellas

  2. i personally think the NEUSTRASHIMY is a really excellent destroyer

  3. Fun fact about the Neustrashimy: she was actually build

  4. Interesting that you built her out as a gunboat. I always interpreted her stats as a general purpose DD with a level of utility that would make a cruiser blush, leaning on the torpedo boat side. 10km isn’t spectacular torp range (ok, it’s spectacular for *Russian* torp range) but it’s similar to other T9 generalists like the Fletcher and Jutland. That lower speed puts her in line with them too (unlike the Russian and French high speed gunboats). Her guns are 360 turrets, like the Oland, which is nice in a gun duel too. Her special thing seems to be that she’s an ungodly tough little swiss army knife of a DD.

    If she had a sensor (hydro or radar) as an option instead of the speed boost, she’d be a monstrous little thing. As is, she a mutant Grozovoi that plays a bit like a Fletcher rival with a superheal.

    • While the base torps are pretty good the reload is way too long to build it as a torpboat. Even with a full build it’s like 96s. which just limits your damage output overall. The full build gun HE dpm is 136k with a decent firechance – against DD’s you can easily take fights and win due to that superheal. The improved heal really makes this ship – you have the potential HP of a Zao.

    • Guns are usually a little more consistent, although it is a little lacking. 4 guns with a 4 sec reload, so idk

    • The grozovoi was the prototype of the Neustrashimy

    • @Josh Swanson 3.17 with the full build. You have the HP to sustain DPM for a long time too.

    • Mech Franka T. Lieu

      more like Ognevoi on Steroid

  5. This ship should be built for torps and stealth. Great game anyways!😃

  6. Yo Mountbatten, you can get her for Coal now! in the featured section haha

  7. Neustra’s gimmick is surviving until the end. The longer a DD survives, the more impact it has on the game.

  8. Neustrashimy(Fearless) The Zombie Soviet DD, amazing heal

  9. “The Ship Nobody Bought” got my attention!

  10. No last stand? Brave choice…..

  11. Merry Christmas everyone. Peace and happiness be yours in the new year.

  12. The grozovoi is the prototype of the Neustrashimy, it is not a destroyer leader so not a gunboat for sure, it is a torp hybrid that can outlast all destroyers that she will face, and can rival or trade with destroyer leaders but she it isn’t made for it.

  13. Grozovoi guns, low detection fast reloading torps and zombie heal.

  14. I think I’ll get one of these, if I have enough coal. Looks like a halfway decent ship.

  15. ” I had one good team today, I’m not allowed anymore.”
    Damn I felt that… I lost every game the past 2 days after I got a kraken in one lol.

  16. “Not like shimakaze sneaky” actually has shimakaze’s conceal like a boss

  17. You should do a trop build, not really the best gun boat.

  18. Lol, I was that Atlanta. I got annihilated

    • Every time I see a famous You tuber in game with me I pray I don’t suck that round and see myself on You tube later. Been lucky so far. I know I suck at 46% win average. But I still have fun playing.

  19. Neustra isn’t a bad destroyer, she has her gimmicks and strengths, but the reason why nobody got her was because all the other steel ships available(e.g. Stalin, bourgogne,) were much more powerful and appealing.

  20. Welcome to the world of playing a DD, do the damage someone else takes the kill lol.
    Merry Christmas

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